Are you looking to get the most affordable fall 2021 home trends in your home on a budget? I get you, I have been looking for the best pieces everywhere, but good news! I have found them! In this article I will list all my favourite pieces for a nice fall 2021 home decor trend “themed” apartment!

I will be sharing pieces you just need to buy, alongside with some cute DIY home decor items for your fall home decoration.

I believe when we are switching our decoration to match the season, it shouldn’t mean we overspend at the same time. I will work around the idea of affordable fall house decor.

But before we get started, I would like to remind you: This article contains affiliate links.

Let’s get started with today’s list!


Fall 2021 home decor trends – for bedding:

The fall season is all about the ever-changing landscape, which I find extremely beautiful. All the greens are turning into beautiful oranges, yellows, and browns. It is such a warm, welcoming color palette! Imagine your home filled with these colors. Which is something, I believe everyone should do, who loves warm colors. 

This look is easy to create. All you need is some colorful bed sheets or a bed throw! In the next steps, we are going to take this to the next level!

But before we move on. To my muted readers, I would like to offer a beautiful bed sheet option.

Rise&Fall is an economically conscious brand, which has decided to take bedsheets to the next level. The design is high-quality at an affordable price, without harming the environment. They have a muted colour palette, so if you’re looking for new bed linen for your bedroom and you enjoy light colours, I would suggest purchasing from them. It is a real treat and I am so happy they are sponsoring this article. Click the banner below to learn more!


Fall 2021 home decor trends – Warm palettes:

Warm colours can appear everywhere in your home. Not just in the bedroom. You can change your cushion covers, blankets, or throws for example. You can add a pumpkin-coloured, mustard, or red table runner in the dining room as well. Or if you have accent cushions on your dining chair, let’s switch them up! It’s all about thinking about the feeling you have when you think about fall. But if you prefer muted colours, like me, you can go for whites, beiges, light browns with a bit deep orange pattern for example. Another option could be to have warm, light shades with one colourful accent.

Fall 2021 home decor trends – Pumpkins!

I am talking about real pumpkins now. You can have them anywhere, but I would suggest sticking to the kitchen or outside the door as decoration. It can be a bit frustrating, to clear the rotting scent out of the rooms. But hey, if you never forget things like this, it’s your call! You can pop a few cute ideas below!

Fall 2021 home decor trends – DIY pumpkins!

Yes! It is such a great idea! Just buy some in a creative store, or order them from Etsy! You can have an easy and fun time with them! Even with kids. It could be a beautiful bonding experience. Painting, spray painting them. Everybody loves a glam up! These decorations can be placed anywhere in your home! You can even leave a few on your bathroom vanity if you are feeling a little playful. 

If you click on this link, you can find many pumpkin decorations on Etsy.

Fall 2021 home decor trends – Dry Flowers:

Sometimes it sounds like an old school idea, but it has made a fashionable comeback. There are many beautifully made dry flowers, which you can use to decorate your home! These will be perfect in the Bathroom, Bedroom, Living room, or Dining area. You can place them anywhere!

Just keep in mind the colours you were using for your sheets or your pumpkins. Maybe for both? I would suggest picking three different colours and varying different shades. With that in mind, you will be able to create a soft, smooth fall experience in your home. I think this season is all about calming down, letting the excitement of summer go.

If you are looking for dry flower ideas, click on this link.

Below, you will see some examples of placement.

fall 2021 home decor trends 8


Hundred times yes! It is finally candle season! I love them! You can achieve a beautiful, ambient feel with them. The best thing is, there are scented options available now. They will look and smell amazing! My favourites are made from Soy, which is an environmentally friendly option.

Price-wise they are almost the same, but the scent will be more intense and long-lasting. Lucky for us, soy burns slower.

If you click here, you can browse between different options. There are pumpkin pie options too!

fall 2021 home decor trends 9
fall 2021 home decor trends 10

Hanging Front Door Wreaths:

Do I need to say more? I am going to purchase a light-beige, dry flower option for my home. I love them as it makes me feel good when I enter my home. I think it is a beautiful way of welcoming someone. Using decoration which already tells a little about the place you are entering. But you can purchase a colourful one as well. There are no rules in terms of creativity and what makes us feel good. Think about the colours you love this season and plan around them. I assure you will not end up with a decoration you don’t like!
If you click here, you can find some options for purchase.

fall 2021 home decor trends 11
fall 2021 home decor trends 12

I hope this article was helpful and gave some ideas on how to decorate your home for fall. Whether it be your bedroom, dining, or living room, these techniques can be applied. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list!

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