Free Interior Design Process Checklist for absolute beginners and enthusiasts

Hello beauties, I am back and writing to you about a Free Interior Design Process checklist I have created FOR YOU! I have been talking about this printable for weeks. I am so glad to announce it is finally here and ready to download. I have been working quite hard to find a way of getting this PDF right. It includes all the steps you need to be successful when designing or decorating a space.

Free Interior Design Process Checklist
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Why I created a Free Interior Design Process Checklist

It is detailed to explain how FFE Designers, Interior Designers, and Interior Stylists work on a day to day basis. I created this free interior design process checklist, so anyone has the chance to take action and decorate or redecorate their own, or their client’s space. I know not everyone has the financial advantage to hire a professional, so I am trying to give away some of my knowledge, to help you on your journey.

Free Interior Design Process Checklist

I have only been in this industry for a few years, but I always felt whenever I know enough, I want to share my knowledge. Coming from the fashion industry, I have seen how strongly people want to hold on to their knowledge. Those people’s reason? They do not want to compete.
Well, I am challenging you to do the work and learn about this industry! I do this because I have started with no knowledge. I had no idea how to read a plan, how to draw furniture. What the different stages were. And it was not easy, but I was lucky because I have been working with a supportive group.

What is the purpose of this Free Interior Design Process Checklist?

That is how this free Interior Design Process Checklist was born to help you improve your skills and become more comfortable in what you do!
My goal with this Interior Design Checklist PDF is to give to you, who have just started. To be supportive and maybe a little educational. Helping those, who wish to have a better-looking place, but don’t know where to start. I know how hard it is when we would like to change a situation, but we lack the resources.

Those can be any kind. Financial, educational, you name it. But it cannot stop you. And here is why: this document will help you kick start your journey and will be by your side. You can have a Free Interior Design Process Checklist on your phone or print it and carry it with you. Maybe both?

All you need to have is your imagination and the will to do it. Anyone can change a space. But not anyone has this Interior Design Checklist PDF, right? It is a chance for you to do a little better and to make your life a little easier.

What can you use this PDF Checklist for?

I have created it for numerous reasons, one of them was like I said to help you gain more confidence and have a safety belt, when you are designing a space for the first time. But there are several aspects of it to help you other than being vague about WHY I created it. So here they are:

To avoid making design mistakes in your bedroom

What do I mean by that? It means when you start out, you may have a good idea, but you don’t know how to execute it. What has to be planned, what you need to look at, or how you should make your ideas a reality. That’s why an Interior Design Process Checklist can help you – so you can sort your thoughts out and not worry about it. Many people tend to make mistakes when designing, such as:

• You may over use the space
• You may under use the space
• You may mess up the layout
• You may mess up measurements

Now I am NOT saying all of you would do that – but we have all been there. Trust me, I have designed a 5 star hotel, where I made a mistake with the measurements, and the chair turned out to be much smaller, than expected. The issue, has been tackled, but we all make mistakes. Luckily only the pillow’s position had to be changed. 🙂

Plus, if you need extra help on how to avoid the most common bedroom design mistakes, this article will help you.

I also have one more treat for you – I wrote an article, where I am sharing how you can quickly put together a Bedroom (or in fact any room) in PhotoShop and I even created a video for it – find it here. Also, I recently realised, the same method can be repeated in Canva, given the fact, that they have evolved so much in the past year. Do you want me to make a tutorial of it? Leave a comment if so, I am happy to show that too.

This article is here to help you and give you useful basic interior design informations to proceed with. My goal is absolutely to help you for FREE with this piece. Alright, let’s go and look at living room designs, shall we?

Why this Interior Design Checklist PDF will help you with living room design?

Easy. You will avoid making planning and decorating mistakes, that will cost you money. Decorating and designing a new home always have loads of challenges and often times more than expected. I have never seen a project, where we didn’t end up with something unexpected – or something done late. The Interior Design Process Checklist will help you figure out how you should build up your process and work to get to your goals the fastest and most optimal way possible (emotionally and financially).

Personally, I think aside from the excitement of decorating a new space, the process itself can become a bit draining – especially if we don’t know where we are going. But having a Free Interior Design Checklist PDF will help you get things sorted out, so you will not end up worrying so much.

Now I am not saying it will all be a joyride, but I am one hundred percent positive, the end result will be worth it, and you will be IN LOVE with your new space. And now, to treat you a little more, I also wrote an article, where I am sharing common Living Room Design mistakes most people make and how to avoid them.

Find them out here.

Let’s move to the bathroom now, shall we?

I believe this is a space, that is more technical, therefore we have to be very cautious on how we are doing space planning and how we look at the layout. I have seen bathrooms with the smallest shower sink and a walking space of a runway. This is something we need to avoid – but with the Interior Design Process Checklist you will have the basics with you, so you can make sure you will do a terrific job. Personally, I am sure you will.

However, I know most of us need a little more help than just being pin-pointed towards a direction or given the dry part of design. For this reason, I am happy to tell you, I have an article that speaks about different decoration styles and ideas from a perspective, that will help you look at your space a little differently – therefore planning and designing will be your favourite process.

Find your bathroom styles here!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the dining room / kitchen space!

Best place to drink your morning coffee and have your evening champagne, right? Most people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore of course I had to speak about it a little bit. As a huge coffee lover, I looked at it from the aspect of how I would like to drink my coffee, I was 5 different types of person.

Therefore I am sure, these descriptions, styling tips and decoration ideas will help you figure out which direction you want to move with your dining room and kitchen design to make it your own. The best part is, that you will have a Style Guide within the article below and an Interior Design Process Checklist to help you stay on track. Isn’t it a win-win?

Find my tips for a yummy dining room and kitchen here.

Finally, I would like to list another few articles, that may be able to help you with your home decoration.

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