Hellooo beautiful people! Are you a luxury lover who doesn’t have a Jeff Bezos budget but wants to give or receive a Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift? 

If you said yes, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to my fashion blog! In this post, you will see affordable (with some exceptions) investment pieces that’ll make you feel as elegant as a walking Chanel N°5.

The items I’ll show you are investment pieces, which means you’re getting a high quality that lasts, lots of them at an affordable price, who doesn’t want that? So if you are looking for the perfect Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift, but you can only spend X amount, this one is your guide!

Besides, I’ve gone the extra mile, and as you may know (or may not), I strive to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle so these products are not only kind to your wallet, but the planet as well. And these Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts will not be any differentí!

I have used some of these recommendations so they are truly user-tested. For the other investment pieces. Frugal mode on!

DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links. Please feel free to not use them, if it makes you feel uncomfortable. But if you do use them, you are contributing to helping this blog stay afloat. Thank you for that.

 Boujee Beauty – Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Edition

Why do I start with skincare products? 

Simply put, your face is your canvas babe, if you want to look expensive you have to take care of your skin and face aka the largest organ on your body and your presentation card. You might want to protect it, right?

On top of that, having a skincare routine is an amazing way to pour yourself into self-love and elevate your beauty look with a glowing skin! This is the exact way you want to treat yourself with a Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift, right?

Before I start the list I have to clarify I am not a beauty expert, but I have really dry skin, prone to eczema, and these have helped me clear it up and make my skin gloooow! 

The prices of these beauty items range from $15.99 to $27.00, and trust me they are top quality products!


Minimalist concept, efficient products, and 0 BS about what really matters: their clients and the environment.  

You will love íUNIK, it’s one of the best cruelty-free Korean products on the market. íUNIK is tired of a world of excess and unfair price tags. This is a brand any bougie on a budget will love 1000% percent.

Recommended items: 

#1-Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil 

#2-Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum

#3-Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask

 Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil 

The holy oil cleanser

I’m not kidding. If you don’t believe me you can go and see a ton of youtube skincare cleansing oil reviews, just to say: “oh yeah, Karmen was right” 🙂 Then you can bring out your boyfriend’s wallet and make him buy a Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift, such as the ones below!

Jokes aside, finding THE perfect oil cleansing it’s a hard task! Between so many options, finding a high-quality, cruelty-free, and smooth makeup remover may seem like a daunting task.

But, fear not, as I will recommend you one of the best íUNIK products that have hyaluronic acid in it, which keeps your skin moisturised: Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil.

If your pores clog super easily or you have sensitive skin you will looove this cleansing oil. 

It’s easy to use, removers makeup effortlessly and washes off easily so you won’t feel like your face was replaced with a brick after using it. 

Oh, and if you are wondering how it feels? 

Let me tell you, using this cleansing oil is a luxurious soothing spa experience, it has a light citrus scent and a little amount goes a long way, so the value you get for the price it’s 100% worth it. 

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Give it a go! You will have a pleasant smooth surprise as soon as you use it. [iUNIK] Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil$21.99

Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum

Must have for every skin type.

Are you bored of having dull skin? If so, your canvas may need a little help. A Vitamin BOOST! And I’ve got the best recommendation for you: íUNIK, again!

Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum has natural Vitamin C in its ingredients making it a perfect snack to nourish your pretty face 😉 

It has a wonderful scent, viscous texture and after using it your skin will be oh-so-soft and bright without looking greasy!

Even the ladies from The Beauty Within YT channel swear by it (they are my inspiration for skincare products). 
Important question: Is this product 100% vegan friendly? It is not. However, almost all íUNIK products are vegan-friendly. The only exceptions are the Propolis and Black Snail line products, which are 100% cruelty-free.

It hydrates and soothes your skin without clogging your pores, which is an amazing benefit for my oily skin girls! You can learn more about it here: íUNIK-Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum$19.99

Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask

Highly recommended. 

This is another product Korean skincare lovers have been raving about. Can’t say enough good things about this either.

If you want to feel fresh, soft, and young in the morning, Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask has to be on your skincare must-have list. No discussion.

This mask is super moisturizing, protects your face from harsh wintertime, and helps you heal any small pimple wounds you may have. At first, your skin will look oily, but after 5 minutes it will seem like you miraculously got healthy glowing Korean skin.

You need the tiniest amount and lasts all night making it a perfect boujee on a budget gift!

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Hydrates and loves you all night, you will never wake up with dry patches again! I am speaking from experience. Get yours at Propolis Vitamin Sleeping Mask -$15.99


Safe, honest, and cruelty-free. 

Purito is a South Korean brand founded by Mr. Kim and Sunny. 

This brand was born after the founders found an opportunity for improvement for Korean skincare products that needed better clean beauty norms, where there were no toxic ingredients that could harm our skin and relied less on excessive misleading marketing and more on honest quality products. 

Recommended item: Pure Hyaluronic Acid 90 Serum

Pure Hyaluronic Acid 90 Serum

The gift, that keeps giving. One of my best purchases ever. Purito and íUNIK are two brands I could load up in my home.

An excellent serum for anyone with sensitive skin problems, like rosacea, if you are tired of feeling irritated, this serum will not make you feel itchy, instead, you will have skin with a healthy glow, a healthier appearance, and with a great cost-benefit ratio, it doesn’t get any better than this!Tip: Don’t use it excessively, experiment to know how much you’ll need because it can cause a pilling effect, just when you overuse it.

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Get this gift for you or a loved one at Pure Hyaluronic Acid 90 Serum -$18.90


A beauty brand that believes in the special bond between people and mother earth. 

Their products seek to work with your own body rhythm to awaken your best skin natural functions.

And they are not babbling, FYI: this brand was founded in 1921! I mean 100 years of experience for God’s sake! If you are seeking a knowledgeable skincare brand there’s nowhere else to look. 

Recommended item: Skin Food

Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

Cheap and rich. Thick and hydrating. You will be hydrated ALL DAY with this one. If I am, you are too. 

I can’t say enough good things about it. If you have dry skin, this is for you. 

This product is multi-use so you can use it on any part of your skin that’s dry; elbows, feet, hands, you name it! Say bye-byeee to feeling self-conscious about your dry skin. You also get a wondrous benefit-cost ratio!

FYI: I bought it, because my favourite Makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge has recently talked about it in her Christmas skincare list. She did not lie. She is amazing. I love Lisa. (You should go and follow Lisa’s YT channel. Talent, class, brilliance.)Tip: Use a light layer, because this cream is so heavy, a drop of it will hydrate your whole face all day long.

Buy your amazing affordable skincare item here: Face Cream – Weleda Skin Food-$18.99


Nuxe, a boujee beauty brand founded in 1990 by Aliza Jabès, a businesswoman determined to triumph in the beauty industry!  And, she did it. BIG time

After 20 years Nuxe now has a cult devoted to its products. A spa sensory awakening, not a lot of brands achieve this, a deluxe beauty experience. 

Recommended item: Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

You guys know which one is this. It is legendary. I LOVE THIS. Not enough on my own to hydrate my skin though, but you will smell like french bourgeois after using it. I love this. So much. 

After using this dry oil, I have changed the way I feel about my skin, it has boosted my self-confidence. I feel like I can conquer the world by wearing this oil!

So, without a doubt this is a mood enhancer; you will feel luxurious, instantly moisturised, and smoother with THE multi-purpose oil for face, body, and hair that you didn’t know excited, but you desperately need. 

Nuxe oil goes away within two months (the big bottle) and with such versatility, it’s a no-brainer; bougie on a budget approved.

Worth every penny, this is what you call a good investment. You can learn more about this legendary dry oil here: Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil-$41

Boujee Makeup – Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Edition

Jones Road Beauty

Does the name Bobbi Brown ring a bell?

If so, you must know Bobbi Brown: she left her namesake brand in 2013, now owned by Estée Lauder, because she felt like the brand didn’t represent her anymore. 

However, good news ladies, Bobbi decided to venture out on her own in 2020 and revolutionize makeup once again with her new brand Jones Road. Wooowzie! And she made the perfect Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift for you and your skin!

Are you looking for the best quality products? Jones Road brand strives to be the equivalent of Swiss Army knives. As Bobbi Brown said: “easy, cool, multi-purpose products that could be used to nail any look.” 

The main benefits I love about this brand are:

  • Cruelty-free products;
  • They follow skincare regulations to a higher level than those of the EU, which shows strong clean makeup values;
  • Conscious product design, minimalism, and functionality over excess and waste.   

Recommended item: Miracle Balm

Miracle Balm 

I want the miracle balm more than anything.

If you love a no-makeup makeup look, you’ll love this one! 

Generously sized. Multi-purpose and designed by an experienced beauty artist. Kind of a miracle! This is what defines a good investment. 

How do I use it? 

  1. Break the seal and don’t forget to enjoy the feeling!
  2. Use it anywhere you want: as a cream for your face; to tint your lips; to bronze and blush your cheeks or as an eyeshadow.  

If you wish to know which color works well on your skin tone, how to apply, mix, match shades, and other tips about how to use the Miracle Balm, check here: Miracle Balm 101-@jonesroadbeauty, this is an IG video where Bobbi Brown explains everything by herself!

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Gift yourself this gem: Miracle Balm$38

Victoria Beckham

I want ANYTHING from her so much, but I am a little scared to order. 

Last year I was supposed to get a package, long story short: it was stolen. 

And, my heart broke.  

I don’t think I have waited for anything bougie as much as this one. 

She has been a true icon for me the past ten years and I know it is just a package, but I was suffering. 

Her brand is economically conscious, cruelty-free and even the foam packaging is biodegradable with water, which you can do in your own home. If you want to learn how to do this check Victoria’s IG where she shows you how to do it! 

Also, you can see amazing information and about their products on the @victoriabeckhambeauty account. I recommend you to see these two amazing videos: 

  • #BrickTricks with Sarah & Silk, which is a Smoky Eye Brick tutorial; 
  • #RewriteTheRules which is a conversation about clean beauty between Sarah Creal (Co-Founder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty) and…Bobbi Brown, founder of Jones Road! 

Also, just like Jones Road, Victoria Beckham Beauty products are non-toxic, her brand follows strong clean beauty principles. Undoubtedly, these two brands prove that clean beauty and luxury experience it’s possible.

Recommended Product: Smoky Eye Brick

Smoky Eye Brick


Remember, that’s how you’ll feel after receiving this luxury eyeshadow. 

Firstly, the minimalist, perfect size for the travel package will make you look at your new purchase for at least 30 secs. Secondly, a 4 lux colour palette will be at your total disposal to use, users claim it feels smooth, colour saturation on point so you can play with colour intensity as much as you like; ideal for every day or for those days when you want a sexy stunning smoky eye.

I like the Signature and Silk palettes but there are 5 alternatives to choose from! If you like blue and cold shades, the royal one has your name in it 😉

The must be bougie on a budget gift for 2020: Smoky Eye Brick-$56

Boujee Clothing – Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift 


The absolute favourite of 2020 is nu-in. 

I want every single item they have and I am not joking. 

They are upcycling, they are kind to the environment and they treat their customers well. I bought the coat below and I love it! This is the perfect choice, if you are looking for a Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift for your partner!

We have a relatively cold winter where I live, and I can just walk out in a shirt with the coat on and I am fine. I have never felt more comfortable during the winter months. 

It is an investment piece but at a reasonable price (as everything on their page) and you get 15% off with your first order, so you don’t have to hold your breath when you hit send at checkout.

Their product bag is 100% compostable, which means it’s a zero-waste purchase! Points for sustainable fashion, woohoo! 

Recommended items: 

#1-100% Recycled Puffer Dressing Robe

#2-Coated Denim Belted Cargo Pants

 100% Recycled Puffer Dressing Robe

THE coat of all COATS

Made of 100% Recycled Polyester- and I know, I have already talked about this coat, and may seem like I’m a bit obsessed, just a bit… But, trust me, is THAT amazing. It’s warm, comfortable, and lightweight which makes it a dream to wear! 

Also, it has large external front pockets where you can put on your hands for extra warmth or the keys to put in your pocket.

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Help yourself and gift yourself one of the best coats EVER:100% Recycled Puffer Dressing Robe– $172.99

Coated Denim Belted Cargo Pants

My friend ordered denim from them, which is absolutely fabulous and true to size. I am ordering in January. They are my favourite. Nu-in, if you need a Pinterest Strategist or a brand ambassador, contact me. Your brand made 2020 much better!
They have an amazing denim collection but if you want to make a  bold and boujee statement, why don’t try these black denim cargo pants? They are stylish and rock hard! You can wear them for a casual street outfit. The product is made from organic cotton (69%), recycled cotton (29%), and recycled elastane ( 2%).

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Coated Denim Belted Cargo Pants-$74.99

The curated 

Scandinavian based, this sustainability luxury brand strives for minimalist elegance. Their timeless high-quality staples are made in collaboration with small family business factories to create fair honest prices. Surely a brand to support and follow on Instagram, I really like their feed 🙂

Also, I have to be honest, these pieces have higher prices, but remember, they are beautiful and minimal fashion items that will last, hence this is a great investment. On my list of 2021 items for sure. Also, there are gift cards available, from $100 to $500. You can send your bougie on a budget friend a gift card and make their day!

Recommended items: 

#1 The Rib Mock Dress – Wheat

#2 The Caramel Turtle Neck

#3 The Classic Shoulder Bag – Croc Print

The Rib Mock Dress – Wheat

This is my yet-to-be new luxury staple. I mean, covid-19 pandemic or not, could you imagine wearing this as your home office outfit? Comfy, graceful, and with great skin?! Come on, it is a no-brainer. 

And, of course, if you want to go out, then this dress is the ideal layer to have under your nu-in winter coat!

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

The Rib Mock Dress – Wheat-$245

The Caramel Turtle Neck

Oh my gosh, I have fallen in love at first sight! Take a few seconds to admire such a lovely caramel colour.

True to size, relaxed fit, and 100% organic. If you enjoy a  sleek and minimal luxurious look, this piece will be one of your finest basic investments. Wheat and black colours are also available! 

Also, if you would like to learn clothing strategies, please read my article Basic Rules To Fashion, there I give basic but essential fashion tips and tricks everyone can use to dress better in their daily lives.

Get yours at The Caramel Turtle Neck-$185

The Classic Shoulder Bag – Croc Print

I am a bag hoarder. How many bags do I have? It’s a secret 🙂

A classic. A shoulder bag is a perfect item to add to your wardrobe all year round if you wish to look like you just stepped out of a Parisienne café.

However, I have to tell you:  The Curated’s boujee on a budget handbags are created in limited quantities, so the brand can remain sustainable and reduce waste production. Which is why I suggest that you follow them on their social media platforms, IG @shopthecurated.

Their products have such high quality, that if you don’t check their new posts on IG you will probably miss the bus and see a lot of SOLD OUT items on their website. Bummer! So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Check it out here: The Classic Shoulder Bag – Croc Print-$295

Boujee shoes – Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Edition


Life is art. And, sustainability: a way of living. 

Ethical and beautiful. This brand gets inspired by ordinary everyday art, day by day, your life is art; the smell of coffee, the warm feeling when the sunlight hits you, the cheese on that delicious Margherita pizza, inspiration is everywhere! 

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them. ( The shoes I mean…who am I kidding, the pizza too!)

One thing to notice: their boots are on a 30% sale and they are selling out fast! I missed out on mine.

Recommended shoes: Libby Ankle Boots

Libby Ankle Boots

The Libby Ankle Boots is the perfect staple piece for your winter wardrobe.

My personal preference would be the almond, as my wardrobe is built on versatile basic items, but you can choose any of their other colours, as all of them are easy to mix and match with other items.
 And the best news? They have free shipping!!

Most importantly, this shoe is 100% vegan. Want one? Get it here! TIJN- Libby-$120

Boujee Jewelry -Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Edition 

I personally love wearing rings, they make me feel confident. Especially the massive ones. You are wearing a piece of artwork on your hands, and I find this idea beautiful. A reminder of how pretty one’s mind can be.

This is why I couldn’t let myself write an article without showing you two of my favourite jewelry brands. Even if they are expensive, these statement rings are precious investments for anyone who loves rings! 

The rings I will show you are calm, relaxed, and luxurious with class, I’m working hard to invest in high-quality items and I hope I can be able to afford one of these luxury rings in the future, and I hope you too!  

Important note: You are valuable, hence deserve valuable items. Wear your rings proudly because you put in the effort, when you look at them you will remember that your hard work paid off. 

Lisa Eldridge Jewels 

Recommended item: The Isabella 

The Isabella 

A ring for queens. Intense queens. 

By wearing this you will be easily identified, firstly because of the berry red rhodolite garnet stone, and secondly for your not so secret passion for high-class jewelry. This jewelry represents Lisa’s hard work on creating outstanding, limited pieces with carefully curated details from jewelry to the box, and even the puff you can use to clean it. It will make you appreciate owning one even more. One of a kind, true craftsmanship.

See this luxurious masterpiece at The Isabella$3554

Bayou With Love Jewelry

Bayou with Love; Nikki Reed’s ethical brand. 

Nikki Reed has been my absolute favourite, since her movie, 13 which came out when I was 13. 

It basically spoke about my life and I cherished that movie so much, I watched it every single time HBO played it.

She started repurposing gold from Dell computers and her brand has been rocking ever since. 

All kinds of Jewelry are in Bayou’s line now, even men’s jewelry. If you like her brand, I also recommend you to see her Home + Beauty section, where you can shop sustainable multi-use outfits. 

For example, Bayou with Love’s loungewear collection has a sleek cream cupro and Tencel pajama top designed to be comfortable and versatile. Would you like to wear it at home? Done. At a winery? Done.

Recommended items: 

#1 Opal Halo Diamond Ring 

#2 The Luna

#3 Double Shank Bicolor Tourmaline With Pavé Diamonds

Opal Halo Diamond Ring

Inspired by the moon and change, her natural state of being. 

The Opal Halo Diamond ring is crafted by hand using 14k recycled yellow gold. It reminds me a little bit of Mars and Jupiter like they were dancing and I accidentally (or not?) captured them in my hands, so I could remember the university beauty, one fingertip away.

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

See this art masterpiece at Opal Halo Diamond Ring-$3,150

The Luna 

Unique asymmetry.

Part of the Lunar Collection series, this beautiful 14k recycled yellow gold peacock engagement ring can be used on any finger so you won’t have to worry about where to use it, besides if you have found Mr. Right or Ms. Right this could be an incredible out of the norm alternative engagement ring! Who stated only diamonds? If you want a mickey ring or a beautiful peacock ring, go with it! (You just need $4,515)

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Double Shank Bicolor Tourmaline With Pavé Diamonds

WOW. Bicolour tourmaline game on! 

If you get this ring, you and those around you could never stop looking at your mini museum sculpture. Honestly, though, I should tell Nikki to add a warning to her ring: Highly distracting object, please don’t wear it unless you want to have a first-hand rock star experience, all eyes on you…who doesn’t want that?

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

Gift yourself this ritzy ring in Double Shank Bicolor Tourmaline With Pavé Diamonds$4,864.00 

Museum Quality Photo Prints – Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Edition

Jamie Beck

Love fine art?

If you love fine art that enhances the overall look and feel of your bedroom or living room, for example, Jamie’s incredible photographs are must-haves.

Jamie Beck is an American photographer who started on Tumblr as a small photographer blogger. After some years she and Kevin, her husband, created The Cinemagraph in 2011, a photo motion project, and guess what was the first cinemagraph they published? Fashion week! 

It’s been a long time since then, 9 years later to be exact, and thanks to that self-published project Jamie and Kevin have worked with brands like Tiffany & Co., Armani, Chanel, and St. Regis to name a few! 

Jamie is currently in France with Kevin and Eloise, her daughter. Sadly, she also lost most of her commercial work in 2020, but! Her talent couldn’t be held back as she skyrocketed again, this time on IG with her beautiful imagery.

Jamie’s photos make you travel to a magical place where you feel a mix of emotions.  This year she created the Isolation Creation Poster Series, a masterpiece she created to ease her stress from the quarantine and COVID-19 period. 

Also, you can follow Jamie’s creation process on IG with beautiful classical music in the background and  FREE shipping discount codes for the new piece she made. Follow her at @jamiebeck.co.

So, if you want a memorable museum-quality photo print that reflects this year’s beauty, despite this turmoil year, then I suggest checking her out.

Recommended art: Day 65 #isolationcreationpartdeux

Day 65-Isolation Creation Part Un et Deux

Soulful. Vivid. Nostalgic. Three words that describe this poster, at least for me.

A moment to stop. To reflect. A photo print that invites you to travel, within you.

Luxury Valentine's Day Gift

All of Jamie’s Isolation Creation photographs have poetic and insightful reflections, if you want to read the beautiful description of this photo, check it out here: Day Sixty-five Poster-$50

How to dress boujee on a budget? – A true guide for Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift guide

If you are wondering how to look boujee on a budget you can read my articles Dress To Impress While Investing In Yourself! and Basic Rules To Fashion, there you will get detailed golden tips about how to dress. However, as a short summary, I will leave here a few snippets for you to get more inspiration!


This is highly important for your finances, think about it, if you are on a budget then a smart inversion would be to buy one or a few products that bring different benefits.

For example, if you need to buy a similar colour based blush, bronzer, lip tint, eyeshadow, and cream, instead of buying different products you could just go and buy the multi-purpose Miracle Balm of Jones Road!

On the other hand, if you need to buy more than one product, look for practical combinations that nicely complement each other, as for me íUNIK Propolis Synergy Serum and Vitamin Sleeping Mask work wonders when combined, I will most likely never stop using them.

Buy the right size!

If you want to look expensive, you have to master this tip: buy what fits you. 

Please, I can’t say this enough, if you buy what fits you, the garment will elevate your natural beauty, on the contrary, it will show parts of your body you would wish to hide. So, as we don’t want this to happen, you should ask yourself two simple, but significant questions: 

  • Can I move my arms properly in any direction?;
  • Can I move without feeling constrained?.

Do this every time to check if a garment fits you correctly, you will look elegant and comfortable all day long! 

Make your calculations! So you will not overspend, when buying Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts

As you may have noticed, I like high-quality products. And, this saves me a lot of money! 

However, I don’t want people to feel bad if you can’t afford all these products. I know that every budget and needs are different. 

In a sentence, what I’m trying to say is: take good care of yourself, you deserve it and one way to do this is through high-quality products that you can get a lot out of them. So, you should consider saving up money, when and if you can, to buy a product that takes good care of the present and the future you.

A great way to achieve this is by supporting small designers or creators! It is true, you will still need to save up money, but in return, you will have high-quality products that can be used for years, help small businesses, and diminish child work abuse from huge retail companies that couldn’t care less about our planet and good work environment. I won’t be surprised if they see us as walking credit cards 🙂


That was it! I hope you enjoyed this boujee on a budget article and found your next investment pieces to look expensive on a budget and save money for those pieces that are worth the price. You are valuable and deserve the best quality!

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