Hello beauties, I am back with another article! I am quite excited to share some news before I jump into some general ideas about bedrooms. In June, the website will change a little bit, which means I finally had enough money to do it! I am going to introduce the long-awaited FREE PDF checklist! A checklist, which will help you figure out if you are going to the right or the wrong direction with your design. I am sure it is going to help you since these are ideas and questions I have to ask myself daily while working. I know most of us can get a little confused with all the information and images out there. That is why I thought to give you guys something which can be with you every single day. It is Thursday, the 28th of May, which means ONE WEEK from now it will be ready and up on my website. I hope you are as excited as I am! I have other news to announce as well, but I don’t want to spoil everything in one article, especially when it is about bedrooms! Thank you for reading my ramble before I started with the real thing. So here we are. Last week while I was writing about bathrooms, I had an idea. What if I tell you about all the main rooms in a home in general at first? Then I am going to break it down for you! What do I mean by that? It is going to be my second to the last article, where I describe one space without specifying size or function. Let’s get into it! In my general style, I created five images, which will help explain different styles and moods. Here is the first one:


  Coming up with names for these images may be the hardest thing to do these days. Sometimes it feels like people may think I have gone crazy, but no one complained yet. Let’s hope it will stay that way! So, what do we see here? A lovely little bedroom with only a few colours and lots of linen. If you look at this image a little more, you can see the wall’s off-white colour is matching the bedding. It is important to create flow in colour, finish, or (and) fabric every time you design a room. It is a minimalistic choice in design, but you can see a pop of brass as the throw and the table lamp. If you want to create an ensemble, like this one, you need to pay attention to how to balance colours. Since you are playing with only a few shades of difference, you need to think about undertones. This room has an earthy, greyish undertone. When making your mood board, be careful with the soft and hard finishes and what their undertone is. If you want an ashy look, like this one, everything needs to have a cold grey vibe. I am going to explain other colour options below, but if you want to learn a little more about mood boards in a different aspect, you can read this article.

Mood: https://isabelaesthete.tumblr.com/
Outfit: https://work13.sotyi.com/smart-summer-work-outfits-summerworkoutfits-2/
Bedroom: https://www.milkdecoration.com/chez-marie-dominique/


  This one is a favourite of mine. It’s a grand room with a classic contemporary design. When I first started working as an FF&E designer, I thought my style was a modern minimalist. Then I have found spaces, such as this one. I realised my favourite way of designing is to mix dark and light colours with neutral undertones. It is the core of this image. Here you can see traditional furnishing used with light, minimalistic fabrics. Little to no pattern, mixed with subtle stitching. Even though this room looks masculine at first, you can tell it has feminine qualities. The coffee table’s curves or the softness of the table lamp are taking away from the harshness. Balancing light and dark colours with nothing in between is not easy. That is why you need to be clear about your vision while you are working. Always think about what you need to achieve and how you are going to do it! Communicate well and ask questions. This space would not look so magical if the designer and client did not understand each other well.

Bedroom: https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2019/1/24/friday-inspiration
Outfit: https://sheerluxe.com/2019/04/25/10-people-follow-if-you-love-accessories
Mood: https://stylesprinter.com/top-10-fragrances-of-all-time/


  It is not messy at all, but the clothes laid out at different spots give the feeling. This room is a little bit similar to the first one we have seen today. Why? Because it is mostly playing with colour shades, (don’t be fooled by the jacket) but the furnishing is more maximalist. The headboard is carved solid wood, as well as the side table. Even though one would think the large, grey artwork is the feature element of the room, it is nothing compared to the chair at the window. Most likely existing furniture has been used, paired up with contemporary art and fresh bed linen. Balance is key. Here you put a little of everything and scaling it back with some light, simple elements.

Bedroom: https://upwardhome.tumblr.com/image/169973400069
Mood: https://loisjyou.tumblr.com/post/159492122934/uh-la-la-land-uh-la-la-land
Outfit: http://wheretoget.it/look/7725854


  Another favourite. Beautiful, light room with warm undertones. Even though the sun is about to set, the colours make it feel like it’s still vibrating. I chose this bedroom because it made me feel happy when I looked at it. Old, mixed with the new in a fun, repurposed way. It feels like the owner has inherited most of the furniture and just had them renovated. The matt black frame for the mirror, the beautifully upholstered, and pinned bed are showing culture and taste. This room is much more about how to keep existing pieces and re-work them more freshly. Again, light and dark colours are mixed. Different hard finishes are paired up, but the whole room gives a warm and cozy feeling. While designing, don’t worry about the different finishes. Pay attention to colour and undertone!

Bedroom: https://www.etsy.com/listing/756479063/original-graphite-nude-study-by-alan-b?ref=shop_home_active_2&cns=1
Mood: https://sundayforever.com/shopall/coconuts-eau-de-parfum
Outfit: https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/415738609355815154/


  The last one may be quite far from the others. But who could resist these large windows looking at the trees? If you look at the bedroom, you can see the colours are complimenting the outdoor palette. Beautiful, desaturated shades and minimalistic fabrics. No-fuss, no pattern, or extra detail, only the simplicity of hard and soft finishes. My favourite part of this room is the timber ceiling. It gives a unique experience to anyone, staying here. Connects the owner and nature subtly. I believe when designing this space, one of the thoughts was: anyone who walks in should feel like they want to spend hours looking outside. Create a certain longing for nature, while having a morning coffee in the lounge chair. This image is a beautiful example to show it is ok, not to put everything in a room. Simplicity can be just as extraordinary.

Mood: https://sky-above-dragon-within.tumblr.com/post/180672164680/infiniety-girl-let-me-love-you
Bedroom: https://satellite56.tumblr.com/image/175340760537
Outfit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAa65uGha7o/?igshid=14ld4enb9rsud

This one was not originally in this article, but I have created a selection, so I would have more images, as I felt inspired. Now it is time to add it to this article, as it has been receiving a lot of love, which I never expected would happen. When I was thinking about this room, I wanted a bold, feature piece, which turned out to be the Perry Bed from Mezzo Collection. Apart from the colour, the details to the headboard really captured my attention. I felt it created a beautiful ensemble with the rug, which I have found at Silk Avenue. I believe this room would be a beautiful choice for a person, who enjoys luxury and is not afraid from using some colour and pattern in his or her home!

Bed: https://www.mezzocollection.com/en/products/bed/perry-208/
Nightstand: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c6/25/60/c62560751c2e044bfeea2b497f35b090.jpg
Carpet: http://silk-avenue.co.uk/en/rugs/helly/?rug-type=14
Coffee table: http://www.gandiablasco.com/us/product/mesa-baja-circular-flat/
Armchair: https://www.nationalofficefurniture.com/products/seating/hobsen
Floor Lamp: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/44/7b/a6/447ba691cb31bcc7d3ce7c83c5bd686f.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful to you. I always try and write about how spaces should and may feel, not just how they should look. One of the most important things to consider, when designing is to create an atmosphere. A space without a soul is only a display of furniture. Owners wish to have a display of their feelings.

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