15 Stunning Spring Nail Styles: Pinterest’s Trending Favorites
15 Stunning Spring Nail Style Cover

Let’s start the new season with 15 stunning spring nail styles. Who’s ready? As spring blossoms into full swing, it’s time to embrace the beauty of the season not only in nature but also on your fingertips. Pinterest has always been a treasure trove of inspiration when it comes to nail art, and in 2022, […]

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The most popular short nail styles for 2024

Have you been wondering what the most popular short nail styles for 2024 are? Are you looking for the perfect short nail styles to complement your lifestyle? Whether you are going through the storms of the winter or having your prosecco in Ibiza, you want to look your best. Well, short nails are the thing, if […]

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Top 30+ iPhone Winter Wallpapers and Android Winter Wallpapers for the Chilly Season

Have you been looking for the perfect iPhone Winter Wallpapers? Don’t worry, you have found them! As the winter season rolls in, bringing with it the magical transformation of our surroundings, our iPhones too deserve a touch of this seasonal charm. Winter wallpapers for iPhones have become a popular way for users to update their […]

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The top 15 winter nail trends you need to know about
winter nail trends cover

Looking for the top 15 winter nail trends, but haven’t found them anywhere? Look no further! Winter nail trends often reflect the season’s unique aesthetic, combining classic elements with contemporary designs. For 2023, we collected the top 15 winter nail trends that are capturing attention: Metallic Accents: Adding a touch of glamour, metallics in silver, […]

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The Most Common Bedroom Design Mistakes: Avoid These Pitfalls for a Dreamy Retreat

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where we unwind, recharge, and escape from the outside world. It’s essential to design this space thoughtfully, considering both aesthetics and functionality. However, even the most well-intentioned homeowners can fall victim to certain common bedroom design mistakes. In this article, we’ll explore some of these pitfalls and provide […]

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Is your bridesmaid dress too small?

Here is a solution to having a stress-free wedding! All set and ready to attend your friend’s wedding and then realize your bridesmaid dress is too small? Well first things first, don’t fret! There can be easy fixes to a dress that’s too small or too short.  And if all else fails, you can always […]

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Are sustainable bracelets worth it?

Can you save the planet with recycled plastic?  Bracelets especially gold bracelets and gemstones jewelry bracelets are a summer essential. They often make your summer clothes pop and help you stand out and glimmer in the sun. But have you heard of sustainable bracelets?  Before you shop for your next set of summer-style jewelry, maybe […]

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Mimitika Face Sunscreen review – Is it worth it?

Looking for something to refresh your skincare routine this spring? Wondering if Mimitika Face Sunscreen makes the cut?  Well first of all you need to know that I absolutely love this sunscreen. Through all the SPFs I rifled through recently – 10 different brands to be exact – I feel that Mimitka face sunscreen works […]

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The hottest summer nails 2022

Looking for some nail designs to add to your summer nails 2022 list? Well so am I! And on my search for amazing nails for this season of sun, I’ve made a whole list for you as well!  I’m calling it right now. This summer is all about fun nail stickers, insanely eye-catching colors, and […]

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15+ spring daisy nail products and funky nail arts

Have you been looking for the perfect daisy nail products or funky nail art? Spring is just around the corner, so your nails need to bloom with the season! Spring is in full spring and that means it’s time for some new art design on our nails. Recently we have seen daisy nail products, specifically, […]

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The magical Purito BB cream review – Do you really need it?

A dry skin must have – If you have dry skin and never heard of the magical Purito BB cream then I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely magical. No kidding! Purito’s Cica Clearing BB Cream has easily become my holy grail.  I couldn’t imagine my life without it! I’ve been […]

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11 Best Eden Bridesmaid Dresses To Look Ethereal On A Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect Eden Bridesmaid dress? I have got some options for you! Bridesmaids are an important part of every wedding as they will be around the bride for the whole event. You need to make a good choice choosing the right dress to not overshadow the bride but still look stunning. […]

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Winter Nails In 2021 – Best Coffin Nail Shapes For Chubby Fingers
winter nails in 2021 coffin

Are you looking for the best winter nails 2021 for coffin nail shape? As winter will be around the corner, you should by now have some ideas of how you want your nails to look.  Don’t worry ladies, I got your back. I will be sharing winter nails 2021 for coffin nail shape. Coffin nail […]

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The 15 Best Plus-Size Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Make You Shine
Plus-size Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses

Hey lady,  Are you searching for plus-size multiway bridesmaid dresses? Perhaps you have been looking for a bridesmaid but most of the bridesmaid dresses were too small for you. Some dresses that you found for plus-size bridesmaid dresses are too small and you feel like you want to give up. But dressing up and looking […]

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Affordable Men’s Capsule Wardrobe For 2021 To Look Dapper Easily
Men's Capsule Wardrobe 2021

Are you looking for affordable men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 ideas? You have come to the right place! If you don’t know what to wear, and which pieces are essential to have in your closet don’t worry, in this article you will learn just that.  And to make it even better, I have prioritized quality, and […]

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Stylist Helps – Capsule Wardrobe For Petites To Look Beautiful All Year Round
Capsule Wardrobe for Petites Cover

Hey, my petite Fashionista, are you looking for the best capsule wardrobe for petites ideas to look beautiful all year round? Everybody, regardless of their weight, body size, or skin color, can look and feel fabulous, especially if you are wearing pieces that enhance your natural beauty! This is why with my experience as a […]

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Stylist’s Tips For The Perfect Mom Capsule Wardrobe On An Affordable Price
Mom Capsule Wardrobe Cover

Perfect Mom Capsule Wardrobe – Let’s get started! Are you a super mom, looking for the best mom capsule wardrobe inspiration ideas at an affordable price? In this article, I’ve created a curated list of high-quality and affordable wardrobe pieces for moms to look and feel beautiful without compromising comfort and mobility! And we don’t […]

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15 Best Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses To Make Every Size Happy
Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

15 Best Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses To Make Every Size Happy Hello beautiful, let’s talk about Cadbury Purple Bridesmaid Dresses, as it is wedding season! It has long been a stereotype that a bridesmaid’s dress has to be—for lack of a better word—ugly.  Ditch that stereotype, keeping scrolling for the 15 best Cadbury purple bridesmaid […]

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The Best Personalised Silk Pillowcases In Etsy -2021 Edition
Personalised Silk Pillowcases

The Best Personalised Silk Pillowcases In Etsy -2021 Edition Hello, beautiful people! Looking for the best personalised silk pillowcases on Etsy? There are wonderful options to choose from, from real silk to polyester silk pillowcases. However, you’ll also learn useful information about silk; its pros, cons, and other silk fabrics that are vegan-friendly and a […]

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Worst decorating mistakes when you have a dream about renovating a house – And how to correct them

This time I wrote a must-have article for anyone who has dreams about renovating a house! This is going to be the bedroom edition. Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash In this article you will learn the most common decor mistakes when remodeling a bedroom and not only this, I have written the essential […]

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The Best Declutter Tips And Moving Checklist For A Minimalist Moving
Best declutter tips and minimalist moving checklist

The Best Declutter Tips And Moving Checklist For A Minimalist Moving Hello, beautiful people, ready to be amazed with valuable and practical tips to know how to declutter before moving? Here you will find the best declutter tips (backed by science and declutter experts!).  Not only this.  These tips and downsizing hacks are basic principles […]

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The best spring list of things to declutter with
best spring list of things to declutter

The best spring list of things to declutter with Hello beautiful people! The new year has begun, and spring is coming. Suppose you have yet to throw out old things and declutter your life. Here is some inspiration to declutter.  Spring adds new life and pristine beauty to all that is. It is always an […]

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Stylish Valentine’s Day Delivery Gifts for Him and Her
Valentine's Day Delivery Gifts for Him

Hello, beauties! Are you ready for a curated Valentine’s Day Delivery Gifts for Him and Her list? Let me tell you, these gifts range from budget-friendly to luxury, however, all of them are high quality and have the best Valentine’s Day delivery gift idea stamp by yours truly 🙂 I will share Valentine’s Day Delivery […]

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High-quality, Boujee on a Budget – 19 Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts for Unique Badass Beauties
Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Hellooo beautiful people! Are you a luxury lover who doesn’t have a Jeff Bezos budget but wants to give or receive a Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift?  If you said yes, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to my fashion blog! In this post, you will see affordable (with some exceptions) investment pieces that’ll make […]

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Declutter Motivation Tips -How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes
Declutter motivation tips-How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes

Declutter Motivation Tips -How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes Introduction Hello beautiful people, I have been missing you! Are you ready to read my favourite declutter motivations tips and learn to be ruthless when decluttering clothes? I hope you are, because it’s 2021 and we are not playing games anymore! In this article, you […]

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How to decorate with natural fibre rugs
how to decorate with natural fibre rugs

How to decorate with natural fibre rugs Hello beautiful people! I hope you all must be doing great. Today, I’m really excited to share with you some of my favourite tips on how to decorate with natural fibre rugs. There are obvious reasons why shifting to a new place and adoring it in your way […]

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Cozy Winter Decor ideas
Cozy Winter Decor Home Ideas to have a beautiful christmas decoration

Hi, beautiful people! Welcome back! How has your week been? I’ve learned a lot of Pinterest strategies and also wrote for you cozy decor ideas for winter season decoration! I already want to show them to you, but before we start I would like to clarify that you will focus on easy and affordable winter […]

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas for Fashion Week Lovers

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas for a bargain? Whoop-whoop, are you ready? Tell me, are you ready for some #fashioninspo? If so, this time I’ll present you a crisp collection of winter outfit inspiration ideas where you’ll find toasty fashion week looks!  From small designers to luxury brands, I carefully picked for you winter street style […]

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30+ beautiful and affordable fall wreaths

Hi Everyone, welcome back! In this article, I will show you 30+ affordable door wreath designs! This is the season to have amazing decorations in our homes! As an FF&E Designer, it is part of my job to find or create decorations, which converts to feelings, stories, or even seasons. Also, I am aware of […]

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30+ Beautiful Free Phone Fall Wallpaper!

Are you looking for the perfect free phone fall wallpaper? Then you are at the right place! I have collected my favourite free phone wallpapers mixed in with some premium options, if you are looking to be fancy this season. But let me know: Are you having a crispy morning where you live? I hope […]

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5 steps to succeed on Pinterest in 2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are well! Today I will jump back into the Pinterest wagon as there have been quite a few changes going on. Whether your niche is fashion, home, DIY, or finance, it has affected everyone. Suddenly many accounts have lost their impressions and click-through rate. As everyone thought the season of […]

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Fall outfits – Fashion week style

Hello, beautiful people! I am back! It has been a long break, as I took a little holiday. Two and a half days only, but it required days to prepare. But the good news is, I have a new article for you! As Fall is around the corner, as well as Fashion Week, I thought […]

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Basic rules to fashion

Hello, beautiful people! I am back! I hope summer is treating everyone well. I am currently experiencing some problems with my eyes, as I was working an increased amount in front of the computer screen. I am telling you this to remind you: it is OK to take a break. I should have done it. […]

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A way around Pinterest penalty

Hello Beauties, welcome back! I hope you had a lovely week! Here it is getting quite warm and sweaty, so I am trying to bathe myself in SPF and walk in the shadow. Apart from that, it is all good I have finally made some progress with my website traffic. I usually don’t talk about […]

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Get the templates I use for my work!

Hello beauties, welcome back! It is a beautiful Sunday here, in Budapest. The heatwave has finally arrived, which means pool time! I was lucky to spend yesterday just chilling by the pool, with some water and a lot of SPF. Summer weekend feels well spent as I am writing this article now. I only worked […]

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How to accessorise on a budget?

[mc4wp_form id=”389″] Hello Beauties, I am back! I have been a busy bee this week, hence the absence of a new article. I am trying a new feature with my website, which has taken a lot of energy. I had to understand what I am doing first! There was another thing which has kept me […]

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Free Interior Design Process Checklist for absolute beginners and enthusiasts

Free Interior Design Process Checklist for absolute beginners and enthusiasts Hello beauties, I am back and writing to you about a Free Interior Design Process checklist I have created FOR YOU! I have been talking about this printable for weeks. I am so glad to announce it is finally here and ready to download. I […]

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A sacred place – your bathroom

Hello beauties, I am back! Every time I start a new article, I feel so energised, even though it is 9:49 pm here. First, I would like to apologise for not writing anything last week. I aim to be consistent with my articles and share some new tips and ideas every week. However, there are […]

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How to style for summer?

Hi Everyone, I am back! As the weather is warming up, it is time to talk about most people’s favorite season, which is: SUMMER. When I was looking for ideas, my first initial thought was some catchy outfits. But pretty outfits never go alone. They pair up with some fancy drinks and a beautiful table […]

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How to get Easter ready at home?

Well, I am super late for the game of Easter, but I did not want to miss it. Since the country I am from is quite traditional, it means Easter is a big deal. Great for the boys, stinky for girls. But it does not mean girls can’t have fun, and what better fun to […]

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Home decoration: Flower arrangements

I started thinking about what would be kind of a DIY project that does not require a lot of skills but ends up with a beautiful result. I was walking my dog the other day when I saw a girl carrying orchids. That’s when the idea hit me: Flower arrangements. Why? Because it is simple, […]

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How to decorate a small space?

When designing a small apartment, it is crucial to pay attention toorganizing and efficiency. Usually, that is what these articles are all about, and I promise I will write one about how to hide the most things in your apartment, but this one is going to be about aesthetics.You can see many posts about the […]

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