Best Pinterest Keyword Tools – How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research in 2021

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools – How To Do Pinterest Keyword Research In 2021

Hello, beautiful people! Are you looking for free and effective tools to do Pinterest keyword research in 2021?

If you are, and also want easy to follow tips to learn how to rank on one of the best social media platforms today, then this article has your name on it!

Here you will learn how to use the best Pinterest Keyword Tools to help you:

  1. Find high volume search keywords;
  2. Rank higher;
  3. Increase brand awareness;
  4. Boost your site’s traffic;
  5. Maximize your sales.

Besides, at the end of this article, I have added one of my best Pinterest resources for 2021, want to find out what is? Keep reading until the end to have it! (Psst…it’s 100% free!)

For an easy reading experience, here is a resume of what you’ll learn today:

  1. Why Is Pinterest SEO Important For Your Business?
  2. How Do You Do Pinterest Keyword Research?
  3. Where To Add Pinterest Keywords?

Affiliation Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. So, I may earn a commission if you decide to buy something from these links at no extra cost to you. This helps my business and blog grow. I hope you find this article useful, thank you for stopping by!

Why Is Pinterest SEO Important For Your Business? – Plus using the Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

  1. 450M+ Monthly Active Users!

According to the most recent Pinterest Earning Report, Pinterest has over 450M+ monthly active users! 

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

If you are not using Pinterest, part of those monthly active users could be potential traffic to your site or blog that you are not getting an advantage of! 

On top of that, 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

This means you can have a chance against bigger brands that have more followers, this means you could reach your potential audience in the first stages of their buying journey

Also, at the end of 2020, the company reported a +46% increase in its international audience making it a great platform to reach different markets outside of the US. 

  1. Higher Social Ads ROI

Did you know?

Pinterest Ads report a higher return of investment than other social media platforms.

According to their Pinterest Business Ad page, you can get a 2.3x higher cost per conversion rate.

In short, this means it is more likely to gain a higher profit from the ads campaigns you create on this platform compared to others.

One of the reasons this happens is because 89% of people on Pinterest use it for purchase inspiration, meaning they are more willing to purchase from ads in comparison to other platforms!

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools
  1. Better Shopping Experience 

In 2021, Todd Morgenfeld, Pinterest’s CFO and Head of Business Operations announced the company’s strategic priorities, which included: Pinner product, ad product, and measurement investments.

Why is this important?

This is exceptionally good news for online businesses and boutiques, as it means that Pinterest is going to invest in creating a better shopping experience for its users.

Meaning it will be easier for users to shop and find the best brands suited for their needs, but also for e-commerce shops to stand out and reach a new audience that is open to try and buy new things! 

One example of this is the new Pinterest augmented reality feature, launched in January 2021, where users could try on eyeshadows to see how it would look on them before purchasing!

With this feature, Pinterest users can have a higher interactive experience with brands and their products.

As the feature allows users to try on lipsticks or eyeshadows for example, and be able to filter by colour, price range, or even get recommendations based on the person’s skin tone.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

So, now that you know the incredible potential Pinterest has to accomplish your business goals, how do you rank on Pinterest?

How Do You Do Pinterest Keyword Research?

A great Pinterest marketing strategy does not only involve keyword research. 

However, without good Pinterest keyword research, it is highly difficult for you to rank and get the best out of Pinterest.

So, to drive traffic and increase your online sales you need to learn SEO keyword research for Pinterest.

If you do, you will increase your business probability to rank on top.

How do you find good keywords for your business?

To find the best keyword research tools on Pinterest you need to learn about which tools exist and how to use them, here I will show you exactly that with useful hacks to SEO optimize your Pinterest content!

Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Pinterest Ad Tool- The Best Pinterest Keyword Research Tool!

What is this tool best for?

  • To find high Pinterest keyword search volume topics.
  • For strategic content planning.

In December 2020, this tool was demonetized, but it’s back up and your best friend in the keyword research game, so use it to your advantage! 

Pinterest Ad Tool helps you gain visibility and increase your traffic by creating ad campaigns.

It gives you the option to customize your Pinterest ads by targeting:

  1. Audience;
  2. Interests;
  3. Actalike audience;
  4. Keywords;
  5. Demographics;
  6. Placement;
  7. Expanded topics.

In this article, we will focus on the keyword targeting tool.

However, if you want to learn more about the other targeting options that can help you get more traffic and drive sales click here: Pinterest Targeting.

The keyword targeting tool will show the volume of search per topic so it’s one of the best keyword research tools on Pinterest, as it is data extracted from its own platform and tells you how much people are searching that word.

This will prevent you from creating content that people are barely searching for.

Note: It is ok to target low search volume keywords IF the topic is highly related to your niche and could be profitable.

To use this tool you need to: 

Step 1: Go to Create Ad.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

Step 2: Submit or Continue (whichever the image says).

Step 3: Use the keyword targeting tool and write in the keywords you are looking for. 

For example, in this case, we can see bedroom decor, bedroom ideas, and bedroom decor ideas are 5m+, so you can start planning content around that topic as you know people are interested in it.

Tips for using the keywords:

  • Always look for 2-3 different options within your topic, and copy the ones that have high search volume, i.e 5 million+.
  • Register the keywords you are interested in a spreadsheet or Pinterest Keyword planner for strategic content planning.

You can divide the keywords you found based on: 

  1. Pinterest search volume;
  2. Long-tail keywords;
  3. Popularity;
  4. If it’s a seasonal keyword (only relevant for a specific time);
  5. Web Seo keyword difficulty.

This kind of planning and registration will help you plan for future content but also will help you optimize your Pinterest Content and Business account, at the end of this article I will mention where to use them.

Also, I’ll explain afterward how to find long-tail keywords and popular trending topics within your niche.

However, I highly recommend you using Keysearch if you are interested in analyzing the web SEO keyword difficulty of your topics to craft a content strategy that will help you rank both in Google and Pinterest.

Note: It is important to know that Pinterest Ads is not available in all countries, to check if your country is eligible click here Ads availability.

Also, later on, I will share if you should or should not use #hashtags when using the keywords your find and why! 

Now, let’s focus on the second option:

2. Pinterest Keyword Research Tool – Search Bar Strategy

What is this tool best for?

  • To find high ranking topics.

The search bar is a tool used to search topics on Pinterest, with this tool users search for content that inspires them. 

Here Pinterest will suggest different high-ranking subtopics that users are interested in when searching for the main keyword. 

To use this tool you need to:
Step 1: Write in your keyword.
Step 2: Use the keywords that are showing up from the search bar.

Tips for using the keywords:

  • Register the top suggested keywords as they are currently top-ranking topics.
  • Analyze the user intent for each topic.

For example, if we analyze the results of bedroom decor we can spot that the first result suggestion is a styling guide for a Mid-Century Bedroom.

This informs you that the Mid-Century Bedroom topic is highly searched by users at the moment.

On the other hand, if we analyze user intent ( what people want to find when they search for this topic), you can see styling guides (inspiration decor ideas) are the best way to present this topic.

Also, you can analyze other result details that will help you spot related keywords for your niche. 

For example, in this case, you can see Graphic, Retro, and Iconic are keywords used to describe the Mid-Century Bedroom board. This means that these keywords are deeply linked to the main topic.

You can see this with one of the top pins as they are using retro in its title: 20 Cool Retro Bedroom Design Ideas To Try.

On the other hand, if you are a boutique or e-commerce shop in the bedroom decor niche, keywords such as bedroom decor and bedroom inspirations need to be in your content strategy.


If you look closely, you can see there are shopping tags next to those topics, this means users are on “buying search mode” when they are searching for this keyword!

Of course, this does not mean you should neglect the other keywords.

It means it’s important to analyze user intent to create content that will successfully answer their needs.

3. Pinterest Keyword Research Tool – Headline Strategy 

What is this tool best for?

  • To find long-tail keywords.

This is another feature you can use as a Pinterest keyword tool.

For business accounts, this is a great tool to find different types of long-tail keywords and related subtopics for your niche and seed keyword. 

To use this tool you need to: 

Step 1: Write in your keyword

Step 2: Go “All Pins”

Step 3: If you don’t have the headline full with keywords, then Step 4 will help you have them.

Step 4: Go to “Videos”, instead of “All Pins” and the headline is back!

Tips for using the keywords you find

  • Register the long-tail keywords you find.
  • Create topic clusters with the subtopics.
  • Analyze the ranking pins titles

A great content strategy after finding the related sub-keywords would be to create different articles or social media content to create a topic cluster.

A topic cluster is a group of interlinked niche content ( targeting long-tail keywords) around one piece of content that targets a broad topic (targeting a seed keyword).

For example, bedroom decor is a broad topic, so ranking for that keyword could be difficult. 


You can create content around Farmhouse bedroom decor ideas, boho bedroom decor, luxurious bedroom decor, and other related topics found in the headline.

With time, if you create quality content Pinterest will recognize you as an authoritative source for the broad topic of bedroom decor ideas.

This means there are higher possibilities you will appear when people are searching for that broad keyword, resulting in more traffic to your site and more sales!

4. Pinterest Keyword Research Tool – Scroll Down Strategy

What is this tool best for?

  • To find popular keywords.

If you want to find popular topics related to your main keyword this is one of the best tools to use.

To use this tool you need to: 
Step 1: Write in your keyword
Step 2: Start scrolling down, and between the pins, you will see the “Popular Topics” under the label related searches. That means those keywords are popping!

Tips for using the keywords you find

  • Identify the most popular topics to create board titles and content

If Pinterest is suggesting these topics take that as valuable information to create Pinterest boards that have inspiration content around that topic

For example, if you pick search winter outfits for women and put it on the search bar, this is what you’ll see:

In this case, some keyword variations are:

  1. Over 40 over 50;
  2. Classy;
  3. Over 30;
  4. 20s;
  5. Casual;
  6. Plus size;
  7. Indian;

Those are the high ranking variations linked to the popular keyword winter outfits for women.

So, you could create a Pinterest board that has content linked to all of these sub-keywords (topic cluster) but with the title winter outfits or women fashion outfits (as the suggested boards). 

This way you are creating inspiring new content for different sub-topics, but all related to a broad high search topic like winter outfits or women fashion outfits.

Of course, always remember to check the Pinterest Ad Tool to check volume search and analyze your audience insights to have a better idea of which keywords are best for your business.

See how you can use all of these free Pinterest keyword tools to complement each other and create a stronger highly SEO optimized keyword strategy?

Now, let’s go to our final Pinterest keyword tool:

5. Pinterest Trends

What is this tool best for?

  • To plan your future content.

Did you know? 

Pinterest accurately predicted 8 out of 10 trending predictions for 2020! 

This means that studying Pinterest Trends and the Pinterest Predicts Reports is a great tactic to create your future content calendar and be one step ahead of your competition!

To use this tool you need to: 

Step 1: Go to Analytics – Trends

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

Step 2: Select the location you are interested in. Note: Only the US has the deep topic search, which will be presented below. Other locations only have their top 9 at this point.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

Step 3: Select your niche – Check out the top 9.






Step 4: Check out Pinterest Predicts.  It is a PDF of all the goodies, Pinterest thinks will be popping in 2021. 

It is FREE for everyone to download, BUT if you don’t want to search for it, here is the PDF. 

Tips for using the keywords you find

  • Analyze each trend of your niche to examine when to publish your future content.
  • Choose keywords that have high search volume and look for related search topics to create topic clusters.

For example, in the Pinterest Predicts Report, we can find that Soft outfits are going to increase +185% in 2021.

If you look for this keyword in the Pinterest trend search Bar, you will find that this topic peak moment is in January, this means that you should publish new content at least 5-6 weeks before January of 2022, if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

However, does this mean you can’t rank for any related soft outfits topics in 2021?

Not at all! Click the related search terms to find which other keyword variations are trending in other months.

Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

For example, soft girl aesthetic is a related topic that reached a peak in July of 2020, which means this is a keyword you can target if you want to rank in July of 2021 for topics related to soft outfits!

How To SEO Optimise Your Pinterest Account? – Use the Best Pinterest Keyword Tools

Now, what do you do after you have found all your niche keywords?  

Besides creating new content, you need to use the list of niche keywords you curated to SEO optimize all of your Pinterest on-page content.

For this, you need to add the keywords in your:

  • Account name and description;
  • Pin title and description;
  • Story title and description;
  • Video Pin title and description;
  • Board title and description;
  • Pin’s URL;
  • Photo file names;

If you SEO optimize each of these Pinterest aspects you will increase the probabilities of ranking higher in the Pinterest search results. 

Also, as I previously stated you can use the keywords to create better content strategies as you can:

  • Analyze user intent to successfully answer clients needs;
  • Create high search topic clusters;
  • Create and know when to publish popular content for the future;
  • Optimize board categories with high search popular topics.

Pinterest #’s – Use Them Or Ditch Them

What about #s, should I use them? 

Some might say they are dead, but that’s not exactly the case. 

They can be used or not, it is up to you. But never use more than 3-6. 

The reason why is not that important to add them is because people search for keywords, not hashtags. 

On IG, people search for #s. But, on Pinterest, they care about the words. 

So if your title and description are keyword rich, you are good to go!

 I am not using #s for any of my clients and everyone is growing.


Are you ready to do Pinterest keyword research in 2021?

If you use the Pinterest keywords tools explained in this article and are consistent you will see an increase in traffic to your site.

However, this is just one part of the Pinterest marketing strategy!

Always check your competitors within your niche aside from checking keywords, PLUS check your audience by gender, age, and location. 

Analytics are everything. 

Also, depending on where you are standing within the 3B’s (brands, boutique, blogger), your strategy should be different, and for that, I invite you to download my 2021 FREE Pinterest Guide.

On the other hand, thanks to my Pinterest strategy my website which only had 6 months reached 14K page views in December 2020 thanks to Pinterest traffic!

So, if you would like to work with an experienced professional to increase your page views, boost your sales and raise your audience engagement then I invite you to look at my Hire a Pinterest strategist.

Let’s grow your business together! 

Finally, I would love to keep in contact and hear your comments, please leave any questions you may have and connect with me on IG @karmenrozsa_ and Pinterest @karmenrozsa!

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