Hydrated hair vs dry hair: The ultimate dilemma!

Have you been on the lookout for that perfect product to bring your natural curls to life? Well, let me introduce you to something that’s been a total game-changer for me: olive oil hair pudding for natural hair. I have had a lot of issues with dry hair after I bleached it and I needed some help ASAP.

Then I found out about oil hair puddings. If you haven’t tried this miracle in a jar yet, it’s high time you did! I’ve scoured Amazon to find the best ones for you. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of olive oil hair pudding!

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Why Olive Oil Hair Pudding for Natural Hair is a Must-Try

The fight between hydrated hair vs dry hair is usually strong, especially if your hair is dyed and you need to get that extra moisture in. Olive oil hair pudding is the ultimate hydration hero for your curls. It’s packed with the goodness of olive oil, known for its incredible moisturizing and strengthening properties. This pudding doesn’t just make your hair look good; it nourishes it from within, reducing breakage and promoting healthier growth.

It can be a great help for those who are struggling with dry scalp and are looking to find a solution. You see, this can work well if we need that extra support for our hair. Let’s dive deep into what a dry scalp is and how olive oil hair puddings can help you tackle it.

Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair-What is a Dry Scalp?

A dry scalp occurs when the skin on your head loses too much moisture. This can lead to itching, flaking, and an overall tight and uncomfortable feeling – similar to how your skin feels when it’s dry. It’s often mistaken for dandruff, but they’re not the same thing. Dandruff is usually caused by too much oil and skin cell buildup, while dry scalp is purely about lack of moisture.

Causes of Dry Scalp

Several factors can contribute to a dry scalp:

  • Environmental Factors: Cold, dry air during winter can zap moisture from your scalp.
  • Harsh Hair Products: Using shampoos or styling products with harsh chemicals can strip away natural oils.
  • Over-Washing: Washing your hair too often can remove the natural oils that keep your scalp hydrated.
  • Underlying Skin Conditions: Sometimes, conditions like eczema or psoriasis can manifest as dry scalp.

All of these can lead us to have dry scalp, which can be quite irritating.

Why is it Important to Address Dry Scalp?

Ignoring a dry scalp can lead to more than just discomfort. It can:

Affect Hair Growth: A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth. Dryness can lead to brittleness and breakage.

Lead to Itching and Flaking: Constant itching can irritate or even lead to infections if the skin is broken.

Impact Hair Appearance: Dryness can make your hair look dull and lifeless. Tackling a dry scalp will help the appearance of your hair to be more lively.

You can read more about it here.

Managing Dry Scalp-Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair: The Battle

Here are some tips to manage a dry scalp:

  • Hydrating Products: Use shampoos and conditioners designed for dry scalp. Products like olive oil hair pudding for natural hair can be beneficial as they provide deep hydration.
  • Scalp Massages: Regular scalp massages can stimulate oil production.
  • Limiting Hair Washes: Try to limit washing your hair to a few times a week to preserve natural oils.
  • Home Remedies: Natural remedies, such as olive oil or coconut oil treatments, can help restore moisture, however, if you are unsure about using them, contact your local doctor for help.

Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair: The Products. Top Picks on Amazon

Since most of us want a quick fix for our problems, and internationally possibly Amazon is the best place to look, I went out and searched the most popular olive oil hair puddings that people love to use! I’ve found some fantastic options on Amazon that are just a click away. These are the ones, that made the cut:

ORS Olive Oil Hair Pudding

First up, ORS Olive Oil Hair Pudding. This gem is perfect for taming frizz and defining those curls without leaving any crunchy residue. It’s a fan favorite for its lightweight formula and the way it leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

1- ORS Olive Oil Smooth-N-Hold Pudding

Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair 3

2- ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Spray

Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair 4

3- Olive Oil Exotic Scal Oil

Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair 5

Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil & Olive Oil Pudding

Next, Creme of Nature’s blend of Argan Oil and Olive Oil. This product is a powerhouse for anyone with natural hair. It offers deep hydration and incredible shine, plus the added benefits of Argan oil.

1- Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil & Olive Oil Pudding

2- Creme of Nature Conditioner Detangling Nourishing Formula

3- Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges

Carol’s Daughter Olive Oil Infused Hair Pudding

Lastly, don’t miss out on Carol’s Daughter Olive Oil Infused Hair Pudding. It’s especially great for thicker hair types, offering intense moisture and hold without weighing your hair down.

1- Carol’s Daughter Divine Strength Leave in Cream

2- Carol’s Daughter Curl Shaping Cream Gel

3- Carol’s Daughter 7 Oil Blend Hair & Scalp Oil

How to Use Olive Oil Hair Pudding for Optimal Results

Getting the best out of your olive oil hair pudding for natural hair isn’t rocket science. Here are some quick tips:

1. Start with Clean, Damp Hair: Apply the pudding to freshly washed and conditioned hair for the best results.

2. Less is More: You don’t need a lot. Start with a small amount and add more if needed.

3. Distribute Evenly: Make sure you cover all your curls, from root to tip.

4. Style as Desired: Whether you’re doing a twist-out, braid-out, or just defining your natural curls, this pudding has got you covered.

Hydrated Hair vs Dry Hair 2


Understanding and managing a dry scalp is key to maintaining healthy, vibrant natural hair. It’s all about balance – keeping your scalp moisturized without overdoing it. Remember, a healthy scalp means healthy hair, so give your scalp the attention it deserves. Alongside using products like olive oil hair pudding for natural hair, these tips will help keep both your scalp and hair in top condition!

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – my top picks for olive oil hair pudding for natural hair from Amazon. This simple yet effective product can make a world of difference in your hair routine. I hope this article will help you solve any dry scalp or hair issues you might have and you can have hydrated hair with a healthy scalp! Don’t forget it girl: It’s about time you gave your curls the love and attention they deserve with these nourishing, hydrating, and styling wonders.

This article was created to help you identify what might cause a dry scalp, however, it should not considered medical advice. Always speak with your doctor to get the best treatment recommended for you.

Your natural hair journey just got a whole lot easier and more exciting. Happy shopping and even happier hair days ahead!

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