A dry skin must have – If you have dry skin and never heard of the magical Purito BB cream then I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely magical. No kidding! Purito’s Cica Clearing BB Cream has easily become my holy grail. 

I couldn’t imagine my life without it! I’ve been using this cream for over a year now and it very quickly became a staple in my everyday routine. I’m currently on my 5th bottle now and I know I’ll very quickly will be onto my 6th!

I was looking for a product that was both moisturizing and blurring, and when I found the Purito BB cream I just knew it was the answer to my prayers. Dewy skin is no longer just a dream for me, it has become my reality. 

But before we continue on with this magical bb cream review I’d just like to mention a few things. Firstly, I’m not a dermatologist. This Purito BB Cream review is purely based on my experiences with the products mentioned.

Furthermore, I’m not working with Purito for this review. I just happen to really like the brand and a lot of their products have worked incredibly well for me. 

However, just a reminder that this article may contain some affiliate links. These links will cause you no additional costs. If you would like to support me and what I do then I urge you to check some of those links out!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff! 

Who is Purito and what do they stand for? 

Purito is a Korean beauty brand that was created in 2013. Its mission was to make beauty products that were pure, natural and made without chemical ingredients. 

Purito products are vegan friendly and 100% cruelty-free! They’re firmly against testing on animals (Yay!) and they even donate a portion of their profits to the Best Friend Animal Society. 

And that’s not all! They’re actually an environmentally conscious brand that uses sustainable packaging. 

They do this by limiting their use of packaging in general and when they do use packaging they make sure its made out of recyclable material (or is biodegradable). 

Another cause very dear to them is the KFEM (Korean Federation For Environmental Movement), which they also donate a portion of their profits too. 

So if you’re like me and this matters to you, you can rest assured that Purito is a brand that’s not only great for your skin but also for the planet. 

Now I can tell some of you are already falling in love with this brand but hold your horses! Let’s get to why the Purito Cica Clearing BB cream is so good in the first place! 

What’s so magical about the Purito BB Cream? 

This Purito BB Cream comes in 6 shades at the moment:

  • Natural Ivory, a cool Ivory with peachy-pink undertones. 
  • Rose Ivory, a warm Ivory with pink undertones. 
  • Light Beige, a true cool beige. 
  • Natural Beige, a neutral beige. 
  • Sand Beige, a warm beige.
  • Deep Warm, a deep tan with warm undertones. 

Just a reminder that these creams do sheer out quite a bit. So if you don’t see your exact undertone represented here, you can try for the closest shade or mix two shades together.

I will admit there’s a little trial and error when it comes to finding your shade for this cream. I used about 2-3 different colors and found that Natural Beige worked best for my skin tone. So if you’ve got a similar skintone to mine, that’s the shade I highly recommend. 

The cream comes in a 30ml squeezy tube (1.0 fl .oz) and retails for about $13 dollars. You can get through this stuff pretty quickly if you’re using it every day (I would know I went through 5 tubes of it) but in my opinion, it’s pretty worth it. 

The product itself comes free from parabens, artificial dyes, essential oils and artificial fragrances. 

So those who are sensitive to these ingredients can definitely try this purito BB cream with no worries! 

However, I do suggest that you get a tester first! As a rule of thumb when it comes to skin care, always try something out on a test patch to be sure you’re free from any irritations before applying it to the entirety of your face!

On top of the sun protection the product provides, the CICA extracts within helps strengthen your skin barrier and leaves your skin feeling supple and moisturized. 

So you’ve got coverage and skin care all in one tube! 

Now let’s get to the actual wear of the BB cream.

The cream provides a light to medium coverage that looks fresh and glowy on the skin. The lightweight texture of the cream also helps it look more natural on the face and not cakey at all. 

I will say that this BB cream isn’t very buildable and although it has a light to medium coverage, it won’t be able to cover very pigmented areas. 

But of course this is to be expected as it’s a BB cream. But a plus is that from my experience, even as it dries down it doesn’t oxidize or darken. 

Therefore the color of the Purito BB cream stays pretty much the same from when you first put it on at the start of your day, till the end of it. 

In terms of longevity I will highly recommend you to set it down with some powder if you don’t want it moving around. Again, being a very moisturizing BB cream it does have a tendency to wear down throughout the day. 

But I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference. 

When I was using this product I found that both a sponge application and brush application gave me a similar finish. However, I will say that the sponge absorbed quite a bit of the purito bb cream and the brush sometimes left a streaky finish. 

But overall the product blends in very nicely when worked into the skin. And it really didn’t require much effort at all to do so. 

Like I mentioned before I have pretty dry skin so dry patches are always an issue for me. But I didn’t have any issues when using this product. It actually left my skin looking pretty smooth, glowy and supple. 

I absolutely loved how moisturizing the purito bb cream was and lightweight it felt. It was almost as if I had just put on moisturizer and went on with my day. 

The way my skin absorbed the goodness from this BB cream is to die for and it didn’t make my skin feel overly tacky or slick! 

Other Purito products I absolutely love

You may be wondering at this point, “Karmen all you’ve done so far is rave about Purito are you sure you aren’t being paid for this review?” 

Well, to answer your question, yes I’m not being paid for this review, I just happen to love their products. 

I’ve used several of their other products before such as face creams and they’ve really worked out for me. They provided the moisture I needed without leaving my skin feeling super oily or heavy. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret, Purito happens to store one of my all-time favorite serums. Their dermaHA-3 serum is something I always reach for during the Winter and Summer. It’s my secret little weapon against lackluster skin during these dry seasons. 

The serum comes in a 50ml dropper bottle (1.7 fl. oz) and is made for dehydrated and oily skin. It not only helps with hydration but also helps with firmness and fine lines. 

When I’ve used this product I felt like my skin got an instant recharge and became pillowy and fresh. And not just me! My boyfriend tried it with me and he’s helped me go through 4 bottles of this magic potion. It’s safe to say he loves it as much as I do! 

One of the serum’s core ingredients is Hyaluronic acid that is supposed to attract and seal in the moisture. So dry skin babes, this is another Purito must have! 

In addition to that it’s also alcohol free, essential oil free and fragrance free! 

Products that didn’t work out so great for my skin

Of course not all their products have worked out for me. 

I have tried the Purito Oat in Calming Gel cream before which was supposed to alleviate skin sensitivity, redness and irritation. However, for me it wasn’t great because I needed something more moisturizing. 

Though I do think the Purito Oat in Calming Gel might work great for those who are prone to irritations and flare-ups. I think it could really calm your skin down without leaving it feeling very oily. 

Let’s talk drama

Now although Purito is a great brand it’s not without its controversies. In all honesty, I had missed the bulk of the drama but here’s a little rundown of what I could find out. 

A major controversy that had occurred was regarding Purito’s sunscreen. What had happened was INCIDecoder, a popular ingredient database, had shared lab results that revealed that the Purito Centella Green Level sunscreen had a SPF19 instead of the marketed SPF50. 

Purito’s response was to shelve the sunscreen and offer refunds right away. 

Now it’s important to note that there could be several reasons for the lab results being different to the marketed SPF. One being, different testing and regulations between the US and Korea. 

Another product that got a bad rep was Purito’s vitamin C serum. Although I haven’t used it much myself, I read in a Purito vitamin C serum review that the product had great ingredients but was formulated terribly. 

Again, I’m no certified dermatologist but from what I read this formulation had a risk of causing irritation and skin sensitivity. But it seems that Purito has also recognised this weakness as it’s Vitamin C has said to have gone through a reformulation recently. 

Currently the ingredients are listed here. Each ingredient on this site is explained really well so I urge you to check it out!

Overall scandals aside I still think Purito is a trustworthy brand, one I’ll still be buying from. The reason I say this is because their responses to the scandals have really impressed me and have shown me that they do care about what they put on their shelves. 

This is just my opinion though!

So my final thoughts? 

My hope for the purito bb cream is that in the future I want to see a wider shade range. I feel as if this should be the norm for modern skin care brands no matter which market they’re launching in. 

That being said I do recognize that the brand has added shades since their launch so I hope they keep it up! 

I would also love to see the brand launch a second purito bb cream that combats issues for acne prone skin as I feel like bb cream would be a great solution for those with that skin type! 

All in all I really do love the Purito beauty line and I hope that you have enjoyed my review of it. My wish is for you to find something that works for you amongst the things I write about. 

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