For the sake of just staying happy, I will not talk much about our current situation. It is what it is, so let’s make the most of it! I am going to share some tips I find useful for a remote environment because guess what? I work both from an office and home, so I have a bit of both worlds. So what makes me happy and entertained, while staying put in my apartment?

  1. A cute workplace, which I have arranged for myself. I put the books I love to read about fashion, design, and neuroscience. I know, weird mix, but these are my interests. I have a small plant in front of them and some artwork around me. Trust me, when I say, it is little, but it makes me feel inspired! For this reason, I created an example of a work station, I would love to use for work, so I can give you a vague idea about what it is like to enjoy your environment. If we think about our office desks, we tend to try and make them feel like it was made for us. We usually use pictures, for example. Now let’s see what I have done, which is pretty simple and easy to break-down, so you will see what you can adapt for yourself.

First of all, I like classic contemporary and mid-century inspired furniture, which means that is what I am going to use most of the time. People keep saying, my style is eclectic, but who doesn’t love a bit fun? Now, let’s see: It is very simple, yet collected. It has got color, pattern, some funk and the seriousness of a work station. There is two punchy artwork right, in your face. I chose them because they are quite different, yet both of them will make you think. It is great because these pictures will give you ideas when looking for inspiration for example. Another thing is the carpet. Think about how good a soft carpet feels under your feet while working. Last, but not least, try to have a desk, which has many drawers or shelves, so you have the chance to stack up with snacks, stationery or a laptop.

2. Water and coffee. Keeping drinks you enjoy close to you is always a plus, because you don’t have to go and get them. It means you don’t need to break your thought process, you can just carry on with your job and enjoy a beverage at the same time!


3. Good music or a podcast is the best to keep you company. I choose between them according to the task I need to do. If it is something easy and creative, like selecting furniture, I usually go with a podcast. I have listened to so many, you can ask away in the comment section if you need recommendations. I am happy to help! If I need to be more focused, I choose music. I enjoy soul, RnB, and classical music and I usually listen to Spotify playlists, such as Soul Coffee. For podcasts I recommend Acast, but if you are keen on a topic, I would suggest a google search first, then get it on Acast.

+1 It is my dog. If you are blessed to have a pet in your home, you are so lucky. They are always there for you when you need to take a break.

I hope this little post was helpful, getting you through these tough times, we are currently facing. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, so you will not miss out on anything I post!

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