Zero Damage Guide To Washing a Silk Pillowcase – Make It Easy


Hello, beautiful people, in this article you will learn the exact steps to washing a silk pillowcase without causing any damage to your precious silk item!

Besides, I have written about the best washing silk care tips to ensure you successfully take care of your silk piece whether you choose hand washing or machine washing.

Plus, you will also learn what NOT to do before washing your silk pillowcase!

Quick summary of what you’ll learn in today’s article:

  1. How To Clean Silk Pillowcase?
  2. Silk Care Tips When Washing A Silk Pillowcase
  3. What Not To Do Before Washing  A Silk Pillowcase
  4. How Often Should You Wash A Silk Pillowcase?
  5. Step By Step Hand Washing Silk Instructions
  6. Step By Step Machine Washing Silk Instructions
  7. How To Wash Slip Silk Pillowcase?
  8. How Do You Dry A Silk Pillowcase?
  9. How Do You Iron A Silk Pillowcase?
  10. Best Products For Cleaning Silk Pillowcases
  11. Best Silk Pillowcases

How To Clean Silk Pillowcase? 

Washing a silk pillowcase1

Before washing your silk pillowcase you need to decide how to wash it. 

There is a popular myth that dry cleaning is the only way you can clean and take care of your silk pillowcase.

Nonetheless, to know the best way for washing a silk pillowcase check the washing care label

If it says: “Dry clean only”, then you can only take it to a professional dry clean service, but if it says “Dry clean”, then this is a suggestion, which means you can clean it at home.

Note: If your silk pillowcase does not have a washing care label contact the seller to ask which is the best way. For example, if you buy a customised silk pillowcase on Etsy usually you can find the washing silk instructions in the product description.

Hand Washing Vs Machine Washing 

This is another common question: Which is the best way to wash a silk pillowcase?

In reality, both washing methods, hand or machine are fine, however, you should take some precautions when using the machine option.

This is because silk is a delicate fabric when wet, and needs to be taken care of with the utmost care possible, so just throwing it in the washing machine could damage it. 

This is why you should use a mesh laundry bag to protect the silk fabric. However, in the next section, you will learn in more detail about the best silk care tips when washing your silk pillowcase.

Silk Care Tips When Washing A Silk Pillowcase

Whether you wash your silk pillowcase by hand or machine you should know the best washing silk care tips; because though durable, silk fabric is weaker when wet so these tips will guarantee a zero-damage cleaning process!

  1. Turn the silk pillowcase inside out:  do this to protect the silk fabric before hand-washing or place it inside a laundry mesh bag if machine washing.
  2. Use distilled white vinegar: Using white vinegar while washing helps remove soap residues, restore the luster of the silk pillowcase and maintain the smoothness of the silk.
  3. Never use bleach: this could cause permanent damage to the silk fabric and turn it yellow!
  4. Use gentle silk detergents: use specific silk gentle detergents (those with neutral pH), as generic detergents may be too acidic or alkaline which damages the silk fabric, making it scratchy, hard, and lose its shine. 
  5. Do not rub the silk: When hand washing or drying your silk item do not rub, twist or wring it, as silk is a weaker fabric when wet.
  6. Use cold water always: cold water is the best choice for cleaning silk as hot water could distort the silk fibers.
  7. Wash it alone: Do not mix your silk piece with other items, as it is delicate and is best to wash individually.  
  8. Do not place it in a hot place: Avoid storing your silk pillowcase in a place that’s too hot or where it gets direct sunlight, as this can harm the soft silk fabric.

What Not To Do Before Washing A Silk Pillowcase

Not Taking Care of Stains FIrst 

Do not immediately wash your silk pillowcase or silk piece if it’s stained. 

You need to remove the stain as soon as possible as fresh stains are easier to treat than dried stains.

As a general tip, if the stain is fresh you should:

  • Moisten a soft sponge with warm water;
  • Blot the stained area until the stain is removed;
  • Let the silk pillowcase air dry.

However, if the stain has already dried I advise you to follow these removing stain tips here or take the silk pillowcase to a professional cleaning service. 

Pro-Clean Tip: To remove odors mix ¼ cup of scented vinegar with cold water and presoak the item for 30 minutes.

Not Doing The Colour Bleed Test

You should know some silk pieces are prone to bleed. If your product is a solid colour this is not a problem. However, if this is not the case, it is advisable to do a colour bleeding test.

To do this you need to:

  • Find an inconspicuous small area;
  • Wet that small area in lukewarm water;
  • Take a cotton and gently press the wet area;
  • Check if there are colour residues.

If there are colour residues, this means the best way of cleaning your silk item is with professional cleaners as you don’t want to mess the silk fabric pattern.

How Often Should You Wash A Silk Pillowcase?

Some people will say every 2 or 3 days. However, it is best to clean your silk pillowcase whenever it is needed, and more frequently if you have skin problems. 

As a rule of thumb, you should wash your silk item as often as you wash your other pillowcases and bedsheets. 

Just remember your silk pillowcase needs to be washed in a separate, silk-only load.

Step By Step Hand Washing Silk Instructions

The instructions below go to the point and are easy to follow.  

Please remember all the previous safe care washing silk pillowcase tips I have previously said before starting. 

What you need:

  • 1 Bowl or use the sink basin;
  • 1 teaspoon of gentle silk detergent; 
  • 1/4 Cup of distilled white vinegar;
  • Use cold water;
  • 1 Drying Rack.


  1. Start filling the sink basin or bowl with cold water;
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of gentle silk detergent or follow the manufacturer’s suggested quantity;
  3. Proceed to submerge your silk pillowcase;
  4. Evenly distribute the soap by gently swirling your silk pillowcase in the water, for approximately 4-5 minutes;
  5. Rinse clear your silk pillowcase, refill with new cool water and add 1/4 Cup of distilled white vinegar to remove soap residues in the rinse water;
  6. Gently swirl for about 1 minute;
  7. If there is no soap left, empty the bowl/sink, and gently press the water out of your silk pillowcase;
  8. Let your silk pillowcase air dry on a drying rack away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Step By Step Machine Washing Silk Instructions

What you need:

  • Your washing machine;
  • A Mesh laundry bag;
  • Gentle silk detergent; 
  • ½ to 1 Cup of distilled white vinegar;
  • Drying rack;
  • Use cold water.


  1. Choose the gentle/delicate cycle type;
  2. Make sure to use only cold or cool water;
  3. Add ¼ cup of silk gentle detergent or the manufacturer’s suggested quantity;
  4. Place the silk pillowcase in the mesh laundry bag;
  5. Introduce the mesh laundry bag;
  6. When the rinse cycle starts add ½ to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to help remove soap;
  7. Place your silk pillowcase on a drying rack away from the sunlight or heat sources.

How To Wash Slip Silk Pillowcase?

Also, if you have a slip silk pillowcase the washing indications are similar to the silk washing instructions above. You have to use cold water, the delicate cycle when machine washing, and lightly agitate when hand washing. 

For the detailed care instructions, the company advises you to see inside your Slip™ item. 

How Do You Dry A Silk Pillowcase?

Avoid a hot dryer, this can damage your silk pillowcase. 

Therefore the best way to dry your silk pillowcase is on a drying rack as you saw in the washing instructions. However, it is advisable to firstly absorb any excess moisture before placing the silk pillowcase on the drying rack.

You can do this by placing the silk piece out flat on top of a clean towel, then roll the towel up with the silk inside and gently press down. Repeat this process until the silk stops soaking.

Then place the silk pillowcase out flat on the drying rack without using clothes pegs in a cool place far away from sunlight or heat sources. 

How Do You Iron A Silk Pillowcase?

Washing a silk pillowcase4

Steaming is the best way for removing silk creases, however, if you don’t have a steamer and want to iron your silk pillowcase, these are the instructions to follow:

  • Choose the iron coolest setting (or silk setting if it has one);
  • Make sure the temperature is around 148°C (300°F);
  • Turn the pillowcase inside out;
  • Place a pressing cloth or towel between the iron and the silk to prevent any burns;
  • Proceed to iron sparingly, and never press too hard on creases.

Best Products For Cleaning Silk Pillowcases 

Mesh For Washing Silk 

As I mentioned before, mesh laundry bags can protect the delicate silk fabric when using the washing machine.

Both of the options below are good-quality mesh fabrics made from polyester and are an affordable investment to take care of your silk piece. 

Washing a silk pillowcase5

Mesh Fabric Classic Honeycomb – $9.99

Net motif Fabric – $4.87+

Gently Detergent For Silk 

As you may have noticed, no matter how you wash your silk piece, a gentle detergent for silk is a MUST, this is why I highly recommend the luxurious 5-star luxurious woolly wash laundry detergent exclusively designed for natural and delicate fabrics. 

luxurious woolly wash laundry detergent – $35.42 (500 ml) 

Best Silk Pillowcases 

Do you still not have a silk pillowcase and are looking for inspiration ideas? 

Or maybe you love your current silk pillowcase and want to invest in a new one?

Whatever it may be below I will show you 6 high-quality silk pillowcases that’ll be a premium, beautiful addition to your bedroom decoration and for your skin comfort.

Real Silk Pillowcases

Are you looking for real silk pillowcases? 

Real silk has a lot of benefits for the skin and hair.

It helps keep your skin and hair hydrated, as it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Besides, thanks to its smooth surface it reduces the friction on your hair and skin face while you sleep; which reduces the possibility of face wrinkles, hair frizz, tangles, and dreaded bed heads.

Washing a silk pillowcase 6

Plus, it is a hypoallergenic fabric, which is helpful for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin! 

So, it is only logical it’s a sought-after luxury item for those who are pretty serious about their skin, sleep beauty routines and comfort. 

White Silk Pillowcase – 100% Pure Silk – 19 Momme – $44.28+

Made of 100% Pure Silk, this 19mm ivory white pillowcase comes in 2 different sizes: Standard Size – 50cm X 75cm Queen Size – 51cm X 91cm.

Additionally, it has a 6A fabric grade (the finest quality available in the marketplace) and certification of non-toxic dyes, ensuring your skin safety and a top-quality product.

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Luxury Multi Colors – $29.00+

Also made of 100% Pure Silka and a 6A Fabric grade, this 16mm pillowcase is available in different colours including Navy blue, deep grey, or light purple in case you’re looking for a lavender silk pillowcase.

You can choose between different sizes from 45x 60 cm to 60x 70 cm. Additionally, if you desire a custom silk pillowcase you can order a monogramming service for $5 p/c.

100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Charcoal Grey – $59.77+

Looking for a unique charcoal silk pillowcase? I’ve got you. This 100% pure real silk pillowcase comes in 2 sizes, Standard (20’’ x 26’’ inches), and Queen (20’’ x 29’’ inches).

Also, it has a density fabric of 22m and a Fibre 6A grade, so you’re getting an ultimate luxury premium silk product.

Note: Momme (mm) is used to measure the density of silk fabrics, the higher density the better quality. A standard good momme account starts at 12 whilst high quality starts from 16.

Eco-friendly Faux Silk Pillowcases

One of the biggest cons of real silk is how it’s made. 

To produce silk, the silkworms are killed before it fully matures and naturally gets out of the cocoon.

This is a sad fact, and if it does not align with your moral and ethical convictions (which I totally understand), then it’s best for you to source vintage silk or vegan-friendly silk alternatives.

As for vegan-friendly silk alternatives you can consider wild silk, where silk is harvested from wild silk cocoons, or polyester silk; a very popular vegan-friendly alternative, which is more affordable, easier to take care of while it’s still soft, and durable. 

This is why you should check out the silk covers made by Noreaves, an eco-friendly store from the UK that makes home decor products from recycled fabrics. 

The handmade silk covers below are made from reclaimed polyester, which makes it an ideal eco-friendly product. 

You can also choose from different colours such as grey, brown, or green and use them not only for their softness but also to add an interesting decor piece to your bedroom or sofa. 

The available dimensions are 16’’ x 16’’ inches and 12’’ x 18’’ inches.

green faux silk scatter, moss cushion cover – $19.17

grey cushion cover, faux silk scatter – $22.13

brown scatter, faux silk cushion cover – $19.17

green/brown silk scatter, faux silk cushion cover – $20.65+

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I hope you have liked today’s zero damage guide to washing a silk pillowcase! 

Please, let me know in the comments below your thoughts, how do you take care of your silk pillowcase? Or, if you already have a faux silk pillowcase, is it a good alternative?

As you may have noticed, silk is a delicate fabric that needs thoughtful care, however, it is an amazing fabric that brings health benefits to your skin and hair so it is a good investment to make. 

However, do remember it has BIG con, as it is not nice what the industry does to the bugs, which is why it’s good to look for alternatives such as the polyester silk pillowcases.

Finally, if you want to know more about bedroom decoration and tips to create a useful small space that is both practical and beautiful I suggest you check out my article 7 mistakes to avoid in a small bedroom.

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