Hello beauties, I am back! Every time I start a new article, I feel so energised, even though it is 9:49 pm here. First, I would like to apologise for not writing anything last week. I aim to be consistent with my articles and share some new tips and ideas every week. However, there are days, when I have so much work to do, my brain stops working at some point. Last week falls into this category. But the good news is, I am back with some new content! I was looking for something fresh, fun, and interior design related. That is how I have decided to talk about beautiful bathrooms with you! I am going to show you five different bathrooms, which may have something in common. My overall style is a little bit masculine, even if I am working with light colours and feminine shapes. Previously, I have tried to put my focus on different styles to make my articles more educational. Now, I would like to experiment more with my style and guide you through my lens. I have been thinking about making this change in the past few weeks. I believe I can transfer my message best if the images I am creating for you, are an expression of me. I hope you will find my writing as useful as before with this twist. Please let me know in the comments which way you prefer to learn. Thank you.
Let’s begin! I know I am always making categories, now I will not. All of these bathrooms have the same thing in common: muted, cold toned colours.


  Who is the most pampered of them all? The gorgeous person in the space. This set up is quite classical with the whites and golds. A bathroom like this makes anyone feel like a princess from a fairy tale. It can be one of the things you imagine when designing a space, similar to this one. You can see a grandiose free-standing bathtub with a large, gold-framed mirror. Mostly the colours should be toned down, complementing each other. You can play with a little bit of copper or brass, depending on your client’s needs. Copper would make it a little more playful, while brass would create depth. It is a beautiful setup if your client has a relatively small bathroom, but wants something extraordinary. Depending on the opportunities, I may put the toilet in another space. An option like this will never be the most optimal if we have a little area to design. But if we have just a small room to play, I would suggest something like this. It always depends on your client’s personality.


  I just got goosebumps. I love grey stones, mixed with brass and white. These are my dream colours, especially with the ashy brown oak door. It is another look, which leans towards the classical end. I wanted to say there is a modern touch to here, but I had a second look. The only modern idea may be the shelving under the bathtub and the choice of stone. This room is more intimate, has a bit more warmth with the timber door and picture frame. Again, this ensemble is achievable in smaller spaces as well, but! Think about functionality and practicality before beauty. You need extra space for boxing the bathtub with drawers, which is one of the feature elements here. Don’t sacrifice comfort for this room!


 It is a good option if you have to create a function-based space. Still has ménage, the colours are subtle, mostly whites, mixed with dark grey and a deep brown credenza. I believe this feature piece makes this room special. It harmonises beautifully with the detailed frosted glass window and dotted tiles on the floor. The credenza allows you to store every item you need and gives freedom to create work around it. I chose this image to represent the beauty of simplicity. This room does not have any luxurious item, but carefully selected finishes and details. Every time, when you are looking at something new, you need to think in detail. That is where the heart of your selection and work will lie. If you find an element, a finish, a shape which you and your client both love, try to use it as an inspiration for other pieces. I am sure the amount of attention you will pay is going to be amusing for you. 


  This image shows, you are not here to play. Your client wants all at once. Shower? Check. Bathtub? Check. Double sink? Of course! You had enough space and money to spend on different features, but you had to keep it classy. You are looking at Paris, the most spectacular view of European bath time. She wanted minimal colour with a maximalist’s mind. You, as a good designer, have helped her make this vision come alive. You can see french chic mixed with some Moroccan elements, such as the rug and the brass mirror.


  Our final selection for today. It is the minimalist’s version of the bathroom, you have seen first. The light timber floor under the bathtub, in line with cement tiles, is creating an interesting barrier for this area. Here everything is about mixing light and dark shades. Off-white paint on the wall, with matt black metal window frames. White tiles with black patterns. It is all about creating harmony, the most subtle way. The vase almost melts into the wall, as well as the chandelier. When you create a calm and serene space, such as this one, you always need to think about harmony. Balancing colours and finishes to achieve this look is not easy. But the result is always worth your time and effort.

I hope you enjoyed this article about different bathroom versions. I will be back next week with some new interior design ideas.

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