Hi Everyone, welcome back! In this article, I will show you 30+ affordable door wreath designs! This is the season to have amazing decorations in our homes! As an FF&E Designer, it is part of my job to find or create decorations, which converts to feelings, stories, or even seasons.

Also, I am aware of the fact, that most of us can’t afford to have an expensive seasonal switch on their homes. It is fine! I don’t think anyone should spend a fortune on fall decorations! So if you are looking for a large variety of door wreaths at a reasonable price, you are on the right page!

But if you are looking for other home decoration tips for the season, I have an article called Seven Cheap Home Decor Ideas for Fall.

But before we dive in, I would like to let you know, that this article contains affiliate links. Therefore, if you purchase through those links, I will make a small commission. This little gesture from you will help to keep my business alive, so if you are using my links, thank you. If you feel uncomfortable using my links, then please proceed with your preferred ways. No hard feelings here.

All right people, let’s get started! Each wreath will be broken down into different categories, so the article will not be super long! Hopefully this way you will understand the styles better and it will make it more readable. Plus, you will get some insights on how you should style them, so don’t worry! I am not just shooting wreaths out in the dark and hope you will understand everything! My job here is to show you affordable ideas, as I believe most babes love a bargain, right?

Check out these pumpkin spice fall wreaths:

Here comes everyone’s favourite! If you are looking for a colourful and fun option, you should check out these wreaths! How fun they are! These colours are the best to play with! They are bright, earthy and project calmness. The best thing about this style is, that they look great with many colours! If you have a colourful door, it can match. But being a person, who prefers a classic black or white entrance, I still got you!

But keep in mind: these are accent pieces, so I would not recommend adding many other pieces around the entrance area, unless it is Halloween!

If you like any of these designs, you will find the link to them on the image, called Shop here.

Browse between fun, affordable and colourful options:

In this section, you will see different styles as well as different colour choices. As I did not want to make this a 100+ wreath list, I thought it is best to show you the 30+ most exciting pieces! Here you can see some pastel options, which can be a beautiful extension to your home. It is not traditional, nor super seasonal, but still gives an extra boost.
The bottom one is for example a cute, Halloween-styled piece. Children would love it. Especially, because apart from buying these, you have the chance to make them!

How to DIY wreaths?

It is not super hard! All you need to do is to use props, which represent the season for you. For example, you can take some pine cones, little pumpkins and some dry flowers. Glue them on a round base, then use some spray paint. Once it is dry, use a fixing spray. Boom, you have made it on your own!

Again, please don’t forget: If you click on the word Shop here on the images, it will lead you to Etsy, where you can buy them!

Neutral and beautiful wreath options:

Last, but not least, let me show you some sophisticated options. Even though this season is all about colours and fun, it means something else for everyone. For this reason, I thought it is important to include my fellow vanillas. Personally, I love everything on the white-beige-mauve-grey-olive-brown scale. It has been an obsession, which will most likely stick with me for the rest of my life.
If you are someone, who loves the idea of using simple colours with minimalistic design, this selection will be for your.

And for the last time: if you click on Shop here, you will land on the page of purchase.

To sum the 30+ options up:

We can make any choices, the decoration simply need to be the one, we desire. These pieces are not too pricey and also, when you buy one, you invest. Luckily, if you take care of them, you will not need a replacement for years.

I hope you have found the piece of your liking! Please let me know in the comment section, if I have missed something!

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