Are you looking for the best winter nails 2021 for coffin nail shape?

As winter will be around the corner, you should by now have some ideas of how you want your nails to look. 

Don’t worry ladies, I got your back. I will be sharing winter nails 2021 for coffin nail shape.

Coffin nail shape is the best nail shape for chubby fingers because of its tapered shape and squared-off ends. This makes your fingers look longer and slimmer.


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Gel Lac Nails Idea for winter nails in 2021 Coffin style

Gel lac is a fusion of UV gel and nails polish and it is easy to apply just like regular nail polish. The best part is it only takes 10 minutes to remove.

How Do You Apply Lac Gel Polish?

It can be applied in two thin coats on the natural nail or the artificial nail enhancement.

How Do You Remove Gel Lac At Home?

There are two ways you can use to remove the gel lac.

The first way is to fill a small bowl with acetone and a few drops of cuticle oil. Then, soak your fingertips into the mixture.

Another way is to soak cotton balls with acetone and put them on your nail for 10 to 15 minutes. You can wrap the cotton balls to avoid them from moving while waiting for the gel to come off from your nails.

Sounds easy, isn’t it?

  1. Dark Purple
Create the look:


If you love purple, you can try this shade of purple. You can easily pull off this purple shade as compared to other purple shades because of the dark tone.

Gel lac enhances the beauty of this colour as it makes the colour look more classy.

What I like more is that your nails will look longer and the shine from gel lac makes your nails look healthier.

  1. Dark Blue

Create the look:

Dark Blue

Is your favourite colour blue? You might want to style your nails with this colour.

Dark blue makes you look more sophisticated and the gel lac effect will add more fun to the colour.

Of course, you want others to notice how beautiful your nails look. This nail style is the best choice for you!

  1. Army Green

Create the look:

Dark Green

If you are obsessed with dark shades, you will love this nail colour.

Forget about the matte dark nail colours, go for gel lac because your nails will look longer. 

Plus, if you pair it with the coffin nail shape which is a suitable nail shape for fat fingers, your fingers will be slender.

  1. Classy Black

Create the look:



If you look closely at the middle finger and the ring finger, you will notice some design on the nails.

With a little detail, black nails will not look outdated and boring especially when you use the gel lac as it gives a glossy effect to your nails.

  1. Marble Nails

Create the look:



Gold Foil

Using gel lac doesn’t mean you cannot express your creativity. Just like this nail style, you can always experiment with how you want your nails to be.

You can combine two or three colours and put some details like the gold dust but always be careful as some designs do not come out well with gel lac.

Christmas Style Nails Idea

It’s almost Christmas, ladies!

Why don’t you do your nails using the Christmas theme?

You don’t have to use green or red for your nails to suit the theme. You can still create Christmas look nails without using these two colours.

Here, I share a few ideas you can follow to create a fun Christmas nail theme.

  1. Cozy Cocoa

Create the look:


Using one colour can still create a Christmas nail look just like this one.

You can also recreate this nail look using any colour that you like and still look stylish and trendy.

Your friend might ask where you did this nail style because you still can use this look even if not during the Christmas season. Isn’t it great?

  1. Mixed Print Nail

Create the look:

Light Beige

Light Pink

Light Red


If you have a lot of nail colour, you can do this nail look. Just like the previous nail look, this nail look also can be styled even if not during the Christmas season.

You can simply use colours that match the season as you are ready to show off your gorgeous nails.

This nail look is suitable for coffin nail shape because it is the best nail shape for fat fingers.

Apart from making your nails look fun, your fingers will look slender.

  1. Reindeer Nail 

Create the look:


Don’t leave your nails looking empty! Draw reindeer like in the picture to make your nails more Christmas. 

You don’t have to use the same colour from the picture, simply recreate the middle fingernail and if you like the ring fingernail idea you can try to do that too.

  1. Winter Nails

Create the look:

Light Grey


This nail idea is so beautiful. You can use this nail idea during the winter.

The tricky part is to select the right colour because you want to make the nails look icy cold.

Wrongly selecting the colour might ruin the end look and also spoil your mood. We don’t want it to happen, right ladies?

  1. Blue Tone Nails

Create the look:


Light Blue


Dark Blue


This nail look is very simple but still looks stylish.

It is because this nail look uses a few tones of colour and ends with white.

To create this kind of look, you are not only restricted to blue tones but any other colours too. But since the theme is during winter, the blue colour is the most suitable colour to describe winter. 

Once winter ends, you can always use any other colour that suits your preference.

Light Nails Idea for Winter nails in 2021 coffin style

If you don’t like dark nails, this nail idea is for you. 

  1. Light Blue Nail
winter nails in 2021 coffin 5

Create the look:


This nail idea will never look outdated especially if you pair it with the coffin nail shape. Apart from making your fingers look slender, the colour makes you look young and fun.

Like I mentioned before, the coffin nail shape is the best nail shape for chubby fingers. You can choose any light colour to create this look. You can also adjust the nail length, not only limit to long nails to create this nail look.

  1. Glam Nail
winter nails in 2021 coffin 4

Create the look:



If you want a little bit extra for your nail, you can try this look. This nail idea doesn’t need you to have multiple colours. You just need to have the glitter to complete the look.

The use of colour also doesn’t restrict to only white but also any other light colour that is suitable to match with the glitters.

Other colours you can consider trying are baby blue, soft pink, light purple, and light yellow.

And if you love to mix the colours, you can mix two colours like baby blue and white. The result would be very nice.

  1. Hobo Nail
winter nails in 2021 coffin 3

Create the look:



Hobo nail look is very simple yet looks stunning. If you love to wear multiple rings, this nail idea is for you.

You can create this look using the same material as the ring you always use. It is to make your nails look matching with the ring and look more aesthetic.

This nail look is my favourite as it has minimal details but still looks beautiful. The reason you don’t have to put too much detail on the nails is that you will be wearing more than one ring.

Too many rings and details on the nails will make your hand look ugly and crowded.

  1. Bridal Nail
winter nails in 2021 coffin 2

Create the look:




This nail looks only to have detail on the ring finger. That’s why I called it the bridal nail. It is to give indirect signals to others to look at that finger and they will immediately notice the ring you are wearing.

You can create this nail look on your wedding day and the guests will compliment you if they see how brilliant you are choosing this nail look.

  1. Wild Nail
winter nails in 2021 coffin 1

Create the look:




If you have a lot of nail polish and don’t know how to match the colours, you can follow this nail idea as an inspiration.

The first colour you need to take is the white colour and then choose another colour that you like. The second colour needs to be a dark colour to balance it.

Lastly, choose the most suitable glitter colour to complete the look. 

Why do you need to choose the glitter colour last?

Choosing the right glitter to match with another colour will be easier as compared to if you choose the glitter colour first. You surely don’t want to waste too much time choosing the colours.

Conclusion – Winter nails in 2021 coffin style

Winter’s nails don’t mean you need to use a specific colour to get the theme. As long as you have some glitter or white nail colour, you already have the winter vibes.

If you think chubby fingers cannot style some nail ideas, you are wrong. Once you choose the right nail shape, you don’t have any problem creating any nail look that you like.

You can read my fall nail ideas and get some inspiration from them. Hope you will find it useful.

I also wrote an article about overall winter nail ideas for fat fingers to help you feel as chic as possible.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list and share this page with your friends!

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