Are you looking for the perfect Eden Bridesmaid dress? I have got some options for you!

Bridesmaids are an important part of every wedding as they will be around the bride for the whole event.

You need to make a good choice choosing the right dress to not overshadow the bride but still look stunning.

Keep on scrolling to see the best Eden bridesmaid dresses for you to look ethereal at a wedding.

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11 Best Eden Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Oyster Multiway Infinity Bridesmaid Dress for Weddings

Are you looking for a posh and ethereal option? This Eden bridesmaid dress will look stunning on you!

This gown is made from a luxurious soft spandex jersey fabric and the fabric will flow beautifully especially when you are walking. 

Ladies, if you feel some Eden bridesmaid dresses are too small for you, this one will not disappoint you as the dresses are very long. You can adjust it according to your height. Isn’t it amazing?

You can choose between 2 options which are the classic multiway bridesmaid dress or the tulle multiway bridesmaid dress.

I like the tulle multiway bridesmaid dress more because the dress gives a more ethereal look, than the classic dress. 

But it gets even better! If you get the tulle dress, you will receive a free matching bandeau and save some pennies. Don’t we all love a bargain?

If you want to be a little extra, try adding a leg slit to your dress as a custom option. Other options you can add to match with your gown are a tie, a bow tie, and a pocket square.

  1. Nude Silk Dress
Nude Silk Dress

Are you a lover of neutral colors? This one’s for you! Simple yet looking ethereal, this gown will make you look taller.

This lush-looking gown is made of 100% silk but still allows it to stretch.

There are multiple ways you can style this dress because this dress is very minimal.

It is always good to find multi wear dresses and make your money’s worth! 

  1. Glitter Nude Tulle Dress
Glitter Nude Tulle Dress

Unlike other chief bridesmaid dresses, you will look very ethereal wearing this dress. How? Let me tell you!

The beautiful fabric used for the skirt gives a waterfall effect as you walk. Although the skirt uses tulle fabric, it doesn’t make it look too puffy.

The glitter top completes the look so the gown will not look too boring. 

Plus, you will look taller wearing this dress as the top’s length is just above the waistline. Dresses should always compliment you!

  1. Taupe Bridesmaid Dress
Taupe Bridesmaid Dress

If you liked the previous one, then this will take your breath away! Are you ready?

This dress is quite similar to the previous option instead it gives a minimal look. The classic simple silk top makes it look refined. 

Also, the top can be used not only with this dress but with any outfit as it is not attached to the gown. 

  1. Multiway Silk Dress
Multiway Silk Dress

Why is silk such a beloved option?

Silk fabric can make a dress look ethereal and luxurious. The skirt will look flowy even if you make a slight movement wearing this dress.

This gown can be styled in multiple ways and the best part is it is one of the eco-friendly bridesmaid dresses because the dress is made from sustainable materials only.

You can purchase the matching bandeau together with this dress if you want.

There are 12 different colours you can choose from and all the colours are very gorgeous.

I’m sure you will have a hard time choosing the colour as they are all beautiful!

  1. Backless Boho Bridesmaid Dress
Backless Boho Bridesmaid Dress

This décolleté dress defines the ethereal meaning.

It is a backless dress that would show your beautiful back without looking over.

If you want to glow up even more, you can add a sequin dress to be worn together with the dress.

But the gown alone already makes you look very beautiful.

The skirt looks like it is made from heavy material because it flows gracefully as you walk or when it is blown by the wind.

What’s more interesting is that you can ask for any colour you want and the dress will be made based on your measurements.

This Eden bridesmaid dress also comes in ivory colour. Don’t forget to take a look, maybe this is the one?

  1. Copper Elegant Dress 
Copper Elegant Dress

Are you looking for a shorter, knee-length option? Then this one was made for you!

This dress is made of lycra fabric which is known to be very comfortable. 

Although it is not made of silk, the effect is almost the same as silk dress but without the price tag! 

You can see how luxurious the colour looks, at the first glance you might think it is made of silk.

You can choose from 12 colours available and all colours look elegant and luxurious.

They also come out with a matching bandeau if you wish to pair it up!

  1. Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

This dress is suitable for bridesmaids as it has a few styles you can choose but it is not a multiway dress.

You can buy this dress together with other bridesmaids and still have different styles.

All the styles offered are going to make you look ethereal at an event as the dress focuses on the details on the shoulder.

Each design will make you look effortlessly stunning, especially the flowy skirt. The skirt plays a big part in making the dress look alive and beautiful.

The colour is not limited to grey only, you can tailor the colour to your liking as well as the measurements. Isn’t it fantastic? A dress to dream about! 

  1. Champagne Silk Maxi Dress 
Champagne Silk Maxi Dress

If you are a lover of more minimal looks, this dress may be your favourite!

Although the skirt is cut obliquely, not like other bridesmaid dresses, it accentuates your beautiful curve making you look taller.

This dress is one of my favourites as the details are different from other bridesmaid dresses. Not to mention the cowl neck, the short sleeve, and the V-neck on the back.

The colour is not limited to this one only, you can ask for any colour that you want.

  1. Rust Color Satin Bridesmaid Dress 
Rust Color Satin Bridesmaid Dress

A simple dress will look beautiful on you if the material used can accentuate your body line and the dress flows effortlessly.

Just like this dress, very simple but looks ethereal. The little detail on the skirt plays a big part to make the gown very eye-catching.

This dress will not overshadow the bride but still makes you stand out in your way.

They have more than 10 colours you can choose from and you will find the colour that you are looking for.

  1. Champagne Sparkling Bridesmaid Dress
Champagne Sparkling Bridesmaid Dress

Have you heard of lurex fabric?

It is a fabric made of metal wires such as aluminium, sealed in polyester to give the metallic effect in a piece of fabric.

Without having to add any accessories to this dress, it will sparkle under the light.

The fabric itself will make you look ethereal and elegant. This loose dress is very flowy like a satin dress, that is why the drape looks beautiful.

Although the colours are limited to 5, all the colours are suitable for any occasion.


The right Eden bridesmaid dress will make you look ethereal at a wedding but you need to have the right hairstyle so it will complete your look. 

Make sure you spend some time choosing the best hairstyle to match with your dress. You can find my free printable to help you pick a style.

A bridesmaid doesn’t mean you cannot wear a beautiful Eden bridesmaid dress, you just have to find a dress that will not overshadow the bride but still look stunning.

Nowadays, girls are smart in managing their money. You can read Dress To Impress While Investing In Yourself article if you want to do the same. 

I believe dressing up doesn’t require you to use a lot of money if you know some tricks. Basic Rules To Fashion will help you get to know more about the latest fashion trends. 

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