how to decorate with natural fibre rugs
how to decorate with natural fibre rugs

How to decorate with natural fibre rugs

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all must be doing great. Today, I’m really excited to share with you some of my favourite tips on how to decorate with natural fibre rugs. There are obvious reasons why shifting to a new place and adoring it in your way has its peculiar charm and pleasure. It has always been an overwhelming feeling of excitement and vigour to help people set up their décor and build up a strengthening outlook.


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Photo archives of luxurious interior and impeccable décor keep us all dreaming of a life like that. Get a timeless wall covering, roof hangings, or even illumination to fit your style. Still, nothing you do can ever beat an aura and luxurious outlook, which a natural fibre rug pulls off. 

Many surveys have proved that people prefer these types of rugs and consider them timeless which helps them to make a one-time purchase that lasts for a longer time. 

We have a long list of reasons why natural fiber rugs are a favorite pick for any time of the year. They stand out for being durable, eco-friendly, economical, and perfectly fit the style rubric to match the idea of luxurious home interior.

Natural fiber rugs come in diverse categories, including jute, sisal, seagrass, and many more. These rugs are also guaranteed to pass the test of time. All types are designed with such versatility and intricate detailing to complement the traditional and trendy interior.

Trained professionals know how to upgrade your home decor game by lifting existing strengths and hiding its flaws, incorporating a few things, and boom! Provide you with an impeccable resulting outlook.

But is it economical enough to consider? The answer is a big no! What if we tell you that you do not need to spend piles of money on this anymore? Our home stagers have gathered for you great tips for decorating your home with natural fibre rugs for impressive aesthetics!

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Decorate your home with Natural Fibre Rugs:

When it comes to style and appearance, natural fibre rugs have never failed to make their mark. Their conjoined construction, intricate pattern, and natural sandy hues are the perfect depiction of impressive home décor. Have a look through the following tips on how to style them to match any room and interior:

Placement Under Furniture:

One way to style your fiber rugs is to mark them with dark borders and place it beneath your furniture in the living room. One basic follow-up rule is to put all four legs of furniture (including chairs and center table) on the rug, and the rest of the seating should revolve all around the sides.

This core step may sound very messed up, but once you carry it out, the rug brings furniture to the limelight and defines the seating area. When it’s all set, arrange all other pieces for a very sophisticated and delicate outlook. Go for a large scale rug, or everything would go out of place.

Style Your Foyer:

Impressive enough to be placed at reception and highly used patios, hardcore natural fiber rugs are ideal for such busy entrances. Strong and durable in their appearance, they are best to guard dirt and mess entering your house. Their hardcore surface serves multiple advantages starting from restraining dust to the beautifying aspect they add to the entrance. Get one for yourself and place it near the door to guard puddles of mud entering your house. 

Additional benefit? Natural fibre rugs are extremely easy to clean by using a vacuum cleaner as it is likely to bring back their sheer appearance.

Go For Mesmerising Patterns:

Natural fiber rugs have been an enduring choice among many generations. But if they are not paired with complementary decor and interesting furniture, they can get really boring. They would provide no good other than covering up space and securing your floor.

Are you looking for them to be the style statement? They have to be designed as such to make them a game-changer item for home décor. A mix of criss-cross lines or either alternative geometrical patterns can enhance the entire visual of your place. 

Opting for the one complementing the rest of the furniture would result in a winning outlook of your place. Place in a living room, bedroom, or even guest room, these rugs give an impressive site, charming enough to please everyone around.

Create More Space:

A crowded and messy room never looks appealing to enter after a tiring day at work. To relax from all the stress, one requires a calm and broader space to breathe and relax. A natural fiber rug with a lighter hue does this job when placed in the bedroom. Align it perfectly in coherence with the bed, and it instantly makes your room look wider. A patterned and neat construction of rug is soft enough to give a relaxing sensation to your bare feet.

The casing of these types of rugs is done with such delicacy to avoid any damage caused by heavy furniture placement over them. These items also layered with soft material underneath prevent costing damage to the lustrous/ wooden floor.

Guard Against Moisture

Are you tired of wet bath mats? Opt for an outdoor fiber mat to be replaced with outdated plastic doormats. Stronger in their nature and moisture resistant in their functionality, these fiber rugs are perfect placement to match earthy hues.

You know what else? Exceptionally eco-friendly, these rugs are smooth enough to catch all the deserving attention.

Shopping Guide: Enchanting Natural Fibre Rugs

Convinced to get one for yourself? We have gathered some catchy designs from our top picks for you to get a dream look by utilizing elegant designs as following:

Moroccan Blythe Rug

Natural fiber Made with high-quality, this rug is irreplaceable for its exceptional performance. Ideal to be placed in the busiest areas of your home, including lounge or reception, this finely crafted rug is resilient to stains and damage. 

Made with a devised colour combination scheme adds style and elegance to any room and compliments any furniture you place along.

Are you worried about durability? This rug is specifically designed keeping in mind its functionality in high traffic areas; therefore, the quality ensures long term durability with easy removal of stains. 

Not only this, but a very low maintenance rug indeed! To put it even more simply, it basically cut short the time required for its maintenance. This type of rug is easiest to clean by using a vacuum cleaner, hence leaving it all new with restored brightness. The vibrant array of colors gives a stylish look and adds style to your home décor.

The great list of qualities don’t end here; however, other noticeable features include the following:

  • Unified in its structure hence providing strong resilience against high traffic.
  • Perfect to use in the busiest areas of your home
  • Designed specifically to be placed under furniture, doors, or even at the reception.
  • Adds just the right about of appeal and attraction to your place
  • Vibrant colors to upgrade the liveliness
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Stain-resistant.

Want to shop for a natural fibre rug? Available at such a great price! To find more about it, you should pay a visit to this link to get one for yourself: 

how to decorate with natural fibre rugs
how to decorate with natural fibre rugs

Handwoven Jute Rug

Who doesn’t love handcrafted details? Made with love and confined with care, these rugs are perfect for adorning your place and aiming to add a chic aspect to your home. Considering the amount of effort it takes for manufacture, a unique packaging design for transiting them safely to your place.

It’s known for delicate weaving, style, and durability; these rugs can add a catchy look and blend perfectly with natural and neutral tones of furnishing. Who doesn’t love the delicate aura of sophistication? 

The subtle woven texture of its knitting effortlessly integrates with the existing tone of your place. For being handcrafted in their nature, shaking advice to clean the debris. Add an irresistible touch of class to your home by getting one for yourself. You can also learn more about it from here:

how to decorate with natural fibre rugs
how to decorate with natural fibre rugs

Traditional Rug

how to decorate with natural fibre rugs
how to decorate with natural fibre rugs

It is made out of machine weaving; this rug is impeccable for its usage amidst the everyday rush. it verifies for its functionality for kids and pet friendly; this rug comes with additional features including the following:

  • Adds a traditional vibe and warmth to your place.
  • Versatile and can be used in bedrooms, lounges and hallways.
  • Adds timeless beauty to your home.
  • Can be quiet affordable 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Adds a vibrant and delicate aspect to your place.

Want to shop for your place? Have a look through a variety of other aesthetic and pleasing designs to bring liveliness to your home! Based on a very friendly budget to afford. Do visit: 


Natural fibre rugs have long been in tradition and hold a beautiful place to double up the existential beauty of your home. Love the organic feel in your house? Well, they are a definite pick for you. It incorporates all shades ranging from exciting to blended out neutral, these rugs are not to be missed out on, so you must get yourself one too!

If you have thoughts about this article, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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