Soft Summer Palette for all of my beauties in this article! As I was planning on writing about a new area in a home I realised, it has been a while since I have written about fashion. Since fashion styling is my original profession, and I am still an active stylist, I am here to help and hopefully share some words of wisdom.

Inspiration for the Soft Summer Palette:

While I was looking for images, I was wondering, should I talk about the latest trends? I have decided not to for a simple reason: style is timeless. It means I can help you more if I am giving you a general idea about something useful, rather than rushing you to get something you will never wear again, starting from 2021. So let’s talk about Soft Summer Palettes, shall we?

Before I am going any further, I would like to warn you: my style leans towards minimalism. It means I am not going to talk to you about large prints and harsh colours, but happily explain how to dress with subtle colours while looking classy. That is how I landed with the sailor theme for today.

My favourite colour is white, and most of my pins for Soft Summer Outfits are in this colour, so it made perfect sense to choose it.
During the summer, I would suggest wearing lighter fabrics, such as linen. It is lightweight and comfortable. Heavier fabrics, like wool or cotton, are perfect options to wear during colder months. You can wear anything else, but that is the best you can purchase.

Soft Summer Palettes are something, that can be easily related to my inspiration for this article, which is sailing.
I thought about elegance and gust of wind while forming this article. That is how I have decided to work only with white, lightweight outfits. They will not be typical sailing outfits since I am not an expert, but ones you can wear if you join professionals along the ride.

As always, I have put five different images together mixed with a background and some accessories. I find it necessary when explaining a style, to have its surroundings. Most people, who do not work in the creative industry, have a hard time visualising the whole concept. It is not a problem at all, but I want my articles to speak for everyone, which means I am trying to make them easy to understand. Therefore it is going to be also a soft summer colour palette to help you find the best outfits possible.

If you feel like there are other or better ways, please let me know in the comments below. Anyway, let’s get started and have a look at these images:

Soft Summer Palette No.1:

  I will not name them since they are here to represent the same idea. You can see, it is a beautiful white blouse, paired with loose fit shorts. During those months, when the temperature is the highest, I would suggest wearing loose fit garments. The simple reason behind it is sweat. We all sweat (don’t lie, you do too) and it is healthier to wear clothes with some movement. Don’t just think about comfort.

It is a much better feeling when garments only play around our bodies. It is healthier for our skin. Wearing tight clothes and sweating in the meantime leads to irritated skin. I don’t think you wish to do hardcore skin-repairing while out and about. I thought it was important to mention something, which is a little bit educational. I am very enthusiastic about my skincare routine since I have had this issue before. Itchy, red skin is not something, I wish any of you should have.

Back to the outfits, what you should also notice here, I added a statement gold bracelet. It is not a necessity, but if you want something, to amplify your look, jewelry is a perfect option. Classy and beautiful.

Soft Summer Palette 1

Soft Summer Palette No.2:

 The background image inspired me to find a folded blouse, so it matches the wings twisted by the wind. This fabric is a warm, off-white colour which I have paired with another bold bracelet. You can’t layer your clothes during these months, which means your best option is to use jewelry, hair accessories, or bags. Another well-loved option is working different shades of the same colour. It is a classic technique and never goes out of fashion.

And if you are wondering how to get the same style, but only buy the key pieces you are looking for, you can learn about 7 summer capsule wardrobe items you will need for this season.

Soft Summer Palette 2

Soft Summer Palette No.3:

  The bandeau, ladies. Bold, sexy, still elegant. This outfit is 100% my style. I usually like to wear clothes, which are a little bit masculine and twist them to my liking. Usually, my liking means, turn them into something feminine. On this image, you can see tailored wide-legged trousers with matching white blazer.

This could be a simple, Sunday afternoon outfit with a T-shirt, instead of the bandeau. I accessorised this ensemble with beautiful, vintage sunglasses. If you are wearing an outfit, such as this one, you can confidently say, you have reached a certain level of elegance.

Soft Summer Palette 3

Soft Summer Palette No.4:

  It is another take on Number 1 with a twist. No one wears short pants every single day during summer. For this reason, I felt I need to create an outfit, which matches the season, but has a different feeling. This look belongs to the sunny and windy days. The afternoons with a cocktail spent with your best friend. 

It is a classic but well-matched ensemble. What I would advise if you would like to wear this: your shoes should match either the brown or the gold in the belt. It is not a rule and not extremely necessary, but a solid flow with the colours would make beautiful harmony.

If you feel like creating a look such as this one, you could read about how to plan a capsule summer wardrobe, with a capsule wardrobe planner to save money easily!


Soft Summer Palette No.5:

  Last but not least, an outfit post-beach time. You were sailing during the day and sunbathing (with SPF50 of course), then you decided to go out and about later. It means you need to carry something, so you look proper. In this case, I have chosen a black YSL bag, golden necklaces, and a creamy-white laid-back outfit choice.

It is easy to wear and carry for a casual night out.



I know most of you don’t have the time to rumble over 1000-1200 words, so let me wrap this up for you. The main points are here.

  1. White is a lovely colour to wear and easy to mix and match.
  2. Wear loose garments, especially if you sweat easily, it will help your skin stay healthy and avoid red, itchy spots.
  3. Wear SPF everywhere, every day. Can’t stress this enough.
  4. Accessorise, you can’t layer these months, you might as well get creative.
  5. Don’t be afraid to wear long, comfortable pants or a loose jacket with beachwear under.
  6. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

I hope you enjoyed this article about a small variety of summer outfits. I have promised a freebie this week, which I have not forgotten. It is coming your way, but life happened and I am experiencing some technical issues. It will come your way don’t worry.


As I was adding the credits, I have noticed two things: At Number 4, the blouse on the outfit is made out of Silk. I am not supporting the use of raw silk, since it involves the bugs burnt alive, however I wanted to leave the image there so I can show you what a lack of research does. I did not click on the source, while I was writing and I only noticed it when I was about to post. This means, I have made a mistake. But the good news is! If you wish to wear something silk-like, you can purchase a fabric, called Rayon. It is the synthetical equivalent of silk.
Another good news is, I have found this lovely jewelry line, which is on Number 4 as well:
Not too pricey and they have free international shipping over 70 dollars. I hope this was helpful.

If you want to learn more about summer styling, I have another article, where I write about how to create the perfect summer dining set up with outfits, here!

Alright everyone, that’s it for today! Don’t forget to like this article if you have enjoyed it, please share it with your friends and subscribe to my mailing list.

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