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Hi! I am Karmen Rózsa, and I am passionate about building brands on Pinterest and all things Pinterest strategy, keywords and Pinterest Management. Join me, and let me help you feel the same way about this incredible platform!

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If your business hasn’t been growing the way you wanted it to be and you are ready to make changes to scale higher and utilize the power of Pinterest and cross platform ranking, you have come to the right place! These coaching, strategy, design or management packages will ensure that you are set up for success on your Pinterest journey! Are you ready to grow?

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My clients are my proudest moments working on Pinterest and I am really excited to show who I am working with. My clientele ranges from Health & Lifestyle, through Fashion to the Interior Design Industry. This is my most comfortable state and I am really excited to share them with you. Do you want to join my crew? Then let’s book a call and make it happen!

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