Are you looking for the best nail shape for fat fingers?

Let me help you solve your problem.

Everybody has different finger sizes and nail shapes. Some nail shapes will make your fingers appear larger than they are. That is why it could be beneficial for you to choose the right nail shape to get the slimming effect for your fingers.


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Best Nail Shapes For Chubby Fingers

Nail shape plays an important role to make your fingers look slimmer and longer. Before you decide on how you want to colour your nail, choose the right finger shape that will not restrict your daily activities.

You need to avoid short square-shaped fingers as it will make your fingers appear larger.

So, what are the best nail shapes for fat fingers?

Almond Nail Shape

The first nail shape for chubby fingers is almond nails.

This nail shape resembles an almond shape and it is ideal for making your nails and hand thinner and more  feminine.

You can get this nail shape by filling the tips of your nail in a slant around the corner to get the almond tip and then smoothen it out.

Almond nail shape will make your nails look more delicate and sophisticated.

You can create an almond-shaped nail without going to the nail salon as long as you follow these steps

Stiletto Nail Shape 

Stiletto nail shape is quite popular and it is one of the nail shapes for fat fingers because this nail shape requires you to have long nails. Long nail is the essence of a thinner finger look.

The pointy shape makes your chubby fingers look slender and longer. This nail shape is hard to do at home so I advise you to do it at the nail salon for better results.

If you want your nails to stand out, this nail shape is the perfect choice for you. Plus, it is easy for a nail artist to perform and you will love the result as it is super chic.

The difference between a stiletto nail and an almond nail shape is the tip, you have to refine the tip of the almond shape further.

Oval Nail Shape

If you want your chubby fingers to look longer but you don’t like the idea of the other two options, you can try this nail shape. This shape is one of the best shape nails for fat fingers.

Oval nail shape is the most practical if you use your hand a lot daily or you work in a professional setting.

Plus, it is easy to attain and they look exquisite regardless of the colour you choose.

Coffin Nail Shape

Another option you can choose is the coffin nail shape and this nail shape is one of my personal favourites. This nail shape looks glamorous and party-ready, you just have to apply colour to the nails and you are ready to party.

Coffin nail shape gives a long finger effect but the square edge makes it require a bit of care.

To have this nail shape, your nails should be long and sturdy enough. I would either advise a professional or you can use these tips yourself at home.

What Is The Nail Shape You Should Avoid? – If you are looking for the best nail shape for fat fingers

Round Nail Shape

Although this nail shape is easy to create and seems practical, it will make your fingers look chubby and short. When I was working as a nail artist, I usually advised against it, as in my opinion this is the least flattering shape for any nail type, but again: if you love it, go with it! I am only here to give you recommendations for the best nail shape for fat fingers, however it is always up to you! Also, I have to say this

15 Affordable Winter Nails Ideas – The best nail shape for fat fingers

Sky Blue Nails

best nail shape for fat fingers 1

Create the look:


Light Blue


You have to find the right colour to make your fingers look more flattering. Choosing a neutral, deeper blue is a good choice. 

But using only one colour would be boring, you can mix the blue with white and silver colour. 

Which silver do you think is the best as this colour could be many things?

Usually, silver foil will be matched with sky blue, and don’t forget to use a clear top coating as the last layer to give the shining effect and make your fingers look more flattering!

Elegant Navy Blue Nails

best nail shape for fat fingers 2

Create the look:



This colour indicates calmness yet still looks classy and modern. Besides evoking feelings of power and authority, navy blue represents the meaning of confidence.

You can combine this colour with sparkling silver to create a fun combination and complement the navy blue colour.

Also, apply a layer of clear coating to enhance the classiness of your nails. Navy blue can make your fingers look slender.

Light Grey Nails

Create the look:




Light grey is a good choice of colour for your nails as this colour can match with any outfit but it can be a boring colour if you didn’t mix it with any other colour.

Mixing it with white and grey glitter will give it a fun vibe and look very trendy.

Don’t miss applying a layer of clear coating to make your nails look shiny and can even catch someone’s eyes.

Grey Ombre Nails

Create the look:





If you think using only one tone of grey colour is not enough, you can use two grey tones to create an ombre effect. 

Then, mix it with white and grey glitter to complete the look.

You will be satisfied with the result because this combination of colours will make your fingers look thin plus with the correct choice of nail shape.

Make sure to go from darker to lighter side. To get the glitter effect, you can add the glitter on top of the colour and end it with a clear topcoat.

Silver and Blue Nails

Create the look:


Light Blue

Unlike above, this combination of colour use is a calm blue and metallic grey colour. 

Look for a matte finish blue colour to get the exact finish look. 

For metallic silver, use a special chrome powder that can be spread easily with the right brush. To create the little motives, use a thin brush and it is up to you how you want to draw the motives.

This look can be easily done with 2 tools which you can see below.

Icy White Nails

best nail shape for fat fingers 4

Create the look:




This easy icy white nail with a little twist is what you need for winter. You can add one extra colour to alleviate your nails look such as this deep-toned grey and glitter. 

You can either use a glitter lacquer or the glitter itself and spread it over some glue.

Use an LED-light or UV-light lamp and layer it with a clear topcoat.

To make your hand look more stylish, draw your nails using the glitter on top of the white colour nails.

All White Nails

Create the look:



Does using one colour look boring? Add some glitter to it like in the picture and your nails will look gorgeous.

To create that ring finger’s look, you will need a brush and make a single stroke for seamless application.

Choose glitter with grey base colour because this combination will never go wrong. 

In my opinion, if you create this nail look, your fingers will look slimmer, especially the ring finger’s look.

Snow White Nails

best nail shape for fat fingers 6

Create the look:



Another white nail look you can create but the glitter is finer than the previous one. 

This type of glitter looks like snow falling in winter if you apply it on top of white nails.

Remember! To get the ring finger’s look, apply a single stroke with a brush and finish it by applying a clear top coating. 

Ombre Nude Nails

best nail shape for fat fingers 7

Create the look:

Light Nude



My personal favourite is this nude ombre look with glitter. 

To get this glitter look, you can apply the same technique as I mentioned above. The tricky part here is the matte look. 

How can you get the matte finish look?

You can either buff a finished shiny version and clear it with a brush at the last step or you can use a mattifying topcoat to get the matte finish look.

White Coffin Nails

Create the look:



This nail looks gorgeous. You can see how the fingers look slimmer with this coffin nail shape instead of round nails shape.

I would not recommend you to create this nail look yourself because you might be disappointed with the finished look. 

Instead, you can substitute it with press-on nail version and get the same result. 

Here are some press-on nails that can give you the same nail look.

Or if you want a good finish, going to a professional is the best choice.

Burgundy Nails

Create the look:


Are you looking for a bolder nail look? This one’s for you.

This nail look is also suitable for Christmas but I would not suggest you create this look yourself.

I’m sure you don’t want to spoil your mood during Christmas, right?

So, the safest alternative is to buy press-on nails. 

Burgundy Glitter Nails

Create the look:

Light Nude

Red Glitter


Ladies! Christmas is around the corner.

Why don’t you create your nails with a Christmas theme?

We all agree red is the Christmas colour but the burgundy colour is also acceptable for Christmas.

If you want these long almond-shaped nails, then press-on nails are the best option.

Matte Blood Red Nails

Create the look:





Did you know you can create this nail look without going to the nail salon?

The trick is you have to buff up the red nails or apply a mattifying topcoat to get the matte finish look.

As for the glittery nail, apply only a stroke of glitter to avoid it looking chunky. The ornament can be hand-painted with the right brush.

This nail look gives a Christmas vibe and people will immediately notice your nails as it is very eye-catching.

Red Glitter Nails

Create the look:


Red Glitter


For this look, you can buy long coffin press-on nails in a certain colour such as nude, and paint some of them to your liking. You can also design it like in the picture yourself if you have time.

If you are in a rush, just get the press on that has Christmas patterns but it will be hard to find the exact design.

Classy Green Nails

Create the look:


Gold Glitter

When you think of Christmas, what is the other colour that comes to your mind?

Mine would be green. I love love love emerald green and I also like thinking out of the box, so why not?

To get this nail look, you just need to apply a layer of glitter lacquer using a brush and finish it with a clear top coat.

Matte Green Nails

best nail shape for fat fingers 5

Create the look:



Matte Cover

You might think this nail look is hard to do but it is super easy. 

Get press-on nails if you choose longer almond shaped nails. You need to apply a matte topcoat before you draw on the nails.

How to draw the trees? Grab a thin brush and line up the trees by drawing small strokes.

To get the faded effect, you only need to buff the color back once it is dried. It is time-consuming but you will get super cute results.

Christmas Nails

Create the look:


Green glitter

Why choose a colour when you can use both?

This nail look gives the most Christmas vibe compared to other nail looks.

Since both colours are bold, divide it by 4:1 likes in the picture and make sure to apply glitter on the ratio 1 nail. Your nails will look stunning.

Conclusion on the best nail shapes for fat fingers

You might think short winter nails are the best option for your chubby nails but remember that short nails will make your nails look more chubby.

Once you choose the right nail shape, you can easily pull off any nail look that you like without worrying your fingers will look fat.

Winter would not be complete if you don’t have any idea of what to wear. You can check out my article to get some winter outfit inspiration ideas or a few fall nail designs for the season.

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