dream about renovating a house

This time I wrote a must-have article for anyone who has dreams about renovating a house! This is going to be the bedroom edition.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

In this article you will learn the most common decor mistakes when remodeling a bedroom and not only this, I have written the essential tips anyone on a small budget or with a small bedroom needs to apply to create the bedroom of their dreams.

Which means functional and soulful at the same time! So if you are looking for soulful design tips, don’t look further and start taking notes!

Dream about renovating a house – Bedroom Mistake Mistake #1 – Wrong Layout 

dream about renovating a house

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The #1 most common bedroom decorating mistake. 

But what does a wrong layout really mean? This means you are not using your space correctly!

As a result, you have a space without character that doesn’t fulfill its purpose,therefore it will not represent your style and character.  

Given this, you may experience distress since the space planning wasn’t done properly. Now you will learn how to avoid it. 

So, how do we resolve this inefficient bedroom layout quest? 

  1. Figure out the purpose 
  2. Sit down and make a plan 

Dream about renovating a home Top Tip – Figure Out The Purpose 

Before you have a dream about renovating a house, especially your bedroom – whether it’s small or big, you need to determine your space purpose. 

The best way to do this is by asking this simple but on-point question:

What am I going to do in my bedroom? 

This is a key question because you need to know if you are going to study, work, workout, or only sleep and store your clothes. 

Other helpful questions to clarify your bedroom purpose is to ask yourself: 

  • Do I have another place in my home to store my things?;
  • What do I really need to have in my room?;
  • What are my storage options, can I add more?

Take A Seat And Make A Plan 

dream about renovating a house

Photo by swabdesign on Unsplash

Design the layout 

When you have dreams about renovating a house – or only renovating a bedroom, you need to plan the space distribution. 

You can do this by using a sheet and making simple sketches or by using free apps like Roomstyler 3D Room Planner or do it in PhotoShop, using my tutorial from How to design a bedroom in PhotoShop.

For this you have to take into consideration:

  • What are you going to do in that room?;
  • The bedroom size;
  • The bedroom sections you want (and can) have.


A plan without a deadline will never be finished. 

Therefore, when remodeling a bedroom you need to remember to set deadlines in your Google calendar or favourite planner, this way you’ll have a clear goal and motivation to push your boundaries and make it a reality! 

Set a budget

Lastly, remember to set a budget! It is important to plan how much you can actually spend when dreaming about renovating a house, if not, you may find yourself running out of money – which can be easily avoided if you plan your spendings. 

Dream about renovating a house – Bedroom Mistake Mistake #2 – Overused Space

dream about renovating a house

Photo by Han jiaoye on Unsplash

Landing here from #1, it is the second mistake most people make – when they don’t have a clear set of rules on how to execute the space themselves. They may end up having everything in the same room.

You might even have the old porcelain duck barely hanging on a nightstand near the California King Size Bed. 

Stuffing the space with elements you don’t necessarily need will make a mess. 

Keep it clean and cozy. Just imagine how good you’ll feel when you wake up and your room feels like a breath of fresh air!

Dream about renovating a home Top Tip – Furniture With Hidden Storage 

So, how can you avoid overusing a space when your room is small? 

If you are looking for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget to make your room look clean and fresh then one of the best solutions is furniture with hidden storage.

Hidden storage furniture can hide your things in order to save space while at the same time decorating your room.

Therefore, by using a hidden storage smart strategy you’ll get to have what you need in your room without compromising the necessary empty space your room needs to have a relaxing smooth vibe

Multipurpose Beds 

Multipurpose beds! This is one of the best small bedroom organization hacks, as it will not only help you sleep and recharge your energies for the next day but also store and hide other important items such as clothes, books, or shoes. 

As a result, you will stop overusing your desk, closet, and nightstands; leaving the necessary empty space, your eyes need to rest and soothe your mind! 

Clever Multi-Purpose Furniture

When designing your bedroom layout, you have to consider the possibility of having multi-purpose furniture.

Multipurpose furniture is anything that can have more than one use. 

For example, a stylish nightstand can store your night books, and at the same time, become a piece of art by itself, which helps you decorate your room while maintaining functionality.


And, since we are talking about clever multi-purpose furniture, it would be a sin not to mention the traditional ones, the always stylish, credenzas.

Extremely practical furniture with a dominant personality that will provide a very distinctive style to your room, while serving you to conveniently store frequently used items or important objects.

Mid Century Wooden Credenza with Brass Legs ($1,850)

Sideboard Buffet Three Doors Madia Wood Credenza ($2,842)

Custom made credenza made of black walnut ($2.609)

Let The Light In 

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Try not to overuse the space by blocking the windows with furniture. You can have an angle of an armchair or a side table placed near it, but never pushed in front of it. 

By putting furniture in front of the window, you are blocking natural light, the view and minimising the space. Your goal should be to reach the opposite.

Dream about renovating a house – Bedroom Mistake Mistake #3 – Underused Space

Back to #1. Space planning. Crucial and once you have got that right, this point will never be a headache again.

As for your bedroom it is crucial to make it yours by adding personal elements that represent you.

Don’t be afraid to use accessories or imponent furniture, an accent chair (if you have space) pendants, or floor lamps. It will all come together! 

Dream about renovating a home Top Tip – Use Scale And Proportion 

However, before adding imponent furniture (or anything), break this myth of a small room = petite and delicate furniture. Wrong! 

Small rooms can have different sizes of furniture, as long as the scale and proportions are good. To succeed on this, you have to consider what you previously analyzed for the design layout:

  • Correct measurements;
  • Overall dimensions of furniture;
  • Design language of the furniture.

And, if you are worried about how you can visualize it, I have an article, where I am sharing how to do a Bedroom layout in PhotoShop easily and another one, where I am explaining how to create the perfect mood boards!

Use Statement Furniture

Choose a furniture piece that will add personality to your room!

This can be achieved through a fine detail on a sofa, an accent stitching on a lounge chair and so on. It can be anything that speaks to you! 


Are you looking for a statement furniture idea while dreaming about renovating a house – or renovating a bedroom? 

The following armchairs can add personality and character to your bedroom while also adding comfort, so it truly feels like your go-to place when you’re seeking peace and coziness.

Besides, most of this furniture is handmade, with high-quality materials, which will give you great comfort to enjoy a quiet afternoon, a solo-reading moment while having a pleasant chat with friends.

Scandinavian Style Armchair ($687.34)

Handcrafted Leather Armchair ($809.36)

Wooden Boomerang Armchair ($687.34)

Dream about renovating a house – Bedroom Mistake Mistake #4 – Zero Styling/ Artwork

dream about renovating a house 13

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Your bedroom is probably one of the most important spaces in your home,  if not the most important.

For this reason, you need to make it yours.

For example, use a few artworks on the walls or one big feature artwork. Or, add some styling elements such as artistic vases or soulful rugs to have colour and increase the coziness of your bedroom.

Not using accessories can make a room feel dull and empty. You need a space where you cannot wait to lay down and rest! A room, where you love spending time and wind off at the end of the day.

Dream about renovating a home Top Tip – Play With Patterns, Colour, And Texture 

A room with a diverse mix of patterns and textures draws interest and is fun to be in.

Different finishes and textures over a lot of patterns can transform a room where you have fun exploring the variety of fabrics and textures throughout the space. 

For example, in this post I shared, you can see the wonderful mix of textures and finishes, with a contrast of light and dark colours that alongside copper tones and natural finishes creates a desirable and calm space to live in.  

Add Art Through Accessories

So have you decided on the colour, pattern, and textures of your room but not yet selected the accessories to place on your furniture, and walls, correct? 

Well, this is the moment when your inner designer sees the light. 

Here are some tips to choose the best feature elements for your room: 

  • Elements that emphasize your personality and personal taste;
  • Accessories that add colour and create contrast between the different elements in your room;
  • Pieces with an artistic functionality that gives warmth to what should be your refuge and resting place for excellence: Your room.

Looking for design ideas?

From colourful small vases that pop up and add colour or texture contrast, to modern and very well-designed rugs that will generate that much-needed feeling of warmth in your home.

Below I will describe premium rugs and aesthetically unique vases for remodeling a bedroom to achieve that much-desired meaningful design

dream about renovating a house 15

Soulful Rugs

From a handmade Moroccan wool rug that will provide a warm place for your feet to relax, to the most elaborate abstract carpet you can even use as an art in itself, here you’ll see 4 of the best stylish rugs that you can find to transform your bedroom into a unique and incomparable space.

Handmade Moroccan Wool Rug ($413+)

dream about renovating a house 16

Authentic Beni Ourain Rug ($413+)

dream about renovating a house 17

Abstract Modern Rug ($55+)

Contemporary Abstract Rug ($206+)

Artistic Vases

It is amazing how the little things can have a big impact in the big picture, right? 

This idea can be implemented in design as well.

Here is how, with 3 key ideas to implement in your design process:

  • Adding accessories (e.g. books, art, photographs, etc.)
  • Adding different textures and fabrics through accessories or furniture.
  • And adding natural and sensorial elements such as light, scented candles, and plants.

In this case, aesthetic vases have the power to do just that; by just adding a few of them you create an interesting space with a stronger personality.

The recommendations below are lovable designs that will suit different styles! 

From feminine ceramic sculpture vases to add a sensual unique element to modern clay donut vases for a natural light colour bedroom design.

Female body vase ceramic sculpture  ($24.37)

Black Small Ceramic Vase Set ($15+)

dream about renovating a house 21

Clay Doughnut Vase ($34.42+)

Black ceramic booty vase ($34.40)

Dream about renovating a home Bonus Idea – Add Prints 

Finally, acquire the best art prints that represent your personality and the type of mood you want to feel. 

Below I will add beautiful premium art prints (made by yours truly!) for anyone that likes calm, still life images or fashion shots.

Prices vary from $39 to $129 based on the size chart. To see all available prints, digital offers, and available discounts click here

Print No.2

Print No.5

Print No.6

Dream about renovating a house – Bedroom Mistake Mistake #5 – Not  Using Vertical Space

Insanely important

Especially when you are decorating a small bedroom and you are on a budget. 

Take Advantage Of Height 

How so? With a built-in wardrobe or cabinets that reach high, so you can put your clothes, bed linen, and so on, there comfortably.  

This is one of the best types of furniture arrangement for small bedrooms with limited storage options, as it will help you store your belongings without feeling cramped!

Use A Hanger Or Wall Clothes Rack 

dream about renovating a house 27

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Rock your bedroom design with hanging rails or clothes racks, where you can beautifully display your clothes and with that, be able to have a nice feature element, plus you take advantage of space you may not know how to style!

Also, for mens small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, this is a simple way to add a feature element without breaking the bank!

And, if you are wondering what else applies best for small bedrooms, I have an article about that right here!

Hanging Clothes Rack ($107.29)

Wall-mounted clothes rail ($35.85)

Clothes rack wardrobe pipes in industrial design ($186.65)

Creative Use Of Walls 

dream about renovating a house 31

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Hmm… you want to add a feature decor element, but don’t know where? 

Look again, maybe your walls lack colour and are screaming for some love! 

You can easily solve this by adding style to your walls (besides the obvious choice aka prints), adding a wall mirror or a wall rack can make a 180° degree difference!

Asymmetrical Mirror 

Wall mirrors can make your room feel bigger.

However, don’t limit yourself to just one kind of mirror, like the classic circle or rectangle. 

Instead, how about having fun and adding an asymmetrical mirror? With that you have a unique fun feature element, make your space feel larger, and see your pretty self in the mirror for makeup, beauty routine, or just because.

Waterdrop Asymmetrical Mirror ($171.70)

Wall Rack

One of the best decorating ideas for a small bedroom on a budget!

Unique-shaped wall racks are a beautiful addition to decor your bedroom walls in a personal uncommon way, plus it can serve as an additional space to store vases, framed photos, plants, etc. while styling your wall at the same time!

Wall Hanger, multiple variations ($14.94)

Nordic Iron Wall Plank ($14.32)


So, don’t forget! When you dream about renovating a house, the worst mistake you need to avoid is not having a plan, following with an incorrect  layout.

You can easily avoid those decorating mistakes if you sit down, think about your bedroom purpose, and make a plan! 

I would like to know, have you fallen into any of these decorating mistakes in the bedroom? 

If you do, please let me know in the comments or follow me on @karmenrozsa_ and let me know any questions you may have!

And, of course, if you need help to spot small bedroom decorating mistakes don’t forget to read and bookmark this helpful article 7 Mistakes To Avoid In A Small Bedroom!


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