Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas for a bargain? Whoop-whoop, are you ready?

Tell me, are you ready for some #fashioninspo? If so, this time I’ll present you a crisp collection of winter outfit inspiration ideas where you’ll find toasty fashion week looks! 

From small designers to luxury brands, I carefully picked for you winter street style ideas between: cute casual winter outfits for day-to-daymerry activities and professional winter work outfits forbusiness casual style, chic or classy outfits to pump up your booming work day without looking like a dreadful half-frozen potato! 

In each style section, I’ll give you different styles where you can spot differences and similarities to imagine a variety of scenarios and how you can choose and combine your layers to make a sound statement with your style! Also, all these styles are suitable for real life, what do I mean by that? Well that you can bend yourself to take your favorite chocolate cake without feeling like your air is saying byeeeee to your lovely lungs.

I can’t stress this enough DON’T buy when emotions are in control. Impulse purchasing is a problem not only for your style but for your budget beauty. So, why don’t we take care of both of them and buy only what feels and fits good? Of course, I know sometimes it can be difficult but hey we can make it pretty! 😉 

Note: Hey, before I jump right in I wanted to let you know that this article has affiliate links. This means I’ll receive a small commission if you decide to invest in any of my recommendations at no extra cost to you. But, regardless of your decision, I hope you find this article helpful. So, thank you! For investing some of your time to read this post 🙂 

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas – Cute casual winter outfits

As I said in my previous article Basic rules to fashion, casual outfits are ideal for your daily chores. You can just walk comfortably in your sneakers or boots while sending a DM to your friends to grab some hot cocoa-coffee. 

The purpose of casual style is to be comfortable without saying au revoir to your sleek genes. As comfort is your goal, the best bottom for this style is denim, leggings, or jeans. But, you can also wear cute dresses and skirts and still be warm as long as you use adequate thermal bottoms like cozy black leggings for example. 

Let’s jump in!

Back jeans outfit ideas

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 1
Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 2

Apart from the basic rules article to dress well. A good way to choose how to combine and layer your clothes is based on the purpose they will accomplish in your day. 

You have to think about what kind of activities you’ll do and that’ll lead you to choose the better garments. 

For example, the right image style is perfect for a sporty day out in the woods, walking slowly on a really cold day, hence the stylish waterproof boots to protect you from any water that tries to get into your lovely warm feet and the embracing heavy parka to keep you toasty. 

Whereas if you just want to go out to grab a coffee, the right image style; a sweater, an extra-long coat if necessary, and your sneakers are sufficient.

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 3

Puff Jackets outfit ideas

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 4
Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 5

Hello, puffer jacket style lovers! Don’t you love the contrast of colours in these two styles? 

They both wear cute winter jackets for women in a sporty casual style, but have some differences. First, if you would like to accentuate your figure a suitable style for you would be the navy blue puffer style by picking skinny jeans and going for an effortless monochromatic look, contrasting your style with shiny white sneakers. 

But if you want a loose style, the shades of beige style are your go-to outfit. Also remember, if you want to level up your fashion game, add accessories, and/or play with colours, the left style does this wonderfully by contrasting with the cow pattern sneakers and giving off a glamour look by adding the chain mini bag.

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 6

Black leggings outfit ideas

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 7

You can have a lot of fun and versatility with leggings. They accentuate your figure and can be the perfect bottom for apres-ski style

An important mention here is the turtleneck sweater. Essentials for your winter style wardrobe capsule!

Turtleneck sweaters help you with your fashion statement letting you play between casual or chic styles. You just need to assemble it with your ankle black boots and your blazer or faux fur sleek jacket. 

Alternatively, if you’re planning your next ski trip to feed your audacious soul then the best option would be to leave style with your adventurous kick-ass waterproof boots and your cloudy puff jacket coat for a sporty style. 

Also, if you want a chic effect without the wind biting at you, then you can wear a graceful dress or shirt dress and switch your black leggings to black sexy tights (unless of course, it’s on your wish-list that your crotch becomes the star of the fashion show!)    

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Trench coat outfit ideas

Ok, now let’s see some trench coat outfit ideas! 

Just imagine yourself walking in Paris in the Tuileries garden with your tan trench coat, your sneakers, and those fun sand-tan joggers?. Oh, sweet life! 🙂 

Both of these winter-inspired outfits have outstanding ideas for layering winter garments with style. The left image is a smart casual outfit style for those who would like a smart neutral look. Here the khaki it’s a crucial piece to this look whereas the green artichoke flannel blazer could be a little too much if it’s not too cold outside

Also, to enhance the smart look you don’t need too much, just add minimalist accessories that give a nice contrast like the black belt and gold necklace to your delicate neck. 

Now ladies, if you would like to have a more glam style outfit the key it’s in your accessories. As seen in the right outfit style, combine your outfit with gold shiny rings, necklaces, and stylish sunglasses, of course without exceeding them. Remember, balance is key. 

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Winter Outfit Inspiration IdeasBlazer jacket outfit ideas

Bonjour, Mademoiselle 

Are you in the mood to get french style inspiration? (And, some happy uplifting macarons to take, ‘cause why not?) Take a look at these super chic french street styles. Blazers. And, more specifically, plaid blazers for cute casual winter outfits.

Vintage-checked Blazers are as essential for a chic french woman and girl as the air is essential for us to breathe (maybe not that far….maybe) however it’s super rare to not find at least one checked or plaid blazer in their closet. And, how can we blame them? Just look at that minimalist fresh style, fresh, chic, casual. It’s a go-to style for anyone who worships simplicity and elegance. 

If you are a top minimalist, a style like the second one with just a black handbag would be more than enough. But if you want to elevate your outfit, an airy gold statement necklace, earrings or bracelet will be more than enough to vibrate with beauty. 

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas – Professional winter work outfits

Now, let’s go into some winter inspiration outfit ideas for your professional winter work outfits! Here you will learn how to fashionably dress for winter and be all-set to feel good and look even better at your best and most challenging working life events.

Monochromatic and analogous winter outfits

If you struggle to decide which colours would be best to combine in your outfit you can always work with different shades of the same colour. I mentioned this in my article:  Soft Summer Sailor Outfits , and this is a perfect old school tactic to elevate and get your statement without worrying about colour combination or accessories 😉 

A quick fashion tip, to select the best monochromatic or analogous winter outfits that suits you, I suggest you look at the colour wheel schemes. This scheme is based on undertones. Every colour has warm or cold undertones, except orange and purple. The trick is to find your undertone and select the look around that.

These classy outfits are ideal for hardworking women with a taste for monochromatic and analogous style outfits. 

Long cute winter coats and blazers are a beautiful choice to achieve your business style.  The first outfit is simple, with a minimalistic style tendency. You don’t need a lot of accessories, in this kind of style less is more. Your jacket, knitwit turtleneck, and sling bag are the perfect pieces to ensemble your outfit. 

But if you want to achieve a glamorous style, you can wear vinyl plants as your glam bottom layer, and this will already change the style from minimalist classy to glamorous-classy. 

As you can see these examples are tone on tone outfits. So, if you want to amplify this type of winter look, you can add one or a few plain accessories, like the first image with the hands-on sling bag. Or have some fun mixing clothes texture to enhance visual interest, just like the second image with the rocking vinyl trouser. 

But, ladies, please don’t forget this: balance is the way to elegance. If you add too many textures and plenty of accessories you will lose your statement as it goes directly to the omg-that’s-way-toomuch-zone

For a more casual look, look at these oversized coat outfit inspiration styles, here you can apply the same rules and apply contrasting colours to get your go-to style for business casual winter outfits.

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas – Long coat outfit ideas

Don’t you feel hyped seeing these snuggly warm chic coats?

Because I do! These long camel coats winter inspiration outfits can be used with different accessories and layers to make your desired fashion statement. 

Let’s start with the ones on the left. To enhance your look, plus size coats can be combined with a long scarf that contrasts with your neutral coat, on the other hand, if you want a sporty-classy style wear a pair of Converse and go for your turtleneck sweater, it is your wardrobe workhorse item! As I previously said thanks to the versatility. 

Ok! If you want stylish winter clothes inspiration, where else are you going to look?  Let’s admire the right style for a sec, ok? ….-1:05 mins later- 

This chic look is achieved thanks to the elegance between the neutral colours of the all-black outfit combined with the camel coat. A wool beret, waist bag, and patent boots elevate the look, giving you a sound glamour statement. Chic, in all its splendor.

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas – the classy work outfit styles

Long coats are a women empowerment garment. 

For the businesswoman, this is a winter go-to for her business meetings. You can’t lose to these ones and if you do…no you won’t. You’ll have success sooner or later. 

The left look it’s a wonderful elegant look, as you can see you can use accessories to elevate your look like a belt to accentuate your waist and black boots to give a nice contrast to the terracotta neutral look.

On the other hand, if you would like a camel ensemble, then the right image is perfect for your workday with a knitwit sweater on your shoulders as your top layer, ready to be taken off or on as you go between winning meetings, ladies!
Oh, I don’t know if you noticed, but wearing a turtleneck sweater will save you from wearing a scarf and make your look more tailored. Conclusion: I know I sound like a broken record but turtlenecks are an essential winter garment for your wardrobe, alongside long coats and jackets. They are the rock stars of winter fashion outfits, baby!

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 12

Plaid Jackets outfit ideas

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 11
Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 10

Finally, these plaid coats and blazers are our professional-save-to-pinterest-board-whish-list last stop!

Timeless elegance. This classy jacket suit look is your go-to for formal business shores. 

For a glam elegant look, you can get inspired by a tartan plaid and camel single-breasted blazer style look. It has just the right amount of gold and shiny jewelry between the earrings, the bag chain, and the belt to accentuate your waist. 

While the second one is best for the businesswoman that likes to achieve classy effortless sophistication.  (If you’re nervous because of a big event, just imagine you look like this, it’s a safe bet. You’ll conquer everything that comes at you babe!)

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Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 9

I know you love (just like me) high fashion, so before we say goodbye to the winter outfit inspiration ideas article, why don’t we give a little-curious glimpse of what’s trendy this winter in 2020?

Top Fashion Winter Trends

I don’t want to leave you without a look at the trendiest looks of this fashion winter 2020! There are a lot of winter trends I’m sure you have spotted in the Paris FW 2020, but some of the #ootd trends you’ll see this season are:


Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 8

This season ponchos and capes lead the style rhythm as an adversary to the timeless camel coat.

Plaid and check patterns 

You’ll see a looooooot of this pattern in this winter season. It’s the ootd. Just look how beautiful it complements the smart elegant flow of the cape! (although I’m not a fan of green-screen boots)

Cozy Long coats 

Cozy+Stylish. I think this trend is a no brainer. It’s hard to beat the power a long coat gives you. It levels up your style like 100%+ 


Versatility+Coziness. Lastly, homemade or just carefully hand made. Don’t let yourself miss the feeling of a cozy-knitted winter sweater. Especially if it’s our very much appreciated turtleneck.

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas – High-Fashion winter brands

Who doesn’t love high fashion? It’s like Monalisa of Da Vinci decided to take a walk around the streets, the weather was cold, then she looked at the sky and saw Van Gogh starry night. Can you imagine? Walking art. 

This time I’ll show you different winter collections of some brands I love! I will show you two winter pieces. I wanted to add so much more! But, if I did, this article would never end. 

So join me for a while to admire those luxury winter jacket brands, are you in?

Stella Mccartney winter collection 

I’ll start with Stella Mccartney. She has been one of my first favourites! 
Stella has been using her social connections and power to build a sustainable brand since day 1! She is one of the first people to notice how important it is, to be ethical. (Obviously, the OG is Vivienne Westwood, no one can beat her, that woman is still on top in her seventies)

As I said in the winter fashion trends of 2020, check and plaid patterns alongside capes and ponchos are trending this season. just look at the captivating white Cape!

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas 8
Stella McCartney

Victoria Beckham winter collection

She is a personal favourite too. She cares deeply about being economically conscious and her brand is super chic and elegant! I have loved her brand, ever since I heard it was coming. 

I am a huge Spice Girls fan and I just had the feeling it was going to be a massive hit. Ten years later, it is. I could say I have a good eye for greatness!

They have a luxury line, accessory line, premium line, and are now an extremely eco-conscious beauty brand. Hands down the best. However, someone stole my VB beauty package from the Hungarian border last year, which still hurts. But life goes on. 🙂
So, back to the outfits. This classy long black coat is your #ootd if you pursue a clean-cut elegant statement. You can’t even pronounce the word ordinary if you’re wearing this outfits!

Victoria Beckham

Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas for going out

Based on the winter outfit inspiration ideas I wanted to give you some women’s winter wear suggestions for going out this winter 🙂 

Sustainability is essential for me, and probably for you too dear reader, I will only list knitted clothes made of sustainable yarn, like alpaca wool. There isn’t a better feeling to proudly walk with style and know you aren’t destroying the world at the same moment,  but helping to make a better one. And more beautiful thanks to your style!

Also, I will recommend hotter shoes for your winter footwear. These comfortable shoes will keep you warm and stylish thanks to the high-quality durable standards and experience hotter has since 1959. (Note: I won’t list all the winter items in this article because this will become an eternal TL: DR journal, if it’s not already…) 

Suggested winter garments:

Snow clothes on sale

Winter Shoes on sale 

Final fashion thoughts of today…

As you must have noticed, the majority of colours in the winter outfit inspiration ideas were between neutral and lighter colours tones which is my personal taste in fashion. But, if you would like to know about how to dress in colourful tones and get fashion-nerdy about the basics of fashion, then I invite you to read my post: Basic rules to fashionor, if you’re too busy bookmark it for later 😉

Also, If you want a more personalized service you can contact me and I’ll give you tailored advice for your type of body, personality, and personal context. 

If you don’t want to miss more articles like these and the best tips about fashion and interior design I have gained through the years and the newest trends and how to use them then please go to the top right location of my web, there you’ll find (just below the chat window) the subscription box to my fashion newsletter. 

I would be delighted to share with you my secret rocking cool fashion tips! 😉 

Well, that’s it. This was a long article about winter clothes ideas, please tell me if you liked it or any suggestions you may have. I will highly appreciate it!

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