Hi Everyone, I am back! As the weather is warming up, it is time to talk about most people’s favorite season, which is: SUMMER. When I was looking for ideas, my first initial thought was some catchy outfits. But pretty outfits never go alone. They pair up with some fancy drinks and a beautiful table set up. Think about it like this: you are on a rooftop, the sun is about to set. It is you and your friends, celebrating life with cold drinks, wearing cute outfits. Sounds perfect. I had all of these thoughts on Sunday, while I was creating these collages for you, and I thought: I will name every style by the drinks. This article will be the perfect blend between interior design and fashion since I have collected something from both worlds!


  Before you start to worry, I am going to link the recipes below. Which means you will be able to make your tasty cocktail! The first style is full of class, with even more je ne sais quoi. Bold and sophisticated colours are pairing up in this elegant, royal mix. It is brunch time in summer when a white shirt dress barefoot or with a sandal is more than enough. The beautiful ambiance of the blackberry cocktail mixed with the dining set’s turquoise and gold is just as eclectic as expected. That’s all you need if you want to create a set up like this. Some bold colours, complementing each other and you at your coziest.

Cocktail recipe


  Or a recipe, but I will link the page anyway. You can see it is a bourbon-based cocktail with some coolness. I would call this the Ultimate drink after a long day. It is that long drink, which makes you appreciate the sunshine hitting your skin while you are relaxing in your armchair on the balcony. You are still in your work attire, taking deep breaths and enjoying some me time, before heading out to dinner with your girls. This one needs no extra effort, but you and your promise to take things lightly.

Cocktail link


  This is the recipe. No fuss, just simple ingredients. There is no listing for this, but I am going to link the correct source, just to give credit. Here you will see the most sophisticated ensemble, I have created for this series. I wanted something playful but muted. A cute dress, with a beautiful beige blazer and a lime green bikini. It is kind, joyful, and contains some secrecy. It is one of those days when you put the bikini on because it feels good on your skin and suddenly becomes useful. If you may get invited to a pool party or the beach, you are ready to go. The day of satisfactory impulsiveness.

Lemonade recipe


  We need to get creative since not every image with a drink comes with a recipe. But this is not going to stop me from my purpose! I promised descriptions for these images, so you know, how to look at these ideas when recreating them. I love swimsuits with a terry cloth fabric. It looks like you hit your towels with a scissor and showed the world how creative you are! While casually wearing a white blouse unbuttoned, you designed the happiest dinner table your friends have ever seen. You love bold colours mixed with something unusual. Who said, fruits have to come in bowls? Let’s just take it from the table and squeeze it into your drink! No one needs strict rules in this household.

Cocktail image


   This is going to be a beautiful blend of drinks and wittiness. Just look at it! Amazing images in the back matched with a basic ’90s outfit. First, it may sound a little boring, but it is not. A casual outfit can hide the most colourful personalities. The colour choices and style with these ceramic plates are simply magical. It invites you to a Parisian afternoon, where anything is possible! Where ideas and laughter serve as the missing ingredient from your meal! It may be harder to achieve this ensemble, but not impossible. You need to pay attention to your authenticity and uniqueness of the plates you choose. It is crucial to find pieces, which embrace your personality. In fashion and interior design as well.

Cocktail recipe

There is not a single great idea without someone giving their unique thoughts and sense of self. This has to be a priority above all. If a person says your ideas are not different from anything they have seen before, think again. This may be true. But if your gut says otherwise, don’t let them fool you. Think about executing the idea differently. Learn more about the topic and try different ways. It is going to work out, I promise. Just stick to what feels right.

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