Are you curious about how to build a summer capsule wardrobe with affordable outfits? You can easily create gorgeous looks without spending a ton!

In this article you will see ideal budget-friendly summer outfits for any woman who wants to invest in high-quality pieces that last years.

Not only that, you can also mix and match the items to be used for daytime or night events!

Plus, these outfits are ideal transition clothes from a capsule spring wardrobe so everything is calculated to make the most out of it.

What Is A Summer Capsule Wardrobe?  

A summer capsule wardrobe is a collection of core pieces that can be worn interchangeably to save time and money. 

As you will expand the number of possible outfits without constantly increasing the number of pieces in your closet!

At its core, a summer capsule wardrobe is a minimalist approach to shopping, where the point is to focus on quality and versatility before quantity.

Needless to say, this means you will have fewer pieces, more space in your closet, but enough items for night events, daily errands, gatherings with your friends, work meetings, and so on.

How Many Pieces Are In A Summer Capsule Wardrobe?

Good question, there isn’t a definite capsule wardrobe formula, your capsule wardrobe needs to fit your needs, therefore giving an exact number of pieces that fit everyone is not possible. 

However, I think it would be optimal to plan for 7 outfits, which is around 19 pieces.

Why 7 outfits?

Easy. Because a week is made up of 7 days, so let’s think of the smallest amount, although personally, I prefer an option of 10. We will navigate around this idea because I want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

So let’s have 7 as a basis, but I have options to have 10, and you will understand why. 

Also, I have an article about capsule wardrobe planning ideas with planners (yaay) to add to the mix and help you go through it.

How Much Should I Spend On A Capsule Wardrobe?

Before buying anything new, first look at your closet.

The first thing you should do is checking your summer go-to pieces, see if they are in good shape, and how many outfits you can create with those.

If the pieces are in nice condition, and you have enough pieces for 10 outfits, then you shouldn’t buy, instead, get inspired with the outfits below for outfit ideas!

Now, if your clothes are not in good shape, don’t fit you anymore, or are not your current style, then it is time to shop. This brings us to the key question:

Will it cost me a lot?

There is no fixed amount I can give you, as how much you will need to spend will vary based on your needs.

Also, I want to address this starting out, as I know most of you want a capsule wardrobe to save money…And this is what you will do. Yes, save tons of money! 

Because you will not be buying anything you don’t need, but things you will get lots of use out of. 

Bear in mind, I am not going to show the cheapest of the cheap options, but items that are reasonably priced and will stick with you for years – plus you will be able to wear them in different seasons too!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Items Breakdown 

Credit: Etsy

My 7 capsule summer wardrobe outfits offer a collection of core pieces that can be used during day events or night outs. 

However, in this breakdown, you will also find some extra shoes, bags, kimonos, and blazers added – so you can think of a variety of outfits, plus have something when it’s a little colder.

Also, this is to make sure you have enough variety of outfits for one category; whether it’s casual, work or party.

As for colours I have shared mostly neutrals and subtle patterns because I wanted to make sure most of you could choose from these items. Also, loud colours and patterns aren’t my style, therefore I am not offering those, as an option.

Finally, the fabrics I picked are suitable for summer, as they are made with lightweight fabrics such as linen to make sure you are fresh, and cool during these hot months! 

Note: This is a breakdown with the list of core items and extra pieces I’m recommending, however, feel free to first see the pictures of the outfits to see how they match and then come back here to see the different colours, suppliers, and styles of a piece.

Also, at the end of the collection and outfit pics, I will answer key questions about this summer capsule wardrobe, such as Will It Work For Different Body Types? Will I Be Able To Mix Daytime With Party Outfits? (Spoiler: Yes. And, I will teach you the best tips to do it!)


Blouses and Shirts

In this category, you will find links to 5 linen or cotton summer tops, the majority of styles are loose which makes them perfect for hot summer days!

I have also provided different styles of neckline designs, so you could choose the one you like most, whether it is more elegant or casual. 

Blouses in order from left:

Linen Summer Blouse. V- neck top / Vintage White Cotton BlouseElegant Light Linen Top / Loose Linen Tunic Shirt.


For blazers, I have decided to go over the top, and give you strong imposing blazers to take over your business meetings or work-related activities. 

Those are not your common blazers, but that’s kind of the point here, to elegantly stand out! As for styles I have chosen 2 different pieces, one is an overcoat with a minimalist kimono style, whilst the other is an asymmetrical long/short jacket

Both of them are high quality and for fierce powerful ladies!

Blazers in order from left:

Extravagant Asymmetrical Blazer / Elegant Kimono Modern Blazer


Talking about kimono styles, have you not used a kimono yet? If so, give it a go with these gorgeous kimono dresses and jackets for this summer!

I have picked 2 different styles, one with a floral print design for those who want to add floral prints to their summer outfits, and a solid colour kimono jacket where you can choose between 29 colour options, including grey, mustard, black and dark green. 

Kimonos in order from right:

Floral Summer Kimono Dress / Linen kimono jacket



As for shorts, I made a collection of 5 high-quality linen and cotton shorts

These are breathable, loose-fitting, and ideal for summer days. The majority of shorts are high waisted,  which defines your waistline and lengthens your legs, giving you a feminine sexy look.

Plus, I have also added high-waisted flare shorts which are wonderful for day to night outfits as they work for more dressy contexts, such as a night outdoor dinner in summer.

Shorts in order from the bottom:

UK14 Cream Shorts/ Linen shorts for women/ ISLA High Waisted Linen Shorts /  Knitted High Waisted Cotton Summer Shorts.


Wide leg flare pants are ideal for a versatile capsule summer wardrobe outfit.

Besides, with certain fabrics, such as linen, lyocell, silk and tencel you will feel like your best self without compromising your comfort!

Also, though all of the 7 pieces can be easily transformed from daytime to night outfits, the Tencil/ silk pants are the best choice if you prefer wearing elegant outfits.

Pants in order from top left:

Midi palazzo Tencel pants/ Black Palazzo PantsSilk High Waisted Straight Pants/ Palazzo Linen Pants /High Waisted Linen Pants.


As for dresses, this collection has 7 options for you to choose from. 

For the ladies that want a cute girly style, I have added a floral chiffon shirt midi dress, a Parisian summer dress perfect for a french capsule wardrobe, which you will absolutely love for summer!

But, don’t you worry, if you’re not into floral printed garments, I have also added multiple choices of solid colours maxi and midi linen/cotton dresses with different neckline designs but with the same goal: make you feel like a queen all day long! 

Dresses in order from top left:

Chiffon Shirt Floral Printed Midi DressBohemian White Linen Maxi dress / Maxi Linen High Neck Dress With Pockets / White Linen Dress. Long Sleeve / White Asymmetrical Sleeveless Linen Dress /  Maxi Boho Dress.


Bags are key accessories in your fashion game, and as I previously said baguette and shoulder bags are perfect for your day to night-ready summer fashion outfits.

I have chosen 4 different styles, and the majority of them have at least 2 to 5 colour options, so there is variety for different styles and colour preferences.

Minimalist Baguette Chain Bag / Shoulder Sling Bag / Pure Color PU Leather Underarm / Designer Small Crossbody Bag Baguette 


Sandals and Mules

For flat shoes, I have made a chic 3 shoe collection, featuring leather as the main fabric for your shoes, as this will make it easier to quickly switch from day to night.

As for colours the options are mostly neutral; black, brown, white, and beige.

Sandals in order from the left:

Suede Leather Mules / Black Leather Greek Sandals / Leather Gladiator Sandals 


Summer outfits and stylish high heels are a feminine mix you should 100% try if you love heels!

You will find 3 styles in this heel summer 2021 collection; cross strap, toe clamping, and flip flop heels. Nonetheless, if you don’t love high heels, don’t worry, you will also find low heel options, so there’s room for everyone to enjoy an elegant chic summer style! 

Plus, 2 of the stores offer free shipping! 

High Heels in order from the left:

High Heels Flip Flops / Toe clamping Stiletto High Heels

7 Capsule Summer Wardrobe Outfits That Won’t Get You Broke

So, here are the 7 outfits I have prepared with the products I absolutely love and will purchase / already purchased by the time I am posting this article. 

It is important to notice, I am only recommending things I am either using or would love to use if I needed them for something.

  1. Everyday Getaway
Capsule Summer Wardrobe 1

Your basic everyday look.

Wear it when you are out and about, going to a coffee, brunch, and you just want to feel cute and casual. 

Tip: Add some high heels for nighttime for maximum effect.

Try these pieces

  1. Subtle Neutrals
Capsule Summer Wardrobe 2

Me me me. I love neutrals and monochrome looks. 

Absolutely elegant, goes anywhere, and frankly, this look could go with flats, and high heels for evening too, as the colours and cut will make you look really expensive, even though you didn’t spend the big bucks!

Try these pieces

  1. Boho Chic
Capsule Summer Wardrobe

Want to look absolutely gorgeous and walk around like the Queen you are? 

Wear this all day. Either a low high heel or flats and you will be killing it wherever you go. 

Want to make it Coachella ready? Add a hat, some boots and you are good to go.

Try these pieces

  1. Strong Whites
Capsule Summer Wardrobe 4

Outfit for a serious workday, business meeting, or anything that needs you to look put together so others will take you seriously. 

I feel the need to mention this because we women usually have trouble having our voices heard due to our gender. I have noticed during the years that depending on what I wear and how I carry myself, I am being treated differently.

But, it is not just the dress. 

We need to be properly prepared, and form our opinion in a way that our voices will be heard. One can be the best dressed in a room, but if there is nothing behind it, it won’t do the trick.

However, if I am prepared, this is an outfit that I know would get me far. 

Also, if you are comfortable with it, wear high heels. If only for that hour. Literally facing someone with a strong opinion will put you in a winning position.

Try these pieces

  1. Maximum Floral
Capsule Summer Wardrobe 5

Super cute, yet stylish outfit for days with a bit of summer breeze, afternoon prosecco, and just all things fun with your friends and family. 

Can be transformed to evening, but personally, I wouldn’t touch this outfit, and I would just stay comfy in my sandals loving every minute of the day!

Try these pieces

  1. Coachella Chic
Capsule Summer Wardrobe 6

Need to say more? 🙂 Stay cute, love the vibe, no need to make it super chic – this is an outfit for every day or for your festival time when you want to go out, but want to remain looking fun, and also stay comfortable. 

Looking good should not mean you are uncomfortable.

Try these pieces

  1. Wavy Blues
Capsule Summer Wardrobe 7

The outfit for dinners, any plans in the sunset with style, and comfort. 

3 pieces to make you feel amazing, anywhere you go!

Try these pieces

Now, let’s answer some questions you could have about this summer capsule wardrobe!

Will I Be Able To Mix Daytime With Party Outfits?

Oh my gosh, YES!!! 

Every single outfit choice I put together can be transformed into nighttime. 

How do I know this? I live with a capsule wardrobe. I am only buying a few things that will be good worn in different ways. 

How Do You Transform Your Outfits? 

Easy. You either add high heels or a cute bag or some accessories and then you are all dolled up. Also, one of the mentioned can be perfectly enough. I am a feminine, high heel girl in that sense, but I know not everyone loves it. 

Regardless, I would suggest having one that you know is comfortable for you, because trust me – you will get so much use out of it. 

Plus, you will be so happy you went out and felt like the hot snack you are!

Now, if you are interested in this topic, I would like to point out in more detail the key elements to achieve this: Accessories! 

With them, you can change your look in seconds, without having to inconveniently change all your outfit and losing time.

I will explain now which accessories are key to transform your look, including your makeup and hair!


If you want to look ready for a party or a night out, then small chic handbags are your best bet. These types of bags are highly versatile as they look good for casual, elegant, and night outfits.

Some examples are clutches, baguettes, satchels, and mini shoulder bags.

Tip: As for fabrics, leather or faux leather bags are the best ones to look elegant, chic, and expensive.


As for Jewelry using gold statement pieces works perfectly, the key is to never oversaturate your look.  You can go for refined earrings, such as studs, and use a strong sleek bun.

Or you can opt for a messy bun and add some gold or silver small/big hoops. 

It is up to you, as you can also use bracelets and necklaces. 

Pro tip: if you use more than 1 piece, stick to one statement piece, so the rest of the jewelry complements it, and never overshadow the star of the show: you.


Shoes are a KEY for dressing up or down. 

For night outfits high heels help you look elegant, tall, and chic. They instantly make you feel fancier, making you feel like a queen; this is why a lot of girls love them. (including me!)

Though, if you don’t’ love high heels there are 2 alternatives to consider:

  • Heels up to 5cm;
  • Dressy flat shoes.

High-quality dressy flat shoes have the benefit of comfort, so they are a good choice for those who don’t stand being on heels, whether for medical conditions or personal preferences. 

As for patterns, you could go for a crocodile or cheetah pattern on your shoes.

If that’s not your tea, then go for suede, leather, or velvet shoes which are elegant fabrics that will make you look pulled together instantly!


Heavy makeup, weather on your eyes or lips will make you look party-ready in seconds!

Tip: If you are not advanced in heavy makeup it is best to pick just one feature to dramatize, eyes or lips. This does not mean you can’t do both though, as red lips and cat eyes are ideal for the night!

However, always take into account how much drama you want to add, and if you are not skilled then it is a safe bet to focus on dramatizing your eyes with a smokey eye, and your lips with a smooth balm for example.

Finally, whether you wear makeup or not, your skincare is the top priority,  it will make you look wonderful whether you’re using heavy makeup or not. This is why it’s important to use highly efficient non-toxic skin products to exfoliate and/or moisturize your skin.

If you want  glowing soft skin, I suggest checking my article High-quality, Boujee On A Budget Gifts, where you will find cruelty-free, high-quality skin products to help your face glow while at the same time protecting the mother earth (points for sustainable beauty!)


Last, but not least, hair. One of my secret tips for a night-ready look is to combine heavy makeup with a sleek or messy pun. Nonetheless, if you want to let your mane down that’s fine too!

I’m not a hairstyle professional, however, you can check my basic rules to fashion to get inspired with chic hairstyles, or check this popular Pinterest Summer Hairstyles board to get inspired! 

Would It Work On Different Body Types?

Yes, girl, these outfits can work for petite ladies and plus-size ladies. 

Everyone should be welcomed to the fashion game. 

As for the images, I know my images aren’t inclusive, but these are the ones I have found with my affiliates, and I am using their images. 

However, as for the pieces I look for, I pay attention that most of them have a big size range. 

Although I wish there were more images for different body types!

How Do I Know What Works For My Colour Type?

Some basic rules to check what colours work best for your skin are:

  • Checking your undertones to know what colours compliment your natural colour skin.
  • Checking the undertones of the product, to only buy clothes that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Match colours to compliment each other, to create interesting and balanced colourful outfits.

Note: I have an article about the basics of fashion where I am discussing colours in-depth with a FREE printable for you, that you can have with yourself on the go. So if you require further info, I hope that will help you!


Did you find useful the 7 summer capsule wardrobe outfit ideas that won’t get you broke for 2021?

With the 7 summer outfits pieces, and extra garments, I think you will have anything you need to achieve your desired goal: 

Looking good and feeling good in less time. As that is one of the primary goals of a capsule summer wardrobe! 

Also, as I mentioned in my basic rules of fashion article, don’t forget to always use garments that fit your body type, check your undertone, and use accessories to make a strong fashion statement that enhances your natural beauty! 

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