Hi everyone, I hope you are well! Today I will jump back into the Pinterest wagon as there have been quite a few changes going on. Whether your niche is fashion, home, DIY, or finance, it has affected everyone. Suddenly many accounts have lost their impressions and click-through rate.

As everyone thought the season of losing revenue was over, it was quite the shock. If you are new to the platform and just started pinning on Pinterest, you may wonder what has changed? Well, 80% of the way bloggers used to operate on the platform.

Before we go any further, I would like to add, that this article contains affiliate links.


A little background story: Pinterest went public in April of 2019. When a company goes public, we can expect changes. Why? Because they will need to be able to make money. It is just the way it goes. At the beginning of this year, it has been released to expect these changes on the platform.
Everyone, who has been using the website was equally excited and a little worried, what will happen to their Pinterest analytics. Well, the numbers have gone down to zero. The platform flagged every user working with the old techniques.

I will not talk about what not to do, in this article, rather focus on what you should do. Without further discussion, let’s learn some useful practices!

  1. Create new content for your website!

Whether you have a blog or a webshop, it is crucial to post new articles as often as possible. Here is why: Pinterest has announced, they rank new content higher. They don’t just check new images anymore, they track the link attached to the image as well!

For example, I used to write 1 article per week, as I am managing all my accounts on my own. Now I have to step up my game and post twice a week. First I was a bit worried, as it is quite hard to do everything on my own, but it is manageable.

How? Think about the time you spend repeatedly creating new pins for your old content. What if we change our thinking and create new articles/webshop pages and follow them up with relevant pins? Trust me, it is possible. I will write a summary at the end of this article where I tell you exactly what you need to do.

First, let’s explain what’s mixing our Pinterest Analytics up.

2. Use new images!

Why? With new images, you are creating NEW content. It is just that simple. I would suggest using stock photos, which can be zoomed in and moved around, so they become multi-purpose. What it means is, when you position them differently, they will still show something which sticks to your topic.

It is extremely important, that your image reflects your text overlay. When you design a pin, do it in part and go like this:

– you have the image

– you position your text overlay

– position your watermark (bottom middle or right corner, NEVER the left bottom corner)

– add relevant pin title

– add relevant pin description with 3-6 hashtags

– add the correct URL.

3. Spice up your text overlay!

Did you write an SEO optimised text for your image? Great! Now stop using it for at least 5 days. I know it sounds a bit tough, but remember: Pinterest wants new content. It means new phrases as well. For example: How to, X ways to, X things you should or shouldn’t do, and so on. You can always mix it up.

4. Overall positioning:

What I mean by this: the text overlay’s position should vary. The placement of the image should vary too. Sometimes you can flood the image all over the page, other times just halfway. Always look at the overall look and think about what catches attention.


5. Minimal repeat:

As I said, new content is required to be made by everyone. Try to link a pin to the same URL at least two days apart. If you can make pins this way, it will help you with your numbers. Also, stop repinning as your main game. It is ok to repin after it has been published for 5 days at least. But never save an image to more than 10 boards.

Now, let’s summarise this.
You need to create new articles, new images, text overlays and engaging, SEO optimised Titles & Descriptions. I know, it is a handful. But once you get the hang of it, it will pay you back with numbers. Trust me.
While you are at this, I would like to remind you, that you need to check your Pinterest Analytics regularly.

And FINALLY, here is the method I would suggest moving forward:

  1. Put your Pinterest in maintenance mode = fewer pins for already existing articles, and start working on new ones.
  2. Work those articles and optimise them.
  3. Create new pins for your fresh articles and enjoy the ride!

Bonus tip!
Even though most users for this platform live in the United States, don’t just use one or two time slots. Spread your pins out during the day! This way, you will be showcased more often on the platform. More exposure, more clicks, right?

I know so many of many creators have lost their impact because of recent changes. I have talked to many of you. But don’t worry, if you pay attention to these points, you will be fine. And once your business and numbers are kicking in, you can go back to Grow mode and crack those impressions.

I hope this article helped you figure out how to navigate this platform. It took me a week to see what is needed to be done. One last thing, before I forget: When you are in maintenance mode, you may experience some revenue loss.
It is ok! Right now your focus should be on creating new content. Keep pinning for the successful articles and don’t worry about the rest. It will be sorted out.

Still having questions though? That is fine! Most of us do! Send me an e-mail at karmenrozsa@gmail.com and I will do my best to help you reach your goals! It is always handy to work with a Pinterest VA, isn’t it? 🙂


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