Worst decorating mistakes when you have a dream about renovating a house – And how to correct them

This time I wrote a must-have article for anyone who has dreams about renovating a house! This is going to be the bedroom edition. Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash In this article you will learn the most common decor mistakes when remodeling a bedroom and not only this, I have written the essential […]

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30+ Beautiful Free Phone Fall Wallpaper!

Are you looking for the perfect free phone fall wallpaper? Then you are at the right place! I have collected my favourite free phone wallpapers mixed in with some premium options, if you are looking to be fancy this season. But let me know: Are you having a crispy morning where you live? I hope […]

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Get the templates I use for my work!

Hello beauties, welcome back! It is a beautiful Sunday here, in Budapest. The heatwave has finally arrived, which means pool time! I was lucky to spend yesterday just chilling by the pool, with some water and a lot of SPF. Summer weekend feels well spent as I am writing this article now. I only worked […]

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How to accessorise on a budget?

[mc4wp_form id=”389″] Hello Beauties, I am back! I have been a busy bee this week, hence the absence of a new article. I am trying a new feature with my website, which has taken a lot of energy. I had to understand what I am doing first! There was another thing which has kept me […]

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Free Interior Design Process Checklist for absolute beginners and enthusiasts

Free Interior Design Process Checklist for absolute beginners and enthusiasts Hello beauties, I am back and writing to you about a Free Interior Design Process checklist I have created FOR YOU! I have been talking about this printable for weeks. I am so glad to announce it is finally here and ready to download. I […]

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A sacred place – your bathroom

Hello beauties, I am back! Every time I start a new article, I feel so energised, even though it is 9:49 pm here. First, I would like to apologise for not writing anything last week. I aim to be consistent with my articles and share some new tips and ideas every week. However, there are […]

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