When designing a small apartment, it is crucial to pay attention to
organizing and efficiency. Usually, that is what these articles are all about, and I promise I will write one about how to hide the most things in your apartment, but this one is going to be about aesthetics.
You can see many posts about the “how” and “where”, so why not shake things up a little bit? Let’s see how you can think about your space and present it to yourself, or if you are a beginner in presentations, to your client.

  1. You either had a design brief about your client’s needs or you have your ideas stacked up in your head. This is the hardest part because you have to find the thread, that will help you start building up your concept presentation. The great part is you already know what you want, now you need to start thinking about how you can translate your ideas, so it is going to be easily understood by your client or friends for example. First, you have to find a picture, that says something about the overall look and feel or the colours. Once you have the first, you are ready to complete your design interpretation, where you explain how you are planning to design the space. Here is an example about, how I would do it: 

You can see, I am showing the overall colours, design direction, the kind of person who would use this space and the building, the apartment may be built-in.

2. The job of these pictures is to explain why the design looks the way it does. Now I am going to show you the Living Room arrangement. This space, I imagined with white walls, so I left the background white. But if you go to my Urban Eclectic post, you can see I added wallpaper to the Bedrooms and Living rooms since that concept had more colour to it. From the mood images, you can tell the colours are mostly white, dark brown and neutral with a punch of green, pink, red or blue. The overall look is a bit more relaxed, “artsy cottage” style, which probably isn’t a thing, but this is how I would describe it. There are no real patterns there, but the different finishes and fabrics are giving you depth and dimension, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

3. Here comes the bedroom. I am fond of low bed bases, so whenever I have the chance, I use them. Please bear in mind, if you ever have to design a bedroom to a more mature client, these beds are not a good option. The reason is, it is not easy to get in and out of them, and you should always think of comfort as well as functionality when designing a space. Apart from the bed, I tried to use fun elements, like the credenza with white lacquer and light gold details. And since it was a bedroom, I had thought of the artworks having a mixture of sunrise colours. It is hard to have a bad day when you see a beautiful sunrise in the morning, isn’t it?

4. Last, but not least the Bathroom. I kept the white walls, which we have seen running through the apartment, but added some funky tiles, to mix it up a little bit. I bonded white and gold here as well because it gives a slight luxurious feeling to the room, without making it too heavy. The mesh chandelier by Mooi may look a bit much, but its organic shape softens up the otherwise harsh mesh structure.

+1 Finally: always pay attention to the overall look and never put comfort second, when designing something, a person is going to live in.

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