Hey, my petite Fashionista, are you looking for the best capsule wardrobe for petites ideas to look beautiful all year round?

Everybody, regardless of their weight, body size, or skin color, can look and feel fabulous, especially if you are wearing pieces that enhance your natural beauty!

This is why with my experience as a stylist, I’ve created a curated list of high-quality pieces for petite ladies, where no matter if you’re curvy or skinny, there is an item for everybody!

Besides, it is a versatile capsule wardrobe year round for petites, therefore you can use the pieces here for casual days in the park, brunch parties, or party nights with your friends!

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe For Petites?

A capsule wardrobe for petites is a collection of core items that are easy to mix and match.

This helps you save money – as having the right, versatile pieces can help you tremendously, but it also saves you time as you don’t have to waste minutes or hours trying to guess what to wear.

Another amazing benefit of capsule wardrobes is that you feel better with yourself. This is because you’re wearing clothes that fit you, compliment your body size, and elevate your beauty instead of someone else’s.

This means every capsule wardrobe should have pieces adapted to the owner’s preferences (you!), and made of high-quality pieces that last throughout the year.

Finally, capsule wardrobe goes against fast fashion, after all, it is a thoughtful purpose where you learn more about your style, present needs, and strive for pieces that truly speak to you; making capsule wardrobes a great way to achieve sustainability too!

What Can Be In A Capsule Wardrobe For Petites?

It always depends on personal preferences and your daily needs. 

For example, in my article 7 Capsule Wardrobe Summer Outfits To Save Money And Feel Like A Queen  I created a list for around 7-10 days which has 19-34 pieces.

On the other hand, in my other article Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe, I created a list with 16 pieces that work for 5 day and night outfits. 

So, this means every capsule wardrobe is personal and reflects your unique requirements. 

There is no magic number or perfect style, there are just basic fashion principles to understand and a gorgeous queen to take the world with her style (spoiler: I’m talking about you!)

Which Are The Basic Rules Of Fashion? 

General speaking, there are fashion tips and tricks you can use in your daily life to look better, such as:

  • Checking your undertones – to elevate your natural beauty, you need to check which colours compliment your skin, eye, teeth, and hair colours.
  • Checking the undertones of the piece – based on your skin undertone pick clothes that compliment you and make you shine.
  • Buying the right size – crucial. Dress in clothes that are comfortable to wear and use, this does not mean PJs, this means clothes that empower you while providing you enough room to breathe and move!

Want to know more about expert fashion tips? Check my fashion basic rules article + Get a free PDF with all the tips!

What To Wear If You’re Petite? 

I know it is hard for women to find anything really. Especially when you are shorter, and/or do not have the ideal weight society expects on women.

So, let me set this straight, you are beautiful, period. 

And, if you do not feel good about how you look, guess what? You can change that. I know it is not easy, but it is doable. 

As I have been in the fashion industry for a little over 9 years, I am here to help you find the pieces that will make you look and feel good.

So, in the following sections, you will find a summary of the most recommended clothing pieces,  patterns, and colours that are suited for elevating the charm of petite women.

However, do bear in mind you can have fun trying different types of clothes, you are free to experiment! But, these are some fashion basics that I think you should check to flatter your frame. 

Best Clothing Pieces For Petites 

In general, the best type of length for petite short women is a hemline that hits at or above the ankle as it lengthens the legs, and body shape. For instance, a long coat just above ankle height.

  • Bottoms

Following this logic mini skirts or midi-length pencil skirts are ideal to wear for petites. Plus, midi pencil skirts are ideal for those women who want an elegant look! 

Another great example of good garments for petite women is high-waisted pants or skirts.

This is because the higher waistline places the attention on your waist, and visually creates an illusion of longer legs hence making you look taller and slimmer.

  • Blouses / Tops

Crop tops, especially paired with high-waisted pants or skirts are a good combination to make a tall height illusion.

First, by showing some skin at the waistline you create a visual illusion that makes your legs appear longer.

Second, the combination of crop top and high-waisted bottoms works because they both follow the same guidelines when it comes to proportion and balance. 

A crop top typically sits just below your rib cage while high-waisted bottoms sit right above your hips. This mimics a straight line which elongates your body and makes you look taller.

Another great trick is uneven hemlines, it changes the proportion of your body. For example, asymmetrical shirts are a wonderful garment for petites, it is fun to wear and helps make you appear a little slimmer, and taller. 

  • Dresses And Shoes 

Wrap dresses are ideal for small women, especially because they highlight your curves and your waist looks slimmer. 

In addition, if you do not have such a marked waist, you can also create a sexy curve effect.

Other types of dresses that are flattering for your frame are empire waistline dresses or any type of dresses that are above your knee and highlight your waist.

As for shoes, high heels are incredibly flattering for petites. Yes, they can be uncomfortable but again – you aren’t just taller, your whole ensemble appears taller, and leaner which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Colours For Petites 

If you are a short woman, dark and neutral colours, such as navy, ivory, or camel are very flattering for you, as it recedes into the body, creating a visual illusion of a thinner and larger body.

Also, the monochromatic outfits make petite women look beautiful and tall, this is because they create a visual illusion of a vertical long line, where your body frame looks taller than it is.

This does not mean you always have to wear monochromatic outfits, as you can use a mini skirt or high-waisted pants to create a similar illusion. 

Still, if you love monochromatic looks, and want to get the most out of this trick, combine your shoes or bags to create a full monochromatic statement where you will look taller, gorgeous, and empowered. 

Best Patterns For Petites 

Patterns are a good choice when you want to make an outfit look more interesting and unique. You can have fun experimenting with different patterns – from polka dots to stripes, from floral prints to animal prints.

So, everyone can wear patterns, however, if you have a bigger form and are petite I would suggest wearing larger patterns as that will look more flattering for you.

Another general recommendation for bigger forms and petites is to avoid horizontal prints since they generate a feeling of width, and it is not what you want when highlighting your height.

On the contrary, for thinner women, I would suggest smaller patterns, it looks easier and pleasant on the eye.

Pro tips: Use vertical prints, pleated skirts, or slanted hemlines with ruffles, all of these provide a perception of a longer body frame which is the effect you’re looking for!

Tips Before Buying New Clothes – Capsule wardrobe For Petites!

If you are looking to build a capsule wardrobe, there are some things you have to check first before buying new clothes. 

  1. Figure out your priorities 

First, choose the most important pieces that will cover your bases and needs. This will help you create a versatile capsule wardrobe with interchangeable pieces that work well together for different occasions.

For a better understanding of how to mix different pieces, and choose the best ones for your lifestyle please check this article, Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe.

  1. Check your closet 

Make sure to buy only clothing pieces that aren’t already in your closet. As time passes, it is totally normal to have a cluttered closet with garments that do not represent you anymore, or that don’t fit your present lifestyle.

The solution to this is decluttering before purchasing, this is a great exercise for making conscious purchasing decisions, that will lead you to only own things you love and use.

To learn more about decluttering your wardrobe and how to stay motivated while doing so, look at my article Declutter Motivation Tips -how To Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes.

  1. Get Inspired! Choose your favorite color palette and style.

There is not a definite style for petites, you can wear feminine, basic, boho, sporty, etc. 

Everyone should be able to honor their preferences. 

Nonetheless, when building a capsule wardrobe for petites it is wise to choose 2-3 neutral colours as your base and from there add 1-5 complementary or ‘accent’ colours and patterns.

For creating your colour palette and preferred style, you can get inspiration by sourcing different articles, and Pinterest boards on the web. 

For example, in my article soft summer sailor outfits, I created different moods for you to get inspired if you lean towards minimalism, subtle colours, and classy looks. 

  1. Use a capsule wardrobe planner.

Finally, planning helps you get things done. This is why I highly recommend using capsule wardrobe planning ideas that help you organize your thoughts, colours, styles, and shopping list. 

As for examples, you can get tons of useful planners ideas in my article Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe.

  1. Have Patience

DON’T RUSH. Building a capsule wardrobe takes time, enjoy the process, and understand that this is a long-term investment.

If you take the time you won’t only save money, but also feel better about how you look and stop worrying about what to wear if you’re petite.

This is why you’re reading this article, after all, to improve your life through the art of style.

Also, before jumping into the capsule wardrobe items breakdown I also have an article about dressing to invest while investing in yourself, where you will learn the basic tips and fashion suggestions to buy clothes that truly make you stand out beautifully, and elegantly. 

Capsule Wardrobe For Petites – The Best Items For A Capsule Wardrobe For Petites

In this capsule wardrobe for petites collection, you will find all the flattering items if you have a date, a girls night out or gathering with your friends during the day. So let’s dive into it – Shall we? 

You will find different options between pieces, including neutral colour options which are easier to combine, also I have also picked some vintage pieces, which are in perfect condition, and will give you a strong, and unique vintage look. 

Finally, the fabrics you will see are suitable for summer, such as linen, but I also added knitted clothes, and long coats for autumn or early winter. 

In addition, at the end of this collection, I will answer key questions, such as Avoid these clothes as a Petite Woman Or Best store recommendations if you are Petite. (Spoiler: I will also add sustainable brands for petites you should follow!)


For this collection, I have chosen 6 different styles of pants, with or without pockets, elegant or casual, as well as modern or vintage. 

For example, you can opt for purple plum pleated pants if you want a vintage colourful style that will flatter your body shape and elongate your lengths.

However, if you would like a more classy neutral style, the Ivory or straight cotton gray pants are ideal for those women who like elegant classy looks.

Plus, if you would like stylish, comfy, and unique asymmetrical pants, these Wool skirt pants wide-leg pants will help you achieve a unique fashion style ideal for any season and with a design that is funny and dynamic!

Choose the ones you like, and start to feel comfortable and beautiful for any occasion!

Pajama Pants and wrap bed jacket / Plum pleated pants vintage 80 / Wide leg hemp pants 

/ Vintage 90 green pantsWide Leg Straight Cotton Gray Pants

Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 1
Wide Leg Straight Cotton Gray Pants
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 2
Vintage 90 green pants
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 3
Wide leg hemp pants 
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 4
Plum pleated pants vintage 80
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 5
Pajama Pants and wrap bed jacket
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 6
Wool skirt pants wide-leg pants


In this collection, you will see 5 different dresses for casual, and elegant occasions.

You will find feminine and cute styles such as a little white floral embroidered mini dress, ideal for summer, and those women who love cottage core aesthetic.

You can also find elegant options for more dressy events. Also, the majority of these dresses are wrap dresses to accent your feminine waist and lengthen your posture.

Capsule Wardrobe for Petites 10

Lemusy dusty rose dress / Linen Dress White / Romantic Wrap Dress

Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 10
Lemusy dusty rose dress
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 11
Linen Dress White
Capsule Wardrobe For Petites 12
Romantic Wrap Dress

Blouses/ Tops

On the 6 blouses collection, I have assembled different types of styles that are ideal to combine with the pants and skirts I have previously picked.

From formal to casual, these tops are ideal for short women, such as the vertical blue striped shirt or the double ruffle blouse which vertical designs make the illusion of a larger body frame.

As for colours, you can find neutral colours, which can be easily mixed with different colour pants or skirts.

Pleats blouse puff sleeve blouse / Vintage 90s double white ruffle / Wrap blouseCream silk short sleeve shirt / Tops long sleeve

Long coats And Knitted Sweaters 

Here you will find 6 long coats and 2 knitted sweaters for petites. 

As for coats, you will find beautiful, versatile, and softs long coats that will let you move around effortlessly, some of them are oversized such as the striped knitted coat which is ideal for making a strong fashion statement. 

However, you can also find elegant options such as a long belted checked trench for petites or an elegant cashmere coat that works for spring, autumn, and early winter weather!

As for sweaters, you will find a cozy wool knit cardigan with v neck and pockets, practical and best for chill summer nights, as well as a chic vintage hand-knitted wool sweater made in Ecuador in the ‘70s.

All of these pieces are high-quality ideal to achieve a comfortable yet chic or elegant style. 

Women camel coat spring / 90s viscose wool-blend coat / Women cashmere coat fall coat / Striped oversized warm knitting / 

Women camel coat spring
Women cashmere coat fall coat
Striped oversized warm knitting
90s viscose wool-blend coat

Vintage Ecuadorian hand knitted / Women clothing viscose knitwear / Blue merino wool cozy short-cropped / 


The bag collection for petites has 6 exquisite high-quality bags including vintage shoulder clutch bags to create a strong fashion statement.

You will find bags for different use cases, from elegant purses such as a brown leather small crossbody purse or black crocodile-embossed shoulder bag to casual minimalist options.

Including a personalised jute bag with a front pocket perfect for casual days at the park, beach, or a spontaneous brunch with friends.

Small mini chestnut mandarin tree / Personalized jute bag / Minimalist leather tote bag / White bag messenger women / Handmade personalized leather / Brown leather purse small crossbody  

Avoid These Clothes when creating a Capsule Wardrobe as a Petite Woman

Just as it is basic to know about the garments and patterns that you should include in your capsule wardrobe for petites, it is also essential that you know what you should avoid.

In general, as a petite woman, you should avoid garments that shorten your torso or make you look shorter than you are. Some examples are: 

  • Skirts: skirts that end at thigh level, are overwhelmingly bulky, or reach the floor are better to avoid, all of these make you look shorter and chubbier.
  • Pants: Low or mid-rise pants, in general, will not flatter your body, on the contrary, they will most likely make you look shorter and chubbier. Big no.
  • Shoes and boots: avoid those reaching ankle height – shortens your torso!
  • Coats: avoid the ones reaching thighs height- shortens your torso too.

Special Mention: Maxi dresses – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for petite women, but they are flattering, so by all means wear them if you like them! However, chances are – you may appear a little shorter. Personally, I love them and I am not a tall lady either – so go ahead and wear it, if it makes you feel good!

Best Store Recommendations If You Are Petite

There are tons of different brands you can buy from, they don’t necessarily need to be specialized in petite clothing.

However, some favourite capsule wardrobe brands for the petite are ones like Asos Design Petite, with pieces of all styles and designs aimed at petite women whether they are slim or curvy.

Another prominent brand is the Reformation Petite line, noted for its skirts, dresses, and pants adapted to the sizes of short women.


In the end, regardless if you are petite, curvy, or slim,  the important thing is that you use clothes that make you feel comfortable and most importantly, confident. 

In your capsule wardrobe for petites prioritize comfortable clothes that fit your body size and height, making you feel confident, and that gives you room to move around freely.

You are beautiful, choose clothes that enhance your natural beauty, and with your confidence as one of your best accessories you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE! 

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