Fresh on the mind – The Best Men’s spring fashion outfit ideas you should not miss

Hello beautiful people, are you ready to read about the best mens spring fashion outfit ideas? Because I sure am! Therefore I have been thinking a lot about men. I know what you are thinking. Don’t get this the wrong way. What I mean is I can’t stop thinking about men’s spring fashion outfit ideas.

They are fresh on my mind! This is because it’s finally spring. 

For a minimalist’s take on a spring wardrobe have read here. 

This is the best season to look for clothes in light, bright colours and patterns, like pastels or florals, to reflect the changing seasons.

I will be introducing the spring fashion men trends you need to know about. This is a basic, sophisticated listing for everyday looks. It is for everyone looking to have a versatile wardrobe for the upcoming season and a little bit uncertain on how to do it or where to go.

These ideal classic men’s fashion outfits will work well for everyone; all you need to pay attention to is the undertones and, of course, current body measurements.

Let’s start with some Basic Rules to Fashion. 

Men’s spring Fashion – Pro Tip #1 Buy the right size!

“Do you normally go up a size? Or wear clothes that are too tight?” Be honest.

You should always buy the correct size. Many clients I have worked with the past 8+ years have been struggling with finding suitable measures as they did not know what would fit them. Often they worry they will not fit into anything, especially pants. Definitely not the case.

Wear clothes that fit. Period. It is the most critical thing you can do to look good in whatever you wear.

Here is an interesting fact. Men tend to buy one size up. To all men, I urge you to try a size smaller, and it might surprise you!

The ideal is that you want to be able to pinch between an inch on either side of your thigh for pants. The waist should fit perfectly around without too much sagginess or tightness. The trick to having clothes tailored to fit properly is having your clothes tailored.

You can take your measurements at home, put the numbers in your phone and go shopping online or in stores. If you are online shopping, you will have a chance to find your correct size easier because you have the measurements ready.

If you are in a store, a sales assistant will help them find the right one. And also: never be discouraged, if different sizing will fit from different stores. It always depends on the material and where it has been made. Nothing to do with anyone’s body type.

Here is a measurement chart to help you:

Now let’s learn how to implement these ideas in a Men’s spring fashion wardrobe easily!

Men’s spring Fashion – Pro Tip #2  Material matters

The fabric of your clothes matters. There are three general categories of materials used in clothing. These are natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Fast fashion has taken hold over the last decade and a half. Some call it disposable clothing.

Sustainable fabrics like cotton and linen. 

  • Cotton is renewable and environmentally-friendly throughout its entire life cycle.
  • Linen is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in fashion history. It is strong, naturally moth resistant, and made from flax plant fibres.

 Please note throughout the article, many of the options are sustainable.

The Best Men’s Spring Fashion Outfit Ideas:

  1. Leather Jacket
  2. Men’s Tee
  3. Men’s Long Sleeve
  4. Men’s Denim Shirt
  5. Men’s Blazer
  6. Men’s Jacket
  7. Pants
  8. Espadrilles
  9. Loafers
  10. Sneakers 

Affiliation Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. So, I may earn a commission if you decide to buy something from these links at NO EXTRA COST. This helps my business and blog grow. However, please feel free not to use them if it makes you uncomfortable. I hope you find this article helpful; thank you for stopping by!

Men’s spring Fashion Pro tip #3 – Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a fashion staple. Something that we simply cannot leave out, when we are talking about Mens spring fashion outfit ideas and trying to build a wardrobe. From black to biker styles, they will never ever go out of fashion.  

Having a leather jacket will be one of the most divisive piece in your wardrobe. This look is stylish without trying too hard. For a casual look, pair them with your favourite T-shirt and jeans. You can also pair them with complement tailored pants to feel more polished.

With their incredible and timeless allure, leather jackets will never go out of style.

Men Black Leather Biker Jacket

LIFETIME: A quality men’s leather jacket that will last the test of time.

CLASSIC: Classic biker style and real high fashion piece. 

Mens Real Leather Brando Jacket

REAL LEATHER: 100% natural milled cowhide leather

HEAVY-DUTY: Natural milled is strong top-grain quality leather that is long-lasting and durable

Note: This is non-vegan material.

Men’s spring Fashion Pro tip #4 – Men’s Tee

A basic tee may be a humble wardrobe essential, but it does not have to be boring and basic. This is the basic item every man needs to own in the right size. 

These small, but crucial details make a massive difference when the lengths and shoulder width are correct. 

They are easy and versatile to pair with anything. Whether you are wearing tees to the gym, sleeping, or for an easy chill Sunday, they are comfortable and reliable. This is a staple piece, when you are building your men’s spring fashion wardrobe – whether it be yours or your partner’s or maybe a client’s.

Hemp T-Shirt

 Men’s spring fashion

ECO-FRIENDLY: This T-shirt has zero carbon footprint on the planet.

SUSTAINABLE: Raw fibres harvested sustainably. The T-Shirts are handmade with love and care by fairly-treated and paid local artisans that we can call friends and colleagues.

Bamboo T-shirt

ORGANIC: Bamboo is elegantly soft and mellow, natural and cool, perfect for a summer day.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Keeping you odour-free and feeling fresh

Men’s spring Fashion Pro Tip #4 – Long Sleeve

Another staple piece for Men’s spring fashion wardrobe. A long-sleeve T-shirt is what most men grab first in their wardrobe to look smart. Whether worn with three-piece suits for formal occasions or paired with a jumper and jeans, long-sleeved shirts for men cover all bases. Opt for a relaxed yet stylish look with these long-sleeved T-shirts. 

Men’s Natural Long Sleeve T-Shirt

 Men’s spring fashion

NATURAL: Huggable 100% merino wool yarn will be well suited to worn next to the skin as all-year-round basics.

THERMOREGULATION: The crew regulates moisture coming from the body, resulting in reduced human body odour. And no matter the weather, the secret is the shirt’s thermoregulation properties which trap warmth and block the wind.

Shiny Short Linen Kurta

 Men’s spring fashion

LINEN: Greet summer days with this band collar short kurta woven in 100% linen.

VERSATILE: Variant in colours, this shirt can be paired with trousers of your choice.

Extended Collar Linen Shirt

HIGH QUALITY: Great Craftsmanship. This is pure luxury that is high-quality linen along with impeccable stitching.

Penny Plain Shirt

PURE COTTON: This shirt features a band collar with double placket, striped elbow patch, full sleeves shirt tailored in pure cotton.

Men’s spring Fashion Pro Tip #5 – Denim Shirt

We all know the saying- The rug really ties the room together. That’s what a great denim shirt will do for your closet. This is one of my personal favourite for men’s spring fashion outfits – it always looks great, when you want to look casual. Versatile and comfortable.

Denim Drop Shirt

CASUAL: Light Blue Denim Colour

SLIM FIT: Designed to fit close to the body, tapering the cut through the midsection and waist.

Blue Denim Shirt Vintage Blue

 Men’s spring fashion

VINTAGE: A vintage blue chambray denim button-down shirt

EXCLUSIVE: One piece, one size only

Men’s Bigfoot Denim Shirt

 Men’s spring fashion

EVERYDAY: Rugged enough to wear it every day and soft enough to make you want to.

Embroidered Silhouette: Embroidered Bigfoot on the shirt

 Men’s Blazer

A blazer is a piece that will effortlessly shape up your style. I love a good old fashion blazer cut. As we are more aware of fast fashion’s environmental impact, a great way to sustainably shop is to buy vintage clothes.

Please note that vintage items have been worn before, so that they may have minor signs of wear.

Vintage always has an emotional value due to the fact that it already has a story. When you buy vintage, you are buying craftsmanship on a massive discount.

Vintage 1980’s 100% Wool Blazer

VINTAGE: Made in England in the 1980s, by ‘DAKS.’

EXCLUSIVE: One piece, one size only

Wool Blazer Vintage 90s

 Men’s spring fashion

VINTAGE: Vintage men’s pure new wool dark green blazer from the 90s by Carl Gross

NATURAL: 100% Pure New Wool

 Casual Linen Blazer

SUSTAINABLE:  OEKO-TEX certified product, Sustainable Textile

CLASSIC FIT: Perfect choice for those who want to look businesslike and unique.

Men’s spring Fashion Pro tip #6 – Jacket

Now this is a must have, when building a men’s spring fashion wardrobe, because winter jackets will make you sweat this season! Cool jackets are timeless, stylish and can be worn year-round – making them excellent pieces to have. A jacket or coat is also the easiest way to take your style to the next level. Layering outfits add a little more dimension to your look. Nailing that perfect look for spring fashion in Europe!

Linen Bomber Jacket

 Men’s spring fashion

HANDMADE: 100% Linen Rustic Orange & Brown buttons Jacket

NON-ALLERGIC: Linen fibre is non-allergic, antiseptic and creates the best microclimate for skin

Linen Cardigan

HANDMADE: 100% Linen and available in a variety of colours

COMFY: Perfect for spring -autumn weather. The cut of our clothes is coined to look appropriate, both on the street and at home.

Safari Type Linen Jacket

HANDMADE: Each piece is individually cut, sawn and pre-washed.

LINEN: A loose men’s linen jacket with decorative buttons and long sleeves.

Summer Cardigan Bomber Jacket

 Men’s spring fashion

NATURAL: Made from 100% linen and flax. The natural fabric moulds to your body shape and, over time, becomes softer.

SUSTAINABLE: Oeko-Tex certified 100 % European linen fabric, which meets all human – ecological requirements.

Men’s spring fashion Pro Tip #7 – PANTS

The importance of having a good pair of pants needs no explanation. That’s why I had to include this into my men’s spring fashion article without hesitation.

Natural Linen Pants

VERSATILE: They are cosy and comfortable outdoors as well as at home. The fabric is breathable and takes the body shape; over time, it becomes softer and more pleasant.

ANTISEPTIC: Flax has a massaging effect; the fabric is antiseptic and relieves stress.

Natural Flax Pajama Pants

 Men’s spring fashion

HIGH QUALITY: Sew only from Oeko-Tex certified 100 % European linen fabric, which meets all human – ecological requirements.

NATURAL: Men’s natural linen pants with pockets.

Spring-Summer Trousers

VERSATILE: These pants are universal; they are cosy and comfortable outdoors as well as at home.

BREATHABLE: The fabric is breathable and takes the body shape; over time, it becomes softer and more pleasant.

Men’s spring fashion Pro Tip #8 – Espadrilles

Espadrille is a casual shoe with an outsole and insole made of rope, normally jute or similar grass.

Vintage Linen Lace Cloth Shoes

 Men’s spring fashion

HANDMADE: Pure manual weaving

ANTI-BACTERIA: Breathable hollow out natural linen insoles

Closed-toe Spring Espadrilles

WIDE FEET: These shoes help you feel the freedom, ease and comfort when walking.

HANDMADE: COLIN Morocco burgundy espadrilles are made of linen (inside and out), the foot is breathing, and there is no unpleasant smell.

Vegan Espadrilles

ECO-FRIENDLY: Each pair is hand-sewn with eco-friendly materials selected for their quality, softness and durability.

HANDMADE: Made from cotton, jute (natural vegan fibre) and rubber sole.

Comfort Shoes

 Men’s spring fashion

COMFORTABLE: Comfortable jute men’s shoe with gel insole non-slip rubber sole and leather lining, handcrafted perfectly for the spring-summer season.

HANDMADE: Made with Jute, Esparto, Cords, Skin, Rubber Sole and Gel template

Men’s spring fashion Pro Tip #8 – Loafers

Loafers are controversial. Some men love it; some men hate it. I salute every single man who wears loafers. I think they are super chic. Every fashion lover knows, the OG Tod’s Loafers are incredible, but not everyone has the budget for it, so here are some stylish and affordable options.

Men’s Red Velvet Loafers

CONTEMPORARY: Updated shape for the contemporary modern man

COMFORTABLE: Look professional and chic at the office with these essential loafers

Formal Leather Loafers

QUALITY: Made of Pakistani calfskin leather. It is the highest quality leather available in the world right now. The leather is sourced from the famous Pakistani city Sialkot which specializes in producing high-quality leather.

FORMAL: These handmade shoes feature a premium shape and are perfect to wear on any formal occasion.

Beaded Embroidered Dress Loafers

EMBROIDERED: Round toe bee beaded embroidered slip-on loafers

STYLISH: The perfect stylish and comfortable slip-on that can be worn with your entire spring wardrobe.

Suede Leather Stylish Loafer

HANDMADE: High-quality suede leather 100% hand-stitched

Men’s spring fashion Pro Tip #9 – Sneakers

Sneakers are the ultimate comfort shoes for men for all seasons, but primarily for spring.

Atoms White Sneakers

 Men’s spring fashion

I am not affiliated with this company, but I have found the founder’s incredible story on HONY (Humans of New York ), and I have been in love with the brand ever since.

White Black Mens Tie Sneakers

 Men’s spring fashion

ORTHOPEDIC: Handmade by hardworking craftsman

ECO-LEATHER: Leather has been tanned with low environmental impact processes.

Tie White Sneakers

 Men’s spring fashion

NATURAL: Eco-leather, soft insole and cotton lining

FASHIONABLE: A great blend of fashion and comfort that will make you stand out.

Adidas Stan Smith/Advantage “Banksy”

AUTHENTIC: Authentic Adidas Stan Smith/Advantage

PAINTED: 100% permanent paint, four painted sides. No patches or vinyl; the colour lasts till the shoes last

CONCLUSION – Men’s spring fashion tips

Fashion is about comfort and feeling good.

Fashion is about you. The best men’s spring fashion outfit is you feeling comfortable. Keeping that in mind, this is also the season where you can try something new. Spring is a great time to transform your look.

Just give it a try! Good luck.

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