Hello, beautiful people! I am back! I hope summer is treating everyone well. I am currently experiencing some problems with my eyes, as I was working an increased amount in front of the computer screen. I am telling you this to remind you: it is OK to take a break. I should have done it. Recently I have reduced my 12+ hours of screen time to a solid 4. I am planning on doing this for the rest of the week. As we only have one pair of eyes, we need to protect them!

So if you feel exhausted from work, take a break. Even if it means, 20 minutes of resting your eyes or listening to a podcast. But to be honest, I have always been the cheeky one, listening to podcasts while working.

But let’s get to the topic! I have had a new project recently, which involved three amazing ladies. I have been hired to give personal styling tips. As a fashion stylist, it is part of my profession to be able to help others. I have noticed I have good eyes, for colours and fabrics, so I have decided to turn towards fashion.

Every time I am doing personal styling, whether it be through Zoom or in-person, I am preparing with a presentation, based on my clients. This time, it was three fair skin women. I think it is important to mention before we go ahead, so you know what is coming. I am planning on covering deeper skin tones in a different article.

As everyone needs to pay attention to different things, it is important to cover the basics. Even though this presentation is here to represent lighter skin tones, it does NOT mean, deeper complexions can’t take some tips away. At least I hope you will feel the same way.

I am covering the basics, which means there are tips and tricks, everyone can use in their daily lives. To quote Robert Welsh (one of my favourite YouTuber, please follow him) for fashion: Fashion does not have rules, but it has a theory. He mentions this to make-up, but it is a perfect description of fashion as well.
Final words before I jump right in: at the END of this article, you will be able to download this presentation for FREE! I hope it will make you happy and add something extra to your lives.

First page: Colourful moods

Some people love wearing colours, while some do not. It is alright, but here are some tips, which you can use if you feel like trying something bold:

  1. Check your undertones first!
    It is the most important “rule” of getting dressed. The reason for this is because you need to be able to decide which colours will compliment your skin, eye, teeth, and hair colours. Surprising? Yes. It is quite easy to do so. Usually, there are two different types. Yellow and Pink undertones. I know it can be olive, golden, neutral but our focus is on the main groups. The easiest way to decide is to see under the sun if it leans towards pink or yellow. 
  2. Check the undertones of the product!
    Now that you have some ideas about yours, you can have a look at the clothing. If you have yellow undertones, you will need to look for warm undertones. If you are pink, you will need to look for cold undertones. I believe this does not need any further explanation, as you can judge if something looks blueish or yellowish.
  3. Buy the right size!
    Ladies, I can’t stress this enough. I am begging you to buy what fits you. Please love yourself enough to buy what is good for your body. Most companies design clothes based on different metrics, so you will always mingle between 2-3 sizes. These are the things you need to pay attention to: arms can move properly in any direction, bending is a comfortable possibility as well as sitting down. The dress does not separate at your chest. Simple, but important rules.
  4. Look classy!
    Yes, sportswear can look like that too. Why? Because you understand your measurements. I believe this does not need any further explanation. You know what classy means, you would not be here if you didn’t.
  5. Match colours to compliment each other!
    On the images below, you will see often the supplementary colours are paired. It is easy to apply a trick such as this one.

These five points are the main things you need to follow. Moving ahead with the other images, please remember what I just said.

The next image is called: Neutral feminine moods.

These outfits are so beautiful. I was staring at them for a minute before I continued writing. Like I said in the colourful section, the first five rules apply! But we have two more to add.

  1. Always show enough to tempt, not to arouse.
    Looking classy means, you leave space for imagination. Trust me when I say it is beautiful. Also, an outfit such as the ones below will get you through your whole day without changing.
  2. Wear a tone on tone outfit!
    This can work with colours as well! But I wanted to mix the selection up and leave traces and tricks everywhere. It is my personal favourite as my style is based on lighter colours.

The next image is called: Neutral sporty moods.

The same rules apply, it is a more comfortable version. Anyone can look beautiful and feminine while wearing comfortable outfits.

Last outfit image: Casual outfits.

Me, the broken record: same rules apply. I wanted to add a denim option for the ladies, as I know most people love wearing them. They make any look a bit more casual and loose. But if you combine denim with a blouse and a pair of high-heeled shoes, you are ready for a meeting. Otherwise, it is the nicest look for running errands and meeting friends.

I have two more pages in the presentation, which I would like to share with you. One of them is about accessories.

I would like to tell you, it can transform the most simple look to be daring. A feature bracelet, watch, or necklace can add so much. I am wearing my signature rings daily for this reason. It does not need to be anything complicated, but something that feels close to you. A simple gold chain necklace can do the job if it feels like it is a part of you.

My last page is about hair. I am not a hairdresser or a hairstylist, however, I have a brief understanding of hairstyles. Most importantly, wash them regularly. Apart from that, it is always up to you if you want straight, wavy in a bun or anything. My suggestion would be if your hair is up, add some earrings, to complement your beautiful face.

I hope you enjoyed this article, where I covered the basics. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment, or send me an e-mail. Your prize, the FREE presentation will be waiting below. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

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