The best spring list of things to declutter with

Hello beautiful people! The new year has begun, and spring is coming. Suppose you have yet to throw out old things and declutter your life. Here is some inspiration to declutter. 

Spring adds new life and pristine beauty to all that is. It is always an exciting feeling to bring on the spirit in the season of renewal.  I want everyone to feel motivated to reset their homes and jump into spring with a clean house and mind.

I am not going to try to convince you that cleaning is fun. Very few people love doing chores. A song from “Mary Poppins”, the 1964 musical motion picture, comes to mind- A spoonful of sugar. This uptempo song sung by Julie Andrews is about Mary Poppins instructing the two children to clean their room. 

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun; you find the fun and snap! The job’s a game. 

Even though decluttering can be daunting, it can still be fun with a good attitude. Play music, set a timer, reward yourself or do one small task a day. The same thing that motivates you to get through your workout can also get you cleaning.

Here are some Declutter Motivation Tips

Besides, I have your simple list of essentials you might need. I am not going to add vacuum cleaners or cleaning rags. Let’s keep it simple—the essential things to declutter with; the best spring list of things to declutter with. 

This essential cleaning list will be like sitting on a sharp tack that makes you spring out of your chair. Let’s start fast decluttering!  

Cleaning Essential List – for the best spring list of things to declutter with:

  1. All-purpose cleaners / Aluminium bottle
  2. Storage / Laundry Basket
  3. Essential Oil / Storage
  4. Multi-Surface Cleaner
  5. Clothing Rack / Space Saving Hangers

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Natural cleaners and green cleaning products are competent to clean your house in a safe, non-toxic way. They are less toxic than many commercial cleaners and a lot less costly.

Non-toxic Everyday Cleaning Formulas

DIY an all-purpose cleaner in your very own kitchen. They can be made with two everyday ingredients: Vinegar and baking soda. 

One-step formula: 

  1. Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda into 1/2 gallon (2 litres) of water.

Alternatively, you can buy your commercial cleaner liquids in big bulk and fill them in smaller bottles.

All-purpose cleaners / Aluminium bottle – number 1 of the best spring list of things to declutter

We all know most plastics are non-biodegradable. No one knows how much our unrecycled plastic waste ends up in the ocean. But plastics are widely used because of their low cost, versatility and durability.

Environmental and sustainable materials such as glass and metal have since taken a hike in recent years because of being more environmentally aware. The understanding of the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection is now more prevalent. 

There are several reasons why glass and metal are viewed as more sustainable than plastic. For starters, they are far more durable and resistant for many more years, making it a good choice for those looking for a reusable container for their liquids- a DIY all-purpose cleaner. 

These materials can also be quickly and easily cleaned and sterilised in boiling water. This enhances its reusable and sustainable properties. At the end of their life cycle, glass and metal lend itself well to recycling, further boosting their green credentials.

Glass Bottle | Amber & Clear Cleaning Trigger Sprayer

HANDMADE GLASS: Amber and clear glass trigger sprayer cleaning bottles

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Modern refillable bottles 

Three dimensions available: 

Measurements including sprayer:

8 oz: 7″ (height) x 2″ (diameter)

16 oz: 8 1/4″ (height) x 2 3/4″ (diameter)

32 oz: 10″ (height) x 3 1/2″ (diameter)

Aluminium Bottle with Sprayer | Cleaning Spray Bottle 

DURABLE: Two 16oz aluminium spray bottles

RECYCLABLE: No single-use plastic waste

Note: It is vital to keep all homemade cleaning products well labelled and out of children’s reach. 

Thieves Cleaner Label

Thieves Personalisation Label

MODERN LABELS: Labels, printed on durable waterproof sticker paper, fit perfectly on 16 oz—spray bottles.

HANDMADE: The physical paper labels are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

These cleaning bottles will make cleaning a bit more fun and prettier.

Storage / Laundry basket – Number 2 of the best spring list of things to declutter with

No one likes doing laundry. I think it’s fair to say doing laundry is boring. After a long hard day, the thought of tackling yet another endless load of dirty clothes is tiring.  It can be strenuous, and it involves lots of time waiting. 

No one likes doing laundry. I think it’s fair to say doing laundry is boring. After a long hard day, the thought of tackling yet another endless load of dirty clothes is tiring.  It can be strenuous, and it involves lots of time waiting. 

Unfortunately, everybody has to do it. Doing laundry means clean clothes and smelling fresh every day. We all know it is hard not to have a pile of dirty clothes. We’re all guilty of having a messy laundry pile. 

These three beautiful laundry baskets will help you tame that gross laundry pile. They might be dirty, but at least they are not everywhere.

MATUNDA | Banana Fibre Round Handwoven Brown Basket

Best spring list of things to declutter

ETHICAL FAIR TRADE: Handwoven handmade by a women’s weaving cooperative in Kenya.

BANANA FIBRE: 100% Sisal grass, banana tree bark & branded leather tab

Three dimensions available:

Extra Small H10 x W15cm

Medium H15 x W20cm

Extra Large H30 x W35cm

Laundry Basket Collapsible Clothes Washing Bin

Best spring list of things to declutter

SLIM: Laundry basket offers enough room for your dirty clothes and won’t take much place.

FOLDABLE: Space-saving when not in use

Size: 50.5cmx36cmx28cm / 19.9inch X 14.1inch X11 inch  (Length X Width X Height) 

Woven Seagrass Basket

Best spring list of things to declutter

MULTIPURPOSE BASKET: Beautiful indoor planters can be used for laundry and to organise your everyday items.

NATURAL: Contemporary baskets made from natural fibre, seagrass. 

When you have done your laundry, these fresh laundries can be folded and stored in beautiful storage baskets. 

Wicker Rectangular Storage Basket

Best spring list of things to declutter

HIGH QUALITY: Sundries wicker baskets

MULTIPURPOSE: Handmade baskets can be used to store books, toys and others to keep your home tidy. It can be used as a hamper, flowerpot, handbag, essential home decorations.

Size: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm/11.81 inches x 7.87 inches x 3.94 inches

Multi-Surface Cleaner

“What is a multi-surface cleaner?”

As its name suggests, the product can be used on multiple types of surfaces – be it stainless steel, glazed ceramic tiles, linoleum or glass, and different house spaces such as countertops, stovetops, sinks, floors, cabinets and walls.

However, the idea of an “all-purpose” cleaner is a bit misleading. I would suggest a Multi-surface cleaner is for maintenance cleaning. Sometimes the kitchen and bathroom need a more robust cleaner to combat mould. 

Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Best spring list of things to declutter

ZERO-WASTE: Dissolve this uncoloured unsent bar in 48 ounces (1.5L) of warm water and add your favourite essential oils or fragrance oils. 

NATURAL: Organic unrefined coconut oil and *sodium hydroxide *used in the saponification process; none remains in the finished product.

CleanerAll Cleaner Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Best spring list of things to declutter

BIODEGRADABLE: Natural, biological, child and pet safe components,

FRAGRANCE-FREE: The company uses natural lemons

Organic Dish Soap Bar

Best spring list of things to declutter

ORGANIC: Made with organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, organic castor oil, water.

RECYCLABLE: Each bar comes in a recyclable packaging

Essential Oil / Storage – Number 3 of the best spring list of things to declutter with

I think essential oils are essentials. Essential oils basically plant extracts. They’re made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves or fruit) to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. They can help with sleep, headaches, breathing, allergies, congestions, nausea and anxiety. 

And we all know they smell divine. However, essential oils can be pricey. 

“Have you ever knocked over all the essential oils on your nightstand when reaching for something?”

“Have you lost them at your house because they are so tiny? 

Well, we don’t want to be misplacing them or breaking them anymore. 

GeoCube Plus for 15ml Essential Oil Bottle Storage

Best spring list of things to declutter

COMPACT: The Geo Cube plus offers a beautiful and compact way to store and display your favourite Essential Oils. 

NATURAL: Each Geo Cube Plus is created with a natural maple, walnut, or cherry premium hardwood.

HANDCRAFTED: All of our products are finished with a non-GMO, safe organic coconut oil.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Storage Tray

Best spring list of things to declutter

HANDMADE: Each essential oil holder in a little woodshop. The wood is hand polished, smooth to the touch and rubbed with an oil finish. 

RESPONSIBLE: Hardwoods are responsibly sourced from a local furniture company’s off-cuts 

Talking about decluttering your space, you could also declutter your mind. Simplify your life and feel more relaxed with meditation. Take a breather and declutter mentally. 

Committing to the practice of calming meditation is not only restorative for a tired body but also a busy mind. Create a meditation space, relax and unwind with some aromatherapy at play. 

Feng Shui your space and bring healing vibes into your room with the healing properties of essential oils

Relax & Unwind Essential Oil Gift Set

Best spring list of things to declutter

AROMATHERAPY: Bergamot oil, Lavender oil and Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

GIFT: Relax & Unwind blended oil perfumes come with a matching scented candle to create the ultimate relaxing ambience. Select the ‘Gift’ option and send with a personalised message.

100% Pure and Natural Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Best spring list of things to declutter

ORGANIC: 100% Pure Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

HOLISTIC: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is heralded for being helpful with stress and anxiety. 

One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to achieve these benefits is by dispersing tiny oil molecules into the air in a fine vapour or mist.  You will be able to accomplish that with an oil diffuser effectively. 

Cactus Essential Oil Diffuser and Air Purifier and Night Light

Best spring list of things to declutter

ULTRASONIC: Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Air Purifier with a Soft Warm LED Night light

USB: USB powered and chargeable

Clothing Rack / Space Saving Hangers – Number 4 of best spring list of things to declutter with

Imagine: You open up your closet, and everything looks neat and tidy.

A clean, organised closet is simply the best. It speeds up and streamlines my morning routines. My best inspiration to declutter is knowing that it’s that simple to have an effective morning. 

Keeping a closet space neat and tidy is an ongoing and daily process. I’m here to help you tackle this major chore with confidence. Maintaining an organised closet is easy, with some storage and smart organising tips. Say “goodbye” to clutter with these fabulous closet decluttering products. 

360 Rotating Magic Hanger

Best spring list of things to declutter

SPACE SAVING: Hang up to nine items on one hanger and then rotate to store them in your wardrobe.

PERFECT STORAGE: Convenient nine-hole branch that can be used horizontally and vertically.

Alternative Storage hangers for Clothes

Pipe Clothing Rail 

STURDY: Suitable for heavy items

SPACE SAVING: Wall-mounted clothing rack frees up floor space, and it will allow you to feature items for easy browsing. 

Distance from the wall 30cm.

Height 120 cm.

Clothes Rack Hanging Industrial Vintage Pipe

CUSTOMISABLE: Rope & hooks for fastening, S-hooks to customise your own closet. 

CONCLUSION – about the best spring list of things to declutter

Finally, I am always in my element when spring comes. It is a great reason to start afresh.

I hope this list gives you inspiration to declutter. Suppose you are not sure where to start. Start small. Start 5 minutes at a time. Stop being overwhelmed when decluttering and focus on yourself. Conquer your mess, and you will soon realise it’s easy. 

Decluttering your life helps you manage stress and boosts your health. By learning the banishing clutter principles, you can be clear with what you want to achieve.  Maybe you want more time for your family or for an activity you love. It could be you want more money to travel. Decluttering is a spiritual practice. 

But always remember to buy less and choose well. The less we consume, the fewer natural resources we use. I care about the environment, and I make an economically conscious ‘hands-on’ effort to play my part. Join me and play a role with a good cause when you are decluttering. 

Happy Decluttering! 

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