I have been loving International Woman’s Day since I figured out what it means to me. This is what I would like to describe with my own words, using fashion and interior design as my tool, to express how I think of an independent woman.
Everyone’s first thought would be, she is financially independent. True, but this word means more than that. It also means emotional independence. Being confident in making decisions for yourself like, I don’t want purple in my home, nor my wardrobe.
Think about how her home is shaping up in your head. It is probably well-organized and stylishly modern ( I may have made up a word). Huge windows for light, coming through the day and for the last rays of the sun at dusk. I always had this picture in my head, where I see huge windows on one side of the room allowing shadows to play around on the walls. A bedroom, with a beautiful duvet on a large bed, surrounded with her favorite artworks on the walls. A little vanity right next to the window, with all her little things, carefully organized on the countertop. Dark tiles in the bathroom paired up with light gold surfaces, giving the expression of heavy, yet collected space. Still, the best part of this room is the free-standing white bathtub with two little side tables. These tables were made to carry the weight of a prosecco bottle and a glass. At least that is what she thought. The place would not be complete without a walk-in wardrobe. A room, with off-white faux leather cabinet fronts framed with polished light gold. Every cabinet is carrying a different variety of clothing. Who would want to mix the blouses with her joggers, am I right? Having an organized, refined home usually comes with the same kind of clothing. Minimal patterns, tailored pieces with soft and saturated colors. Quality should always come before quantity.
It does not mean a lady like this is always soft. Women like her are never afraid to make decisions for themselves and ask for their needs. But keeping their class, either out and about or being at home is essential. All of us, ladies, should thrive to be the kind of woman, who is not afraid to be outspoken, but intelligent enough to do it nicely and respectfully.

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