Hi, beautiful people! Welcome back! How has your week been? I’ve learned a lot of Pinterest strategies and also wrote for you cozy decor ideas for winter season decoration!

I already want to show them to you, but before we start I would like to clarify that you will focus on easy and affordable winter holiday decor ideas, with glam and elegant ideas here and there, but overall they are affordable and versatile winter decor projects. 

Also, there are a lot of subareas in each home space and a variety of winter holiday decor styles and ideas you can make, but that would be a long guide, maybe for the future, however for this article, I’ll show you a variety of easy cozy winter ideas for home.

Oftentimes I will showcase neutral, light-toned decorations. They can fit into any household easily and could be a soft and easy transformation for the holiday season, aka Christmas.  

Also, it is important to note that my personal taste is muted and earth-toned, hence you will see a lot of it because it matches my style.

I hope you get inspired and super motivated to get on with your winter projects, winter and Christmas is a time for softness, peace, and union, when we hope for a better future amidst the hardships. Which I think we all need, let’s get stronger and inspired for our future ahead!

Note: I would like to let you know that this article contains affiliate links, if you choose to purchase with my links thank you, and if you do not thank you likewise for your time and attention. No hard feelings here 😉 

Cozy living room decor

Coffee table winter decor

The living room, especially the space around the coffee table, serves as a space to laugh with funny IG stories, get chatty on WhatsApp, or just lay while you’re listening to your favourite entrepreneur podcast. 

So, to give you ideas for this space I wanted to present scented candles and tray decorations separately but as those two are such an amazing team, I didn’t want to break them up! 

Scent candles

Scent candles are ideal to create an extra layer of comfort, apart from the warm light of candles, the scents can influence your mood, normally leading you to a relaxing calming state of mind. Also, did you know? It helps you remember the moments you have in that area (only if you use that scent for that particular space) as one of the best ways for the brain to save memories is by the sense of smell.

Coffee table trays

Trays are versatile home accessories that help you carry things but also serve as a base for decor vignettes.

Coffee table trays styling tips

Styling a coffee table tray can be daunting, whether it’s Christmas themed or not. Take a look at these tips to master tray styling like a pro and delight your eye with great design.

Odd numbers rule:  The odd numbers rule goal is to stand out rather than blend in. How? By making uneven sections for your eyes to travel (yes, maybe you can’t but your eyes can travel!). Odd numbers are uneven, for example, 3,5,7. So, your brain needs to make more effort to discover the style. In short, it’s interesting to see. So, with this in mind, let’s look at two beautiful examples:

Credit: stylingfrugal

The first tray picture has warm vibes and invites you to look over (high visual interest), and though it has a lot of elements on it (tulips, coasters, soy scented candle, matches, etc.), if you look closely this style has 3 sections or quadrants. The flower section, the coasters section, and the book section. And, it does not matter that the book has 3 elements on top because they are so close that they look like 1 piece instead of 4.


Now, let’s look at the second tray picture, this is how you should not apply the odd number rule. As you can see there are 3 elements over the tray. But, your brain only sees two sections, the flowers, and the jars. Why? Because they are so similar that they blend.

Theme: When you create a vignette you must take into consideration what kind of mood or theme you want to express. This can be achieved by establishing the color palette, the season elements, or the type of tray. In the following pictures, you’ll see practical examples of this.

Tray: As you may have noticed, the kind of tray you choose will also determine the mood you establish. A golden mirror tray gives a glam touch,  a marble one says hello elegance while a wood or concrete one welcomes a classic contemporary Christmas look.

Textures: Also, another thing you ought to do is play with layers and different textures, just like you would with your clothes. Differences stand out but harmony is your goal, as disharmony creates a stressful state of mind. Scented candles, as I explained before, can add an extra layer of comfort to any space you place them, thanks to their soothing effect.  

Scales and layers: Scales add points to visual interest as a plain tray, it’s quite boring and nothing really stands out.  You can add different heights by adding flowers, a mix of tall and small candles, mini trees, wood reindeers, and many other accessories. Oh! Books are also a great option to add layers to your vignette to add a casual yet elegant look to your living room. For a good read and coffee table decor combo, I would recommend Kelly Wearstler’s recently launched book: Evocative Style or the classic Tom Ford. Who doesn’t love that one?! (Warning: the Tom Ford book has nudity pictures, please be aware of this if you have children or do not like to see nudity art) 

Finally, the elements you can use for your trays are endless but as long as it blends with your mood in a natural way you are going in the right direction. 

Now we are ready! Here are 6 pure eye candy coffee table tray decoration ideas that work perfectly with snuggly soy scented candles

White Christmas themed tray decor ideas 

In the first three images, we can see the white and neutral tones of Christmas coffee tables, these colours give a calm soothing vibe to your room, the amber light it’s crucial to add warmth and when you combine these elements with a wood tray, a country modern style is born.

Marble tray and scented candle decor ideas

This idea is simple. However, its simplicity makes it even more beautiful. For this living room winter decor idea, I want to focus on the winter candle scents as a perfect accessory to decorate your coffee table. Especially the soy wax scented candles which are one of the most affordable, eco-friendly ways to add a cozy feeling to your living room! Homey winter candle scents and dreamy amber lights will immediately make your living room comfy-friendly.

As you can see there are different ways to arrange your scented candles, you can put them on top of your book to create new heights or add the books in a different quadrant and the scent candles in different mini trays to add different sections (though in this example these mini trays could blend in so to make the style more dynamic you could place the metallic vase on the top of the books. 

However, keep in mind that if you choose to arrange a cluster of candles then a good way to do it is by making a triangle shape with them, using 3 or other uneven numbers. Also, if you would like an elegant touch for your classic contemporary holiday decorations, I would suggest using marble trays to set the mood. 

Gold White Mirror Trays 

Finally, if you would like a glam-luxury touch, choosing a golden mirror tray is one of the quickest ways to achieve your desired glow.  However, for elegance, less is your golden rule. For example, a golden mirror tray with just one focal point is more than enough. However, if you want a glam touch style with the soy scented candle tray style surrounded by metal mini trees, books, and lights fit you better. As you can see both of them are golden trays but the styles are completely different. 

Wood Trays 

I think coffee trays are a good piece to have on your winter home decor ideas checklist, especially if you would like a neutral classic contemporary Christmas living room. 

You can use different sizes and mix tea light holders, trees, and candles to create different scales and make your living room an even more cozy place as they blend naturally with the neutral knitted throws and cushions in the background creating a harmonious classic contemporary Christmas mood. Also, remember the layer rule, when you achieve this your tray decoration is on another level. Say no to plain, boring trays!

This kind of decoration swings between affordable and luxury, it all depends on material, craftsmanship, and shipping. 

Finally, I just want to highlight that if you want to go for any of these looks one of the most expensive ones would be solid wood tray ideas which are made of natural material that is more expensive to source, work on, and simply has more value. Also, if the wood is approx the same price as mirrors, it means it is MDF, which is pressed wood. And if so, always look for book-matched edges, because they are the nice looking ones 😉 

Before giving my recommendations I would like to add that I have been a huge lover of scented candles for years and my recent obsession is Soy Candles. It is environmentally friendly, lasts longer, and is cost-effective. 

They also look beautiful as an accessory and the jar can be repurposed just as a simple accessory or with small plants/flowers 🙂


Winter scented candles:


Square Rustic Tray

Winter Golden Tray 

Round Wood Tray 

Coffee table tray decoration credits

White themed decorations 

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Marble tray decorations

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Golden mirror trays decorations

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Wood trays decorations

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Birch Branch Candle Holders:

  1. Bycraft ($29.60)
  2. ZwoodZ ($20)
  3. MiLiCrafts ($18.58+)

Mini Trees:

Knitted candle holders

One of the coziest DIY Christmas decorations is handmade knitted pieces; cushions, blankets, and candle holders. Knitted candle holders holiday statements are a lovely decor idea for the previously mentioned soy wax scented winter candles, they can also be used for tall or small candles!  

The knitted candle holders immediately transform any of your candles into an enchanting mild light warm source focal point. In these examples, the dried flowers and books serve to add different levels and each knitted candle holder has a different pattern all of this making the winter decor design more appealing to the eye, not plain at all!

On the other hand, a small wood tray, two pinecones, and a small reindeer exude a cozy feeling as they’re so close, it almost seems like the reindeer seeking the warmth of the scented candle after a cold night out.

Winter decorating ideas credits: 

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Knitted candle holders recommendations:

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Small pinecones recommendations:

  1. GreenEggFarmLLC ($4.0)
  2. SimplySerraFloral ($6.5)

Round coffee table trays recommendations:

  1. MaduDesignCrochet ($30.0)
  2. EcostyleBoutique ($35)
  3. EverlastingOrchid ($31)

Small Wood Reindeer recommendations:

  1. TheLetterHouseUK ($9.62)
  2. JenniBOriginals ($22)
  3. BeachLifeDecoration ($20)

Winter Christmas prints 

Prints. It’s kind of cliche but is true; one picture is worth a thousand words.  

And, in this case, it totally is! It is a lovely complement to your living room decoration. And a cheap one, at least the ones I’ll recommend to you! (starting from $3.12) 

Just for this section, I’m going to show you living room wall art design examples that aren’t exactly winter-related, this is because I didn’t find a design like the examples below (aside from the product pictures examples), so I will show you lovely living rooms with different print wall art placements, so you have an idea of how to do it yourself, ok?

Maybe you won’t do a big gallery wall presentation, however, I wanted to show you these organization examples so you have an idea on how to organize your Christmas prints with other wall art prints in case there is more than one.

Usually, wall art it’s very personal, but a nice way to organize your prints is to make arrangements that guide the eye. Whether it’s by groups clearly delimited by an imagery (or explicit) line and with an even number, like the first two images or the bottom left corner image, when it’s not so obvious at first glance, this is a symmetrical arrangement.

Also, you can also organize a wall in a random way such as the green living room example, just make sure that the midlines of art prints line up to the next one’s. 

I hope this brief but cool information about interior design wasn’t hard to understand and that you learned something new 🙂

Winter decorating ideas credits: 

Etsy product recommendations:

Cozy dining room decor

Dinner table centerpiece ideas

One of the focal points of these holidays is the dinner table. It’s a place where we gather to share our food with our loved ones, whether that loved one’s a human or a fluffy cat, dog or who knows a hamster, the thing is it’s a place to build memories while eating delicious food and be thankful for your blessings.

Dry flower arrangements 

I’m going to tell you a secret (if you have just met my website): I loooooove dry flowers. 

Elegant, chic, and recently suuuuper trendy. They can be with you year-round, you can put them anywhere, they’re so beautiful. I am addicted.

Remember: If you would like a more classic Christmas look you can add eucalyptus or/and red cranberry bund. For this kind of diner centrepiece, $50-$70 should be ok to spend.

Winter decorating ideas credits: 

  1. Web: mimosaflowers
  2. Web:missfleurs 

Etsy Products:

Advents Candle wreaths 

A classy, elegant Christmas option. If you would like a more traditional Christmas centrepiece idea then advent candle wreaths are a good winter decoration for you!

Here you can see two examples, the one on the right it’s the common example of the advent wreath with tall pure white candles, eucalyptus, and pine cones, but the one on the left has a more sophisticated look. I’m sure you know why! This is thanks to the brass candle sticker and the small sized eucalyptus wreath.

Winter decorating ideas credits: 

  1. Web: solebich
  2. Web: traumzuhause

Brass candlesticks recommendations: 

  1. OXDENMARQ (207.94+)

Advent wreaths recommendations 

  1. Eucalyptus advent wreath: ganzunverbluemt ($151.12)
  2. Advent dried Flowers wreath: Ganzunverbluemt ($148.64) and ganzunverbluemt ($184.57)

Cozy bathroom decor

Cotton flower arrangement ideas

Dry flowers are versatile DIY Christmas decorations that can be anywhere and light up your home in an elegantly-chic way. I know I have previously named cotton flower arrangements as an option for dining table centrepiece ideas, but how can you say no to such beauty? I just can’t! 
But, getting back to the winter ideas for your home, as you can see there are different ways you can arrange your cotton dry flowers, blue, gold, brown, Lavender, or the simple yet elegantly beautiful combination of eucalyptus, cotton, and pinecones.

Скандинавские травы (Композиция из сухоцветов) - купить или заказать в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров | Интерьерная композиция из трав<br /> <br /> Мои…” src=”https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/TqaLoPBuUnKaiRSAEI6jj4leKk0TyR3oFMdBaFPjAXLEYGZCyk7Y7JOswAhS3vRxzsZLvwsFIz0bqnZ1U2ww3VVio8lRMrmVWiFVopLTGaVT718NRDx3QXOQesyAan8jvk943YPV”></p>

<p><img class=

Also, if this is your first time making dry flower arrangements in small vases, you can use a chicken wire or anything similar that helps the flowers to stay in place.   

Making your dry flower arrangements can be a very fun and personal experience which is why it’s one of my favorite winter DIY decorations, it can also be a bonding experience if you do it with your partner, kids, family, or friends…or maybe not, and you’ll end up fighting how to arrange the flowers yelling at each other about your really bad design taste! 

In that case, maybe two dried flower DIY sets it’s a better choice. Love before war babe.  

Hey, a tip: if you’re struggling with your flower arrangement, just remember to choose a theme ( in this case winter and Christmas, I think it’s kinda obvious!) or choose which flowers are going to be the focal point and arrange based on that. 

For example, if you would like a little bit of a classic Christmas arrangement, you can add red cranberries to the pinecone example and you’re ready to go 😉 

As you can see it’s not necessary that the cotton flowers are all grouped in one place as long as the other flowers or evergreens enhance ( and do not hide) your cute little white cotton flowers. Also, remember that you can pick various of these flowers and dry them yourself, in this case, the arrangement will be cheaper, but if you would like to buy them so you can have more free time, save between $15-$50.

Oh, and before I forget!  I have a wonderful article about How To Accessorise On A Budget.There you’ll find valuable tips about essential elements to decor your home with an elegant touch even with a low budget, check it out and tell me what you think!

Dried flower arrangement decorating ideas credits: 

Dry flower recommendations: 

Bathroom scent candle tray

If you’re looking for the perfect companion to your dry flower winter arrangements then the next logical step would be adding the invigorating presence of winter candle scents. Taking a bath on a cold night with these two companions bound together by a small but chic tray it’s an alluring and easy winter decor idea you have to try at least once in your lifetime. 


  1. Pinterest mood: slownorth
  2. Web: oursleepguide

Scent candle recommendations: 

Small tray recommendations:

  1. Golden Glass Tray: OrganizersQueen ($40.0)
  2. Luxury Black Marble Tray: Vanderluna ($123.87)

Mosaic Marble Tray: MarMOREWorks   ($143.0)

Cozy bedroom decor 

A space without a soul is only a display of furniture. As I said before in my article A Sanctuary-Your Bedroom, it should be your goal to have a display of your feelings in your bedroom, after all, is the sanctuary where you lay to rest after a hectic working day or where you rise, renovated; ready to take on the day with stick-to-it-iveness.

Printed Christmas decor ideas

Every home needs beautiful prints and I believe if someone can afford to buy a reasonably priced print, they should. It can be a fun way to switch between decorations 🙂

My mom used to do it when I was a child, and I loved it, that she had this seasonal tradition! So if you want a quick and affordable winter holiday decor idea for your lovely sleep goddess sanctuary, or in a less dramatic normal language, your bedroom, then what else could be better than winter prints? 

The starting point of the winter Christmas prints I list starts at 4 dollars with some of them having an instant download option! Can’t get better than this.

Christmas pillows and printed wall lyrics 

Just like I said earlier, I love curling up with comfortable cushions! Cushions and warm blankets are essential to keep you warm but also to add your personal touch. As we are in winter mode, you can see two different mood boards that highlight a neutral white Christmas sentiment.

The best placement for your Christmas pillows would be in the front where they can be seen, just like that they motivate you as soon as you see the centre of your bed, making it a focal point.

Also, as you can see in these winter bedding ideas you don’t need to limit yourself, if you like prints you can also use them above the bedhead whether you have a shelf, laying there along with other decorative seasonal items like white candles, even best if they are scented candles!

However, if you would prefer to hang them on the wall, like the left picture example, it’s a perfect choice too, as you can see you can combine this option with a snowy faux Christmas garland, making a good contrast with the white Christmas theme you have chosen. 

Winter Bedroom decorating ideas credits: 

  1. domesticallyblissful
  2. talkdecor

Etsy Products recommendations 

  1. A Merry Little Christmas: notsofarmerswife, $5.52
  2. Silent Night, Holy Night, All is Calm, All is Bright: HouseArtCo, $6.00
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: with a watercolour art touch, SnowAndCompany, $16.25+
  4. Christmas Throw Pillow-Noel: PCBHome, $20+

“Hello Winter”, Cushion Cover: DaheimShop, $11+ and DaheimShop, $11+

Printed Landscape Christmas Wall Decor

Also, if you prefer winter landscape Christmas art, these are excellent options; a snowfield scenery with a  cute moose in the centre, trees, and cozy cabins. Or, if you’re not an animal lover maybe a winter ski theme, like the picture below.

Winter Bedroom decorating ideas credits: 

Etsy Products recommendations 

Winter Landscape White Forest:MIRAMARART ,$3.43

Winter Knitted Blankets and Cushion Covers ideas

Just like knitted sweaters are essential for your winter outfits (read my winter outfits article to see the cute and elegant ensembles if you haven’t!), winter knitted throw blankets and cushion covers are well… the cozy holy child of winter. Just look at these warm and cozy bedroom ideas and tell me otherwise!

A good way to have a beautifully made bed is by playing with patterns and textures, just like you would with your winter outfits. In this case, you can play with the knitted cushion covers patterns just like the left and center picture example. Also, even though we are in the knitted section I can’t leave without highlighting the other beautiful winter season decorations ideas in these bedrooms pics. (if I did, why am I writing this article anyway?!) 

So, first of all, as you can see winter wreath decorations are not only for your porch or doors, these could also be used for your bedroom, dining room for centerpieces, or even your bathroom! If you like wreaths you have a grand variety of options to choose from for your fall to winter decor. 

There are a lot of winter wreath decorations to choose from, they are a perfect DIY Christmas decoration. I’m not going to list all the options I recommend here, as I’m going to list them in the porch winter decor ideas, and I don’t want to constantly repeat myself. 

But if you want to add green without too much gold, a lovely option would be to add a green faux to achieve a classic contemporary rustic decoration on your sleep sanctuary. 

However, if you wish for a touch of sophistication or elegance, then contemporary modern wreaths made of dry flowers or eucalyptus are perfect for adding an amount of elegance, if you wish, to your farmhouse’s winter bedroom decor.

Finally, if you want a well designed, small, cozy bedroom, I invite you to give a little virtual visit to my article  7 Mistakes To Avoid In A Small Bedroom, where I share with you invaluable interior design tips to have a better idea about how to decorate a small bedroom. 🙂 


Knitted cushion cover recommendations 

Knitted throw blankets:

Winter wreaths for the bedroom: 

Cozy front door porch decor

If you’re thinking about front porch winter decorations the first thing that may cross your mind are wreaths and sometimes beautiful people, sometimes life it’s as simple as that. I will highlight different wreath styles so that everyone has a choice. Spring style, gold elegant style, classic wreaths, silver ones, and delicate ones such as the winter lambs ear wreath. 

If you’re struggling about which piece to choose, just look back at your home and personality, which is the overall theme? And choose based on that. For example, if you would like a Christmas style that it’s not so colourful a nice alternative of colours are sage, gold, and light gold Christmas decorations tones, a wreath like the ones below would fit with an elegant yet minimalist Christmas mood 100%.

However, if you would like more glam at your front door, these gold and silver pieces are a better option.

Winter Wreath Decor Credits: 

  1. NovaWreaths
  2. ReemNourDesigns
  3. OrangewoodCreations
  4. SnyderAndClay 
  5. HomeBeautyDecor
  6. CloverdaleDesignCo

Bonus: Elegant sage wreath idea!

Before I go to the conclusion, after so much inspiration I wanted to give you a minimalistic but beautiful DIY idea for a sage wreath decor, I couldn’t find any good pics but we can work with these examples. This is an easy winter decor idea. You would need Gold Wreath Hoop, some winter greenery like eucalyptus, small gold fern picks, and a sage or dusty green-dyed satin ribbon. When you combine all these pieces you get a wonderful elegant eye-candy door wreath ready to illuminate your home with elegance as sage’s a versatile neutral colour with silver undertones.  

Credit:NovaWreaths                                                  credit: ShyMyrtle

Also, for those who would like to do your own wreaths, here are some wreath kits to have some winter Christmas fun 🙂

Credit: Kintalaflowers

How can I decorate my winter without Christmas?

Before saying the final goodbye (for today!) I wanted to briefly tell you some tips about how to decorate your house in January or without Christmas. You may have realized a pattern in this article and already realized the tricks, but here they are!

  • Who said Red? Sage is the new Christmas colour! : This means if you want to avoid the classy charisma decor all over your house you should avoid using lots of reds. Yes, you can use some but if your goal is to have a smooth transition without much-spilled blood, then the best thing you can do is go for neutral colours or at least not do the classic red, gold,  and green combo bomb decor. For example, the colour sage is a beautiful way around being too colourful, yet it looks extremely elegant! Just like we saw earlier with the sage wreaths.
  • Keep it simple: This is the best thing you can do, not only for dressing classy but also for decorating for winter, Christmas doesn’t mean you have to bathe your home in gold and red, Christmas is about joy and being grateful for your blessings so less is more. For example, if you want to keep it simple but add elegance then a good colour palette to work on would be white with light gold, or classic gold which can be mixed with other neutral colours to enhance the gold tones, grey or sage, for example, would be a good choice for a sophisticated Christmas mood. 
  • Enjoy yourself: Ok, this may not be one of the top most popular Christmas-to-winter decor tips, but hey! It’s your home, your time, and your safe space, however you choose to decor do what feels right to you, take the advice of experts, but in the end, explore and have fun doing your DIY Christmas decorations!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it helped you decorate or re-decorate your home easily for the holiday season!
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