Hello beauties, I am back! I have been thinking about different article topics taking different metrics into account, but! I noticed most of you responds well to the ones, where I am sharing some word of wisdom apart from creative tools. For this reason, I am going to share some advice on how to represent yourself well.

Disclaimer: This article will be about how to dress to impress, mixed with good manners. I know looks are not everything, but if I have learned something throughout the years, it is this: it is not everything, but makes a dramatic change in the way people perceive you.
So why not take advantage of it? I remember back then when I was playing with my Barbies, I was dreaming about dressing people. I always thought, an outfit, which compliments our skin tones and undertones, suites our measurements are there to help make us feel beautiful.

Then I started growing up and studying fashion. I have learned how much work it takes to find the perfect garment, size, colour, and so on. Also, how much money people have to pay to look good. But why would anyone pay a large sum of money, if they only have to pay a small portion for fast fashion?
When you buy cheap, you get cheap. You get garments without care, comfort, correct measurement, and lack of quality. However, these days, people value quantity over quality. I am here to change your mind. Now, most of you will say: but I only have so much to spend.

We are in the same boat, my friends. But I would like to shine a light on a new perspective, which I hope will be helpful to you too. This perspective is the value of your hard-earned money and yourself. I am not coming from a wealthy family, so I know what it means to save up for certain things. I still do.

But I have started purchasing more expensive skincare and fashion pieces. Why? Because I value myself and the money I earn. Buying five shirts for 10 dollars is not value. It is money poorly spent. Why? Because you will buy another package within six months. You have spent 20 dollars on 10 cheap shirts. Within a matter of months, you will have to replace them.

If you were buying five nicely made T-shirts for 60 dollars, for example, those will last for years. How do I know that? I tried. I am not just pulling these ideas to impress you. If we look back at the beginning and mid-twentieth century, people were buying clothing twice a year.
Why? Because they lasted long enough not to replace them every five minutes! They paid more, but it meant receiving quality work, garment, and measurements. You did not have to buy another pair of the same trousers for years. Nowadays most of us buy their clothes in groups, spending more in the end than they would at a tailor or a designer shop. So here are my tips to make you look expensive on a budget and give you some idea about your money’s worth:

  1. Make your calculation!

Let’s take a sweater as an example. The sweater in the retail store would cost you 40 dollars. The same type of item would cost 80-100 dollars at a small designer’s boutique. Paying little means, replacing an “ok” fitting item within a short period. Retailers don’t take measurements seriously. 

How could they? Child workers are not meant to sew your dresses. But this is a sidetrack now, as I know most people don’t take this matter seriously.

So let’s stick to the money, which interest most. Buying something on a lower designer price means, you are paying a professional. This brand will give you quality, an item, which will have a skin-like fit. Nevertheless, you are helping someone’s business grow!

2. Look for discounts!

Every season has to end, even in the designer world. So if you only have a small amount of money to spend, always look for discounts! You will still buy less clothing, but you will not have to replace them in a year!

3. Buy timeless!

Why? Because you will get more use out of it. If your style icon is not Iris Apfel, you should not go for the latest prints or sequins! Even she only goes after her heart. Why would you pay more money for something, which will only last 3-6 months?

You will not have the chance to sell it to another person, as trends are only selling for a short period. Instead, buy high-quality fabric, without pattern or something minimal. First of all, you will be able to wear it with many other pieces, second of all: you will be able to sell it.

If you get bored with the item, you have the chance to sell it to another beautiful person. You can use Depop, or Facebook Marketplace for these purposes. Retail pieces are hardly ever re-sold for a reasonable price. 

4. Go one by one!

This may be the calmest part of the experience. Buying designer pieces does not mean, you need to replace everything you have in one round! Go as far as your budget allows you. Start with the essentials, like shoes or bags. Buy high-quality shoes and bags at a discount! My readers, this is your best chance at developing this routine. Let’s say you have one pair of autumn boots, but soon you will need another one.

While the first one is still around, start saving up for the high-quality pair, instead of buying two more cheap plastic. Your feet need protection and quality as well. You are just walking on them. Trust me when I say, once you have the first item, you will not turn back.

I have only bought one cheap bag for the past 8 years and only because it looked expensive. Why? Because I have other designer items, which I have bought on sale 8-6 years ago! It did not even hurt me paying 100-200 dollars to a bag since they still look new!

Eight years, people. Now count how many retail bags you have bought and thrown out in the past. I am sure it is more money out of the window.

5. Stay consistent!

It is ok if you cannot commit yourself to a cause or a designer. But at least commit to yourself. Believe, you deserve quality and care for the money you pay. And trust me when I say: when you commit to buy higher price and quality, you do good for many others, not just yourself.

You are helping a small brand take it to the next level. You are helping creators, to make our planet a better place, as many brands thrive on sustainability. You are helping to put an end to illegal child work and abuse of poor countries and our planet.

You don’t even have to commit yourself to any of these causes. Just commit to yourself.

Look for high-quality, small designer brands as it will be still within your price range if you save a little! Watch out for discounts, as it happens everywhere, every season. Be satisfied with doing something good to yourself and others!

A holy list of amazing creators from around the world:
Audrey Leighton Vintage – the most beautiful vintage clothes and jewelry (a personal favourite)
Iron the Label – clothes – mostly basic, comfortable daytime wear. Super affordable!
Nana’s – clothes – beautiful & feminine dresses – She just launched her first menswear collection!
We.dash.love – sustainable brand of clothing, accessories and lingerie
te_shoes – My favourite hungarian shoe designer. She is amazing!
the.weekend.edit – Beautiful bags with worldwide shipping.
Philomén Studio – A hungarian sustainable swimwear phenomenon, on a super reasonable price!
itsgldn – Beautiful, ethical and feminine jewelry.
brunathelabel_ – Beautiful, ethical and feminine jewelry.
nette_rose – Beaaautiful and feminine lingerie. They are here to make you feel sexy.
dune_london – Shoes for your comfort and to make you feel your best self.
lunya – loungewear, sleepwear – Can’t say enough good things about them. I love everything they do!
bayouwithlove – jewelry, activewear – being a huge Nikki Reed fan since she made the movie 13, I could not leave her beautiful brand out! She is not cheap, but so aren’t you! Worth investing in her beautiful and ethical brand!
hereu_ – bags – very beautiful bags. I have been checking them out all morning.
guaja.studio – clothes – They are my new obession. Ethical Portugese brand with such amazing and feminine design!

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