The Best Personalised Silk Pillowcases In Etsy -2021 Edition

Hello, beautiful people! Looking for the best personalised silk pillowcases on Etsy?

There are wonderful options to choose from, from real silk to polyester silk pillowcases.

However, you’ll also learn useful information about silk; its pros, cons, and other silk fabrics that are vegan-friendly and a good eco-friendly alternative to conventional silk.

Here is a snippet of what’ll you see today: 

  1. Are Silk Pillowcases Really Better For Your Skin?
  2. Can You Be Allergic to Silk Pillowcases?
  3. Pros And Cons Of Silk
  4. Best Personalised Silk Pillowcases In Etsy
  5. What Can I Use Instead Of Silk?

Are Silk Pillowcases Really Better For Your Skin?

Personalised Silk Pillowcases

Ok, before seeing the best personalised silk pillowcases on Etsy I would like to break some myths and give you valuable information to make a conscious purchase with adequate expectations and knowing the pros and cons of silk.

Benefits For Your Skin 

A popular saying you’ll find on the internet about silk is that it reduces wrinkles thanks to its natural amino acids.

This is true, within a context. If you use silk face creams it is possible to benefit from sericin and fibroin ( the two proteins found in silk), as it’ll help you have firmer skin, fade old acne scars and even repair existing sun damage.

BUT…this can’t happen with a silk pillowcase; as there have not been measurable scientific studies that sustain the transfer of those proteins to your skin.

However, it is true silk pillowcases absorb less moisture and provide a smooth surface with low friction that helps your skin stay hydrated and have fewer wrinkles.

Note: If you are interested in improving your skin face health with high quality AND cruelty-free skincare creams check out this article, where I have listed top self-love beauty products, including eco-friendly and efficient skincare products!

Can You Be Allergic to Silk Pillowcases?

This is an important question. And, yes, even though silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, some people can be allergic to silk pillowcases. 

I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t give proper advice about this issue. However, if you want to know more about this check this post from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, where different experts quote possible allergic issues related to silk.

Also, some silk pillowcases are made with 100% real silk whilst others are not. 

Pay attention to the pillowcase fabrics if you’re having an allergic reaction, and visit your doctor for advice.

Pros And Cons Of Silk 

Personalised Silk Pillowcases

Now that you know the true benefits of silk pillowcases, what about the pros and cons of silk in general? Is it really that good? Or should you look for alternatives? Let’s find out.


  • Silk is hypoallergenic, which is helpful for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin;
  • Helps prevent frizzy hair, wrinkles, and hair tangles because of its smooth surface;
  • Keeps your hair and skin hydrated because it doesn’t absorb moisture;
  • Is a natural thermal regulator, maintaining body temperature all night through;
  • Silk is a biodegradable natural fabric as long as it’s not altered with harmful chemicals that alter it;
  • Even though it has a bad eco-friendly reputation Silk is a low waste fabric, lots of the resources used are reused whether it’s as fertilizers or used for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products for example.   


  • Approx. 600 billion silkworms die each year in order to produce silk commercially;
  • Silk production could harm workers health breath and skin if safety precautions are not met;
  • There has been evidence of child labor in some silk fabrics;
  • A large amount of energy and water is used during silk production;
  • Untreated wastewater may be dumped directly into groundwater, which may contain toxic chemicals that can contribute to land degradation and eutrophication.

Best Personalised Silk Pillowcases In Etsy

Now that we are clear about the silk pillowcases benefits, pros and cons, let’s go find out the best personalised pillowcases on Etsy, as well as beautiful faux silk pillowcases vegan-friendly alternatives at the end of this list that I think you’ll love!

  1. MoonBerry
Personalised Silk Pillowcases

Moon Berry specialises in the production of 100% handmade pure silk fabric, its factory is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and they offer a Life-Time Warranty on all of their products.

You can find them on Etsy, with multiple 5-star reviews and different items to buy such as:

  • Silk Pillowcases;
  • Silk Bedding Sets;
  • Silk Accessories.

And many more items. As for the silk pillowcases, they offer a personalised embroidery service

The pillowcases are 100% made of silk, there are 3 sizes available: standard, queen, and king, the starting price is $28+ for a standard size pillowcase (20’’x26’’ inches).

Besides, you can choose between 18 different beautiful colours! Including Pink Ivory, 

Salted Caramel and Silky Black.

  1. Triple A Design Store

Raven Winberry is the owner of Triple A Design Store, a small Etsy store that sells handmade personalised pillowcases made with Satin Silk at an affordable price.

The price starts at $5.50  for a 30’’L x 20’’W inches pillowcase. You can add up to 15 letters to your pillowcase and the colour of your preference. 

  1. Honey Bee Embroidery

Hafsa, in Toronto, is the owner of Honey Bee Embroidery, this small Etsy store sells a Set of 2 custom polyester satin pillowcases starting at $38.98

You can choose between 10 different colours, including champaign, lavender and Rose Taupe. As for sizes, there are two available, queen and king. 

So, if you’re looking for a satin lavender silk pillowcase, this is one of the best places to get it on Etsy!

Personalised Silk Pillowcases

Aookie is the owner of EOKNLIFE, a store dedicated to making your life and home more creative. Its production partners are located in Hong Kong and they offer a design concept based on health, environmental protection, and scientific humanization.

In this store, you can find 108 items to creatively decorate your home! Some of them are:

  • Giant Beanbag sofa cover;
  • Vase;
  • Rugs;
  • Silk pillowcases.

As for their personalised silk pillowcases, EOKNLIFE offers a  Charmeuse silk pillowcase starting at $17.35+  for 1 pillowcase of 18.89’’L x 29.13’’W. 

There’s also the option to purchase 1 pair for $30.35 – $30.50.

As for colours, you can pick between 5 colours: Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, and Gold.

  1. Irmart

Irma is an artist and owner of Irmart, a store specialized in high-quality and custom wedding supplies. 

Irma loves playing with ideas and creating crafts, at the moment she offers in her store 957 items, including:

  • Lace Pillows;
  • Jewelry & hair accessories;
  • Custom silk pillowcases.

The personalised pillow starting cost is $27.12+ for an 8 inches square pillowcase, made with satin silk and filled with polyfill. You can also order one of 10 inches for $31.12.

As for colours you can choose between Ivory and White. 

  1. PawdaBaby

Good news! If you’re looking for a V shaped silk pillowcase you can get one here in PawdaBaby. 

PawdaBaby owner is Renny Louw, a business mama, she is from Australia and sells modern and practical modern items for moms, babies & the nursery. 

However, you don’t have to be a mom to buy one of its 100% Mulberry silk V shaped pillowcases, the starter piece is $59.17+ for a small pillowcase and extra-large for $87.54.

There are 11 colours available, including light grey blue, black, and Ivory White.

Also, you can find instructions about washing silk pillowcases ( the ones made by her) on the Etsy production description.

  1. Noraeves 

Noraeves is an eco-friendly Etsy store that makes cushion covers and pot plant covers from reclaimed fabrics.

This is an incredible alternative for those who want a cruelty-free silk pillowcase they can personalise later on! 

There are 164 different items to look for, and one of the best ones are the handmade faux silk cushion covers that come in different colours such as:

On average you’ll find the faux silk cushions starting prices fluctuate between $19.26 to $23.70. All of them are made with polyester silk and you can pick between two sizes: 12’’x18’’ inches and 16’’x16’’ inches.

Plus: All items are gift wrapped with 100% recyclable packaging.

What Can I Use Instead Of Silk

If you are concerned about the negative sustainable and ethical problems conventional silk production does to the bugs and workers then below are some silk alternatives to consider. 

Organic Silk

Organic Silk is still made of the natural fabrics made by the silkworms when building its cocoon and killed before going out. So, it’s not a vegan-friendly alternative.

However, it is an alternative for those who care about more sustainable and ethical ways of silk production as it uses fewer chemicals. Specifically less methoprene and hormone disrupters applied on silkworms in orden to increase the time of silk production.

Tip: Organic silk suppliers are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard that has a database where you can search a variety of sustainable eco-friendly fabrics. 

A word About Organic Silk As an Alternative 

The reason why I still add Organic Silk as an alternative is because silk production makes up less than 0.2% of the global fiber market. 

However it is a multi-billion dollar industry and an important livelihood for thousands of people, just in China it provides income for 700,000 households. 

This is why although Organic Silk production is not perfect, as it still kills the silkworms, it would be inhuman to cut 100% off the silk production without considering the social and economical impact it would have. 

Besides, organic silk providers seek to create better social work environments as well as less waste of water or energy.

Therefore Organic Silk is a good alternative for those who are not vegan but care about ethics and sustainability. 

Peace Silk Or Wild Silk 

Now, if you want a vegan-friendly alternative where silkworms are not killed, then a good alternative is Peace Silk or Wild Silk. 

Peace Silk and Wild Silk are a kind of cruelty-free silk where moths are not killed therefore the silk fabric is softer than conventional fabric.

Also, peace silk or Ahimsa Silk, as it’s also well known, comes from farmed moths (usually Bombyx mori moths), so these moths are captivated and used for breeding.

Whereas wild silk comes from harvested wild silk from empty cocoons found in open forests, so in this case, moths are always free and wild.

Polyester Satin

Another vegan-friendly alternative is Polyester Satin, as there are no animals involved. 

Nonetheless, it is not one of the best sustainable alternatives as Polyester is made from petroleum which means is neither compostable or biodegradable; which makes it a source of microplastic pollution.

Note: A more sustainable solution is satin silk made from recycled polyester as it lowers the reliance on virgin petroleum as raw material and does not use greenhouse gas emissions to create new virgin polyester.


Viscose or Bamboo Viscose is a vegan-friendly fabric made from bamboo. 

It is also considered a good sustainable fabric, however, to create viscose there is a solvent used to dissolve the fiber pulp, and this may or may not harm the environment.

This is because it is up to the fabric providers to create strict effluent treatment protocols where the chemical residues are disposed of in the least harmful way possible for the environment.

Safe Tip: Source bamboo viscose that is Oeko-tex certified, meaning the fabrics are safe for humans to use. As well as choosing viscose treated without chlorine-containing bleach and zinc sulfate.

Tencel And Lyocell

Tencel and Lyocell are vegan-friendly fabrics made of wood-based cellulose fibers. 

Both of them are pretty similar. However, Lyocell is made from bamboo pulp, whereas Tencel is made from wood pulp. 

As for production, Lyocell is more sustainable as it is made using a closed-loop system which creates the bare minimum of waste possible.

Vintage Silk

Finally, a good eco-friendly alternative is to source vintage silk in good condition.

As you won’t have to buy a new silk piece, which won’t generate the need to create new silk pieces and support the sustainable practice of reusing items.

So, How To Choose The Best Silk Pillowcase?

I know, you may be confused, and wondering which silk pillowcase is best for you. 

There are many options to choose from. If you are concerned about silkworms and want a cruelty-free option then Polyester silk or Tencel would be best.

However, please remember there is no perfect answer. Even cruelty-free options such as polyester silk can be harmful to the environment. 

So, what to do? 

I invite you to make a conscious purchase. Whatever you choose, only buy a silk pillowcase or silk piece you are willing to take care of and love.

If you do this, you’ll have:

  1. A piece you enjoy using and really need, which is good for you;
  2. An item that can last years and will be in good condition to be gifted if needed, which is good for the environment, as it creates less waste.

Because, in the end, conscious buying is one of the best ways to own things you really need and (love) while at the same time achieving sustainability! 


As you could see there are beautiful personalised silk pillowcases on Etsy to choose from, both real silk and eco-friendly faux silk.

And, as I said before, choose the silk pillowcase that best suits your needs, and you really like. This way you’ll have a silk piece that can last years instead of buying a new piece every year. 

Finally, to learn more about home decoration I suggest you check out my articles How to accessorise on a budget? to find out the essential accessories to create a soulful space without breaking the bank.

Or, if you would like to learn how to maximise a small space, check out: 7 mistakes to avoid in a small bedroom.

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