Are you looking for affordable men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 ideas? You have come to the right place!

If you don’t know what to wear, and which pieces are essential to have in your closet don’t worry, in this article you will learn just that. 

And to make it even better, I have prioritized quality, and made a curated list of pieces that are budget friendly, but will also last you years. 

Here you will learn the basic tips to build the best men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 that reflects your style and gets you far. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe For Men 2021?

It’s the idea of having few but essential pieces that you can wear over and over again, this saves space in your closet, helps avoid clutter, and makes your dressing process easier.

By only having the right amount of items you need in your closet, you are able to find an outfit much faster than if you had lots of options. You don’t have to worry about what else to pair with something because everything goes together. 

Therefore, capsule wardrobes are an easy way to get started with minimalism, sustainable fashion, and life habits that save you time, and money as you are only purchasing with a purpose – when you need something new. Men’s capsule wardrobes in 2021 can be easy and versatile if you follow these tips.

Plus, having a go-to outfit can also give you a boost in the morning or get you in the right mindset for conquering the day!

What Should Be In Every Men’s Capsule Wardrobe 2021?

Great question. Every men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 should have:

  • Monochromatic short-sleeve T-shirts: A must. You can pair this top with different bottoms, and mix it with casual or formal garments, and accessories for different looks.
  • Button shirt: With or without patterns, is up to you. However, a button shirt is a core piece in a man’s wardrobe to achieve a casual or smart elegant look based on the bottom you choose to pair the shirt with. 
  • Knitted Sweater and Beanie: Ideal for having all the pieces for a year-round wardrobe and a capsule wardrobe fall collection, a knitted sweater and beanie will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. 
  • Tailored Pants: a pair of tailored men’s pants will help you dress up for any context when you need to look formal, elegant, and sophisticated.
  • Denim: multi-use bottom, can be paired up with almost anything. Take care of them and you will have them for a lifetime; going to the park, casual meet-ups with friends, errands, or even business casual if your work allows it. 
  • Coat: A high-quality coat is another staple for a men’s capsule wardrobe 2021, this garment is functional as it provides warmth and also immediately levels up your look.
  • Shoes:  You only need 3 types of shoes for your daily activities; for formal, casual, and if you love working out – you absolutely need to have the correct workout shoes. 
  • Bag: Both women and men need to carry their thighs, better with style, right? For men, two great styles are leather or faux leather holdall bags or shoulder bags, an exquisite fashion accessory for stylish men.   

How Many Items Are In A Men’s Capsule Wardrobe 2021?

A men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 is the ultimate way to simplify your life and save time. 

It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, if you want simplicity and minimalism, you should be fine between 10-15 pieces that make up your core collection of clothes, however, if you are not pursuing minimalism 40 -50 pieces should work.

However, in the end, there isn’t a perfect number, each man’s lifestyle, preference, needs, and circumstances are different. 

What you need to do is build a wardrobe with pieces that are easy to mix and match and work for the majority of the year, and for your needs.

Men’s Capsule Wardrobe 2021 Collection

In this men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 collection you will find 38 pieces to feel comfortable and look sharp at the same time all year round. 

These outfits are easy to combine, perfect for a versatile wardrobe for both casual and formal situations. 

As for the capsule wardrobe colours, you will find different options, but the majority of them are available in neutral colours in order to help you easily combine your pieces with patterns or accent colours of your preference. 

Finally, these pieces are made of high-quality materials to ensure you invest your money in durable pieces that stand the test of time even after several uses.

Note – To learn how to build a capsule wardrobe, read my last section: How do you make a capsule wardrobe in 2021 for men? where you will learn the basic 3 steps to build a men’s capsule wardrobe, and links to valuable resources to help you look your best without compromising comfort. 



T-shirts are a staple of any man’s closet. 

They can be worn with almost anything, and they come in many different styles too, whether you want something casual or formal, there is an option out there, for everyone.

In this T-shirt collection, there are 4 styles

The more casual design is an official Top Gun T-shirt, combine it with jeans, some white sneakers and you’re ready for your casual day. 

However, there are other casual designs that are made of breathable fabrics, such as organic hemp or linen, and are ideal for a drink with the boys, for working out or just a stroll in the park. 

Official Top Gun Men’s T-Shirt / Organic Men’s 100% Hemp T-Shirt / Men’s Curved Hem Short Sleeve T-Shirt / Man 100% linen t-shirt

Button Shirts

The button shirt is one of the most classic pieces that every guy should own. The reason why this piece is so timeless is that it works on everyone no matter what your style is.

They can be worn with jeans, chinos or even dress pants and they will always make you feel great!

In this collection, you will find 3 different styles to choose from, including an incredibly comfortable long sleeve linen shirt available in nice colours such as matcha green or ocean blue.

And, for those men who want to make a fashion statement, a Korean style floral print button shirt that exudes elegance while still feeling comfortable.

Linen shirt for men- long sleeve / Men Floral Print Loose Fit Button shirt / Classic Linen Shirt



Knitted sweaters are a must-have in a men’s year-round capsule wardrobe, they will give you the warmth you need, while simultaneously adding texture and interesting patterns to your outfit. 

In this collection, you will find 7 different outstanding quality sweaters to choose from. 

From elegant pieces, such as this durable and custom-made pullover fisherman knitted sweater or this luxurious lightweight turtleneck linen sweater, to more casual fits such as this comfortable Chunky Cardigan or this amazing loon sleeve wool jumper with thumbholes.

Cardigan Sweater – Chunky / Men’s Thick wool tweed sweater /Pullover Fisherman sweater hand-knittedNatural Merino Wool Light Melange Sweater for Man / Men’s Hand Knitted Sweater Fisherman / Cashmere Merino wool turtleneck sweater / Linen Lightweight Sweater


Knitted Hats are a stylish and popular accessory for winter and fall.

Besides being fashionable, knitted beanies are ideal for adventurous and sporty men. If you are going on a hike or love camping during winter, a knitted beanie is a must item in your men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 collection.

You can pick between 3 knitted beanies, all come in different colour choices, and are incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Men’s Hand Knitted Beanie / Slouchy Beanie Knit Hat / Men’s Hand Knitted Beanie – Subtle Stripe Rib Design

men's capsule wardrobe 2021 6
Men’s Hand Knitted Beanie – Subtle Stripe Rib Design
men's capsule wardrobe 2021 5
Men’s Hand Knitted Beanie


A coat is a must-have for any wardrobe. It can be worn in the fall, winter, or spring!

The key feature of a coat is its durability. A high-quality coat will last you for years to come since you get so much use out of it every time you wear it.

In this collection, there are 7 coat styles to choose from. From an elegant vintage long black trench, ideal for a business casual outfit, to a sustainable Khaki trench coat made 100% of hemp and ideal for casual days out in Spring or Autumn. 

Besides, you will also find different types of fits, colours, and lengths to pick from. One fabulous design you should check out is this 100% Hemp Khaki Safari Jacket which also is lightweight, breathable, and UV protective!

Linen black cardigan / Men Overcoat Vintage Long Trench Coat / Fitted Black Trench Coat / Green Trench Coat / Green Long Wool Winter Coat / 100% Hemp Khaki Trench Coat / 100% Hemp Khaki Safari Jacket



Pants are arguably the most versatile item in any man’s wardrobe. They go with everything from a dress shirt to a hoodie to a short-sleeved button-up. 

Pants are good to have in your wardrobe even if you don’t plan on going to work because they are perfect for every occasion from brunch with friends on the weekend, to going out in the evening.

In this collection, you will find 2 pairs of pants I picked for you, from classy and elegant high-quality made beige pants to wonderful and Custom Made Dress Pant for Men .

Custom Made Dress Pant for Men / 1990s Vintage Pleated Trousers /

men's capsule wardrobe 2021 4
1990s Vintage Pleated Trousers
men's capsule wardrobe 2021 3
Custom Made Dress Pant for Men


Jeans are a must-have for every wardrobe. They have been making fashion statements since the 1800s and are still going strong. 

Jeans can be worn in many ways – sliding them on over your favorite shirt, or dressing them up with a blazer.

For the men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 collection I chose 2 jeans for different style preferences, you will find a regular fit, a slim fit, and a classic vintage blue boyfriend jeans.

No matter which one you choose, all of them are comfortable, easy to take care of, and will probably last you years if you take care of them. 

Vintage Men Tapered Jeans / Levis Jeans 513 vintage denim pants regular fit


Shoes are one of the key investments when creating your capsule wardrobe, they are one of the first things people notice in your outfit and can determine the type of style you want.

In this case, I have picked 2 different styles. 

The chukka men’s shoes will be an absolute winner for work and elegant occasions, they exude elegance and power. For semi-casual meet-ups, when you wish to look put together but comfortable, the handmade Turkish flat shoes will be your best aid, comfortable and stylish.

Finally, for those sporty activities and running days, wear these Chukka Men’s shoes, and that’s it, simple yet functional, only 2 shoes that can work for the majority of events in your life. 

Handmade Turkish Yemeni Flat Shoes / Chukka Men’s shoes

men's capsule wardrobe 2021
Chukka Men’s shoes


A man’s bag is a reflection of his personality and style. It can be used as an accessory or even a tool for work. The right men’s bags will make you stand out from the crowd.

In this collection, you can choose between 4 different options. For casual hangouts this leather shoulder bag is both practical and luxurious, a smart investment, as it is made of high-quality leather, it will last you years. 

On the other hand, for work, this full-grain messenger bag is the best work companion to exude confidence and competence, with it you can store your laptop, smartphone, notebook, and other important documents you need to carry to the office or work meetings. 

Finally, whether it is for traveling or occasions where you need a big storage capacity, this weekend holland bag is an excellent choice to be stylish, while carrying a lot of stuff, besides it comes with the option for personalization, and clients are raving about the high-quality material.

Full-Grain Leather Men’s Messenger Bag / Leather Shoulder Bag / Weekend Holdall /

How Do You Make A Capsule Wardrobe In 2021 For Men?

To build a capsule wardrobe for men in 2021, there are 3 basic steps you need to make:

  1. Think About Your Activities ( And Make Outfits Categories )

Think about your lifestyle, identify what type of activities are more common in your daily life. This is an important step to choose the best type of garments for you. 

For example, if you work in a bakery and move around a lot, sneakers and sporty t-shirts are a must for you.

Additionally, this does not mean you can’t have variety in your wardrobe, or that you should always go for the same type of t-shirt, it just means you should prioritize clothes that fit your lifestyle needs or style preferences.

  1. Choose Your Favorite Color Palette, Patterns, And Styles

Once you decide which types of clothes are better for you, it is time to invest some time in analysing the capsule wardrobe colours, patterns, and style you feel good with.

This is an important step to add your personality into your garment choices, to pick clothes that represent your style. 

Pinterest is a great source for inspiration for this, or reading men’s fashion articles such as my post: Fresh On The Mind – The Best Men’s Spring Fashion Outfit Ideas You Should Not Miss.

Moreover, an important fashion rule to make your outfits is to pick 2-3 colours as your base colours, and from there you can add between 1-5 complementary colours, and patterns.

  1. Purging And Deciding On Shopping

Finally, it is purge time. Before buying new clothes, you need to either sell or donate the items that don’t fit your body or that you don’t like anymore. 

If you have too many clothes and want a guide that will help you declutter efficiently you can read my article Declutter Motivation Tips -how To Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes, where you can learn the best tactics to let go of clothes and own only what you need. 

Tip: If you want to know the best places to sell preloved clothes, check my article: Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe, there is a lot of information about building a capsule wardrobe and in the end, you will find the best sites to sell your clothes.  

Men’s Capsule Wardrobe 2021 FAQs

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes are an efficient way to dress for many occasions. They allow you to create versatile outfits that work for many different environments, seasons, and social events.

There are 3 main capsule wardrobe rules to follow when building a capsule wardrobe:

  1. Think about your needs
  2. Choose your favourite colours, pattern, and styles
  3. Declutter your closet and start shopping

In addition, when picking new clothes make sure:

  • Each item can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe, this is crucial to build a minimalist men’s wardrobe that works year-round.
  • Ensure that you have essential items in each category (e.g. work, sport, casual), including tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and bags.

How Many Clothes Does The Average Man Have?

The average man wears an average of 122 items of clothing according to the Global Wardrobe study made by the Woolmark Company in collaboration with Nielsen. 

However, bear in mind this is not an ideal number to copy, due to the fact that everyone has different styles, preferences, and purchasing habits.  

How Often Should A Man Change His Wardrobe?

As often as you need to be, this can be every 6 months, once a year or even more.

This is very personal as upgrading and changing your clothes could vary based on your clothes condition, body size, your current job, budget needs, and if you like minimalist fashion or like to keep up with trends. 

As a rule of thumb I would say each 6 months check-up if you would like to change one or more pieces of your wardrobe.

If you see you would like to donate or sell some clothes to buy something new, go for it! 

The key is to be conscious about your purchasing decisions and look your best in clothes you are comfortable with and that are easy to combine. 


Did you like the men’s capsule wardrobe 2021 collection?

I made sure to pick clothing pieces that were easy to mix and match to keep you dapper all day, every day. 

Besides, with the capsule wardrobe stylist tips, you should be all set to upgrade your clothes and save time in the morning with ready-to-go outfits combinations.

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