15 Best Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses To Make Every Size Happy

Hello beautiful, let’s talk about Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses, as it is wedding season! It has long been a stereotype that a bridesmaid’s dress has to be—for lack of a better word—ugly. 

Ditch that stereotype, keeping scrolling for the 15 best Cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses to make every size happy.  

The wedding season is coming soon. This happy season starts from late spring and continues through early fall. I call it my season of love. Many women will be brides and bridesmaids. 

Are you a bride-to-be looking for bridesmaid’s dresses? Are you a bridesmaid looking for a dress for a wedding? Well, no matter if you are a bride or bridesmaid. 

This guide will help you navigate the wedding season like no other. 

Bridesmaid Dress Too Small? Fix it with beautiful Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

What should you expect from a bridesmaid’s dress fitting?

You are looking for dresses that are universally flattering in terms of cutting and can fit the different body sizes of your girl squad. 

It is crucial that the bridesmaids are comfortable in these dresses and don’t feel like they are suffocating or feel like they are wearing a blanket. 

Finding bridesmaids dresses to make every beautiful size happy is difficult. A bridesmaid dress too small or too big is a frumpy wedding look disaster. 

But no matter what, everyone should dress happily for a wedding. 

While not everyone feels comfortable in a strapless dress, as long as you follow the basic rules of fashion, I can assure you, your girls will be happy.

Berry Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

Be playful and let your bridesmaids dress, like royalties for your wedding. I am talking about dressing them pretty in purple. 

Lavender, pale purple, Cadbury purple, lilac or millennial purple whatever it is, purple is the new black. 

Here’s an interesting historical fact to push you over the edge. The colour purple is associated with royalty. Created from the desiccated glands of sea snails, the colour purple has nevertheless come to define royalty. 

Berry coloured bridesmaid dresses will suit everyone in the bridal party- it’s a naturally slimming colour. They are sure to turn some heads.

Please note that other colour choices are available too. 

Here, in no particular order, are 15 of my favourites of Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses:

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Infinity Floor Length Maxi Wrap Convertible Dress

Infinity dresses are generally considered to be universally flattering. You can customize them however you like and the big, flowy skirt drapes well no matter your shape. 

MADE WITH LOVE: High-quality dresses

CURVY FRIENDLY: Heavyweight fabric flows beautifully from under the bust to over the hips smoothening out all the humps and bumps. 

  1. Royal Purple Bridesmaid Dress
Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

This dress is made of a very stretchy and soft wrinkle resistant viscose spandex blend.   

  1. Aubergine Bridesmaid Dress
Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses 2

This dress is made of a soft shiny matte silk satin jersey material. 

  1. Mauve Purple Bridesmaid Dress
Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses 3

These dresses are one size fits all from UK 6-18 (US 2-14). The waistline is elasticated and it stretches to your requirements.

  1. Lavender Pastel Bridesmaid Dress 
Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses 5

These dresses have an add-on option of a lining and chiffon skirt. 

A lining is a nude skirt that is worn beneath the dress, just like an inner slip. 

The chiffon skirt is a 48 inches (122cm)  long overlay that can be worn with the infinity dress to give it extra length and create a more flowy overall look.

  1. Lilac Bridesmaid dress

This dress is made of soft silky stretchable lycra. 

  1. Rosewood Bridesmaid dress

These dresses are made of light, soft and resilient Italian knitwear. The material is light, flowing, doesn’t fluff or crumple.

  1. Dusty Pink Bridesmaid Dress

These dresses are made of high-quality stretch Lycra fabric which is very soft and comfortable.

Convertible Dress Styling

An infinity dress, also known as a convertible dress is just one gorgeous dress with over 27 ways to wear it. The dream of a gown that can simply be styled differently and some of these dresses go up to 5XL. Here are some additional styling tips. 

  1. Slimming Illusion: Style the straps around the empire line. The Empire line is a bodice ending just below the bust.

This gives a high-waisted appearance and creates a slimming illusion that is flattering on so many body shapes because it doesn’t require a defined natural waist to work.

  1. Asymmetry Style: Drape the straps over one shoulder and pull them diagonally across the body. Then wrap the excess fabric around your waist in the back. 

This creates the illusion of an elongated neck, giving your look tasteful and asymmetrical. 

  1. Deep V-Neck: Drape the straps over each shoulder and spread the fabric out. Criss Cross the straps in the back and wrap the straps around your waist. 

This creates a sexy deep V-neck that elongates and balances larger silhouettes.

  1. Easiest Style: Pull one strap over each shoulder, criss-cross them in the back, wrap them around the waist, and tie them.

In just three simple steps, you have created a graceful and sleeveless silhouette. 

  1. Halter Neck Scarf: Drape the straps over each shoulder, use one strap to loop around the neck like a scarf, tie a knot behind the neck. 

This creates a halter neck that looks sexy without showing a lot of skin.

Tip: The only adjustment will be the length which is very easy to alter yourself or bring to the tailor.

Minimalistic Midi Sleeveless Dress

Minimalism is never out of Vogue. This style is relevant all year. 

One of the most important elements in a minimalist wardrobe is a simple, clean-lined statement dress. A simple wrap style dress is universally flattering because they define everyone’s waist. 

ADAPTABLE: Self-tie belt, adjustable straps and elastic waistband. 

  1.  Lilac A-Line Bridesmaids Dress 

With a tie waist that cinches on the slimmest portion of the torso, a wrap dress gives an ultra-slimming effect. 

  1. Mauve Satin Bridesmaids Dress 

This cowl neck slip dress is made from high-quality thick satin from Italy. 

  1. Dusty Purple Silk Long Maxi Dress
Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses 9

This comfortable dress beautifully “fits” on the figure and the material does not wrinkle.

Conservative Bridesmaid Dresses

A modest bridesmaid dress is best when the wedding couple is conservative and/or the wedding location selected is traditional. 

MODEST: Dress with sleeves and longer hemlines

PERFECT LENGTH: Mid-calf length, a wedding dress code calls for modest cocktail attire. 

Think covered shoulders, longer hemlines and high necklines dresses. A restrictive dress code does not mean that you are going to be all wrapped up like a burrito. 

These conservative bridesmaid dresses can be elegant, sophisticated and classy. 

  1. Bridesmaid Dress With Short Sleeves

This short sleeve wrap dress is made from 100% lightweight European linen fabric.

Linen is very strong and absorbent and dries faster than cotton. Because of these properties, linen is comfortable to wear in hot outdoors weddings. 

Model wears Spanish pink but other colour samples are available. 

  1. Purple Swing Dress

This purple dress is designed with a circle skirt and has a golden colour detail in the neckline.

A circle skirt is just what the name implies – the skirt is a circle, with a hole in the centre for the waist.

  1. Long Sleeve Dress Wrap Dress

This is a long sleeve wrap dress made from liquid satin. A swoon-worthy fabric that is shiny and bright. This looks absolutely luscious in gown silhouettes.

The model wears dusty pink but other colour samples are available. 

  1. Flutter Sleeve Long Wrap Dress

This flutter sleeve dress is a fit and flattering style. It is made from velvet material that is soft with a satin like feel 

It is great to wear for a summer wedding as an evening bridesmaid dress. The belt accents the high waistline and makes the legs look longer with a floor length skirt. 

Wedding Cocktail Dress

Put simply, a cocktail dress is typically a knee-length party dress suitable for semi-formal to formal occasions. Its versatility can take you from day to night, from a formal wedding to a casual beach party, all depending on how you style it.

  1. Convertible Infinity Wedding Cocktail Dress

Models wear light taupe but other colour samples are available. 

Conclusion of Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are uncomfortable sometimes. You don’t want to be stuck being uncomfortable wearing an ill-fitting dress.  

As past bridesmaids would say, “The bride purposely made us wear ugly dresses so there wouldn’t be any competition for her.” 

But being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re not put together too. Wearing your best attire for a wedding is an unannounced rule. Why should you look your best? For the wedding photos, of course! You don’t want to be looking back at old photos and thinking, “ What am I wearing?” 

Like a school picture day, dress to impress. Making an impression is crucial. Dress to impress while investing in yourself is even more important. 

You don’t want to be investing in a dress for one day and never wear it again. The perfect solution for all body types is a dress that can be worn again and again after the wedding in an entirely different way. The good thing about these Cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses, that you may even wear them for upcoming occasions, like when you are going out with your friends.

This is because the dress is comfortable, timeless and you deserve quality. Care for the money you pay with these bridesmaid dresses.

The wedding photos will look fantastic with all these beautiful women in fabulous dresses! 

Happy wedding season! 


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