7 mistakes to avoid in a small bedroom – checklist for interior design planning

Hi everyone, would you like to hear about 7 mistakes that you can avoid in a small bedroom easily with a checklist for interior design planning? Yes it is possible and I will break it down for you now! That’s how I turned this warm day in Budapest to one, where I am sharing some inside knowledge about interior design with you. So let’s get to the 7 mistakes you should avoid in a small bedroom with my checklist for interior design planning below! Last week I made a promise: I am going to publish two articles per week. So here I am, keeping my promise!


Here is the first one of the week. I wrote about the five things you should do to succeed on Pinterest in 2020. Isn’t that great? They have been changing the algorithm many times this year. But I just packed the latest news into one article, so don’t forget to read it while you’re here!
But today is not about Pinterest. I am dedicating this article to small bedrooms and seven things to avoid when designing one!

But before we dive in, I would like to leave a disclaimer here: This article contains affiliate links.
Alright, let’s kick in with some designer insights!

Over using the space! – Fix it with a Checklist for interior design planning

What does it mean? Easy. You are trying to have many things in one room. If you have a small apartment, you need to optimise the way you use every single inch of it. Therefore, you cannot have a bedroom, a work station, a vanity and a wardrobe all in one. You can, but it will be uncomfortable, so let’s break everything down. Let’s say you have a little room you can call your bedroom. I would not suggest fitting more than two things here. What would be an easy option is to have your wardrobe and sleeping space together.
But, if you are wondering how you can make a home office work for your interior, you can get some useful tips here.

Checklist for interior design planning 1
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Grab this mirror

2. Forgetting about storage space!

See? With that conclusion, we just jumped to number two! Storage space is super important when we are working with a small room or apartment. I would suggest buying a bed, which either has built-in storage or buy a frame, which can fit smaller boxes under the mattress.

With this technique, you are already saving space and making your room look cleaner! Win-win, right? But if you are wondering about the amount of clutter you may have in your space and you have no idea how to get rid of them, then don’t worry…I have an article that will help you sort all your clutter out.

It always sounds easy until it’s done – and to be honest, I am pretty sure you have more storage space than you would know, but once you have sorted all the clutter out…You will have a whole new room to think and plan with when you dream about renovating a house.

3. Over furnishing the space – Change that with a Checklist for interior design planning

While we are at storage space and space optimisation, let’s talk about furnishing. When we are talking about bedroom ideas, we also need to think about how we can make it spacious. One way is to use minimal furniture in your master bedroom. For example, if you enjoy a large mattress, buy one nightstand only and put it on the opposite side of your wardrobe. This technique saves space and spices your design up a little.

Not to mention it is a lovely way to make your design look more outstanding without compromising space and the overall look and feel of your home. Who said it is hard to dream about renovating a house, when you ca use these easy tricks to make it fun? ­čÖé

If the bedroom can only fit a cabinet, nightstand, and a bed, it is alright. You can play with the walls too. How? Easy. Add a beautiful wall covering or an artwork. Where? Where your headboard is. This way you are making the room look more welcoming.
I have some additional tips for small spaces in this article.

4. Using too much decoration!

Over decorating will make your room look even smaller. If you have the chance, avoid using too much decoration. Apart from making your bedroom look tiny, it will not be easy to dust every single little item you put out there. For example, if you have a lot of images with your friends and family, hang them on the wall. You can create an artwork as well.

And if you use my Checklist for interior design planning – you will be set up for success. You will find it at the end of the article. Check out these images below:

5. Using dark colours!

Since we aim to make the room look bigger, this should be our golden rule. Light colors make spaces appear brighter. If you love muted, light colors, this will not be a hard choice. But if you prefer to mix it up, I would suggest the following:

  • Either use a darker colour of your choice on one wall, but never on the ceiling. If you use it there, the ceiling height would appear lower. Never the goal, with a small bedroom.
  • Or use darker or colourful furniture with light wall paint or wallpaper. Like this, you would create a contrasting feeling. Trust me, it is a good look! Look at these rooms below.

6. Making the space uncomfortable!

It can come from having a crowded room or one that does not look pretty. Either way, it does not serve you! Always keep in mind, your bedroom design needs to reflect you. Your taste, lifestyle, and the room has to make you feel relaxed. If you keep in mind, what I just said, you will have a comfortable space. Especially when you dream about renovating a house. You have to make sure you are using your space, budget and proportions right to have the best possible result.
However, many of us (myself included) have fallen into the trap of collecting a lot of clutter in their homes, which will make it stuffy and honestly…Sometimes we just want to display all we have, so it doesn’t feel like it goes to waste. If you want to change that and minimise clutter, I have many tips here that will help you get rid of clutter.

But also, if you choose your bedding from Rise&Fall! They specialise in making beautiful, economically conscious sheets at an affordable price! They are simple, elegant, and comfortable. I don’t think it can get any better than that! Actually, yes: they fit all the criteria I mentioned above! They offer after pay, and a 100 days trial period!

Shop their sheets here!


7. Not planning your budget = overspending:

Spend money on a got mattress, but don’t spend all of it! I am serious, but you can tackle this with a Checklist for interior design planning. If you are not planning the process out, you will end up with an ugly room with nothing to love in it. So try, and get some vintage items. Get Ikea, get something used, loved and well-preserved. Sit down, browse the internet, and look for stuff, you can afford. For example, Etsy is a beautiful place to get beautiful items. Many creators use this platform to sell their beautiful creations. All you need to do is click below and start browsing!


All right! So we went through the list. It means the seven things you should avoid when designing a bedroom!

Grab a few affordable essentials for your home:


Checklist for interior design planning 4
Secret Garden Rug
Abstract Rug
Boho Rug


Grab this modern nightstand
Minimal Nightstand
Checklist for interior design planning 5
Timber nightstand

Here is the breakdown for clarity:

  1. Over using the space
  2. Forgetting about storage space
  3. Over furnishing the space
  4. Using too much decoration
  5. Using dark colours
  6. Creating an uncomfortable space
  7. Over-spending your budget

Avoid these mistakes at all costs, and you will be fine! You will have a beautiful and welcoming master bedroom!
And if you want some extra inspiration, you can always check out my Pinterest or Instagram!

You can download my universal Interior Design Checklist here:

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Happy Sunday!

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