Are you a busy mom, looking to dress your kids as fast and effortlessly as possible? I have got you – and don’t worry, it’s possible to do it thanks to a kids capsule wardrobe! 

It takes too much time picking clothes that match, and the closet is cluttered with clothes your kids never or rarely even use.

Can you identify?

If so, let me help you. In this article I’m giving you the goods; the best tips to start a child capsule wardrobe, and high-quality pieces that are durable, comfortable, and multi-use to dress your kid all year round!

 Article quick summary: 

  • Why Should You Create A Kids Capsule Wardrobe?
  • How To Create A Kids Capsule Wardrobe?
  • What Should Be In A Kids Wardrobe?
  • Kids Capsule Wardrobe – Children’s Wardrobe Essentials 2021

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Why Should You Create A Kids Capsule Wardrobe?

Kids Capsule Wardrobe 2

Kids grow up fast, right?

They need a lot of clothes and accessories to match their age, style, and personality. It is not easy for mamas to keep up with all their kids’ clothing needs. 

Leading to problems that may sound familiar to you:

  • Overspending on too many pieces that don’t match well with each other
  • Getting stressed out each day trying to figure out how to dress your child 
  • Tired. You constantly need to return item pieces that don’t fit your child
  • Disappointed. You purchased clothes in a rush and now have clothing items that can’t stand your child’s physical activities, and need to buy clothes…again. 

However, all of this waste of money, time, and peace can be regained if you invest some time building a kids capsule wardrobe! 

Capsule wardrobes are a form of minimalism that helps you declutter your kids’ wardrobe, focus on clothes they need BUT also on saving money, and time as you will plan your purchases according to your kid’s needs. 

Besides, the core mission of a capsule wardrobe is to offer interchangeable clothing pieces that are easy to mix and match, making the dressing process easier for you and for your kids.

Furthermore, this also encourages independence for big kids, as you know your kid can dress up alone and still look put together in a win-win situation!

How To Create A Kids Capsule Wardrobe

The 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Shopping 

Before creating your kids or toddler capsule wardrobe there are some things you need to be clear about in order to avoid wasting money and shopping for unnecessary stuff, those questions are:

  • Where am I going to shop?
  • What do I need to buy? 
  • When will I go shopping?
  1. Where Am I Going To Shop?

Stick to 2 or 3 stores that you like, this is key when shopping for kids’ clothes, as different stores have different sizes and styles. 

If you limit yourself to fewer options you lower decision fatigue, and can also be confident the quality of the item is high and the size will fit your kid, lowering the chances of having to return the items constantly. 

  1. What Do I Need To Buy? 

In order to know what you need to buy, you need to:

  • Look at your children’s closet and declutter: pick what stays and what goes for sale or donation.
  • Think about your kid’s lifestyle: analyze what your kid truly needs in their wardrobe, prioritize the type of clothes that suit their daily activities.  
  • Choose colours and patterns: choose a colour palette for your kid, this will make the combination of pieces easier and cohesive. As a rule of thumb pick a neutral colour as the base, such as navy blue or beige as they work well with any colour palette.

If you want to learn more about how to create functional multi-use wardrobes, I recommend you to check my article, Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe, it is not written for children’s wardrobe per se but I think it has valuable information to set the capsule wardrobe bases right. 

  1. When Will I Go Shopping?

As kids constantly grow you can’t shop for an item that will last years to come, however, you can plan your shopping time, this can be either when a new season starts or when your child is growing a size up. 

If you combine this strategy with knowing the clothing pieces your kids need and the pre-selected brands/shops that you know are good quality and will fit your kid’s size, then you’ve pretty much optimized your kid’s shopping process.

  • Result: You can now create functional capsule wardrobes easier, save money, and invest time on other important things in your daily schedule! 

What Should Be In A Kids Wardrobe?

Kids Capsule Wardrobe 1

A kids capsule wardrobe should have between 10-14 pieces of everyday wear, including pieces for each season, for dressy events and sports activities. 

Here is a kid’s wardrobe checklist, however this list will highly vary based on your child’s lifestyle, personal preference, and school activities:

All year round 

  • 5-7 shirts (including at least 1 button-down)
  • 5-7 bottoms ( jeans, joggers, leggings, shorts, pants )
  • 3-5 pairs of shoes ( sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, slip-on shoes )
  • 5-6 pairs of socks 
  • 8-10 underwear 

Kid/Toddler Wardrobe Essentials For Spring And Summer 

  • 1-2 tanks 
  • 1 light jacket
  • 1 raincoat
  • 1 pair of rain boots
  • 1-2 swimsuits

Kid/Toddler Wardrobe Essentials For Autumn And Winter 

  • 1 winter coat
  • 1-2 snow pants/suit
  • 1 pair of winter boots
  • 1-2 pairs of gloves
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 Beanie

Kids Capsule Wardrobe – Children’s Wardrobe Essentials 2021

Comfort. Style. Durability. 

The clothing pieces I selected will make your kid feel comfortable and stylish while you relax, as these stores work with high-quality fabrics and deliver great customer service.

Furthermore, some of them are sustainable, take care of the earth while dressing your child in one go with this kids capsule wardrobe for busy moms!


In this shirt collection, you will find 4 shirts for your child. These shirts are comfortable to wear and ideal for everyday adventures, ideal for those who are little babies that are wild and trouble makers. 

Plus, I have also included a personalised t-shirt store where you can order great t-shirts with unique phrases that describe your child’s personality. 

Personalized Kids T-Shirts / Wild Little Cub Tiger Shirt / Wild Kids Shirt by Nature Supply Co / Trouble maker shirt

Kids Capsule Wardrobe 3
Personalized Kids T-Shirts
Kids Capsule Wardrobe 4
Wild Little Cub Tiger Shirt
Kids Capsule Wardrobe 5
Wild Kids Shirt by Nature Supply Co
Trouble maker shirt

Long-Sleeved Shirts

Here you will find 3 long sleeve shirts designs for babies and kids that are comfortable, look great, and are made to fit your child’s size. 

These pieces are also versatile, for example, this Merino Wool two-piece set outfit can work as sleepwear, or your kids can use either of the 2 pieces, shirt or leggings, for different sport or casual events. 

Also, this Linen Long Sleeve button shirt or baby Muslim shirt is the best for everyday, formal or semi-formal events, and also excellent for a summer or spring baby capsule wardrobe to stay fresh and comfy while looking amazing. 

Linen long sleeves white shirt with natural buttons / Baby muslin shirt / Merino Wool Kids’ Long Sleeve Shirt

Kids Capsule Wardrobe 6
Linen long sleeves white shirt with natural buttons
Merino Wool Kids’ Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Pants

Soft and cozy pants for your children so they can run and jump as much as they want! 

In this collection, you will find 3 different long pant styles.

Including merino wool leggings; which are ideal for a year-round kid capsule wardrobe; as merino wool always keeps your kid’s body temperature stable.

And, for the long summer days at the park, beach, parties, and sunny picnics these linen pants are flexible, and come in easy to combine colours, helping your children feel their best while having fun running around.

wide summer pants / W’LL Longs/Pant *White* [Merino] Wool / Linen pants for kids

ide summer pants
W’LL Longs/Pant *White* [Merino] Wool
Linen pants for kids

Short Pants

Short pants are a must in any kid’s capsule wardrobe for summer! 

These 3 options cover the needs of girls with these soft adorable ruffled crop tops, or whether it is for boys or girls these loose, cool, and flexible linen shorts are the perfect fit for playing outside and staying fresh.

Kids linen shorts / Girls Ruffled Crop Top/Short Pants / Short-sleeved 2 Piece outfit

Kids Capsule Wardrobe 8
Kids linen shorts
Kids Capsule Wardrobe 7
Girls Ruffled Crop Top/Short Pants
Kids Capsule Wardrobe 6
Short-sleeved 2 Piece outfit


Looking for fun and high-quality winter staples? I’ve got your back! 

Here are 3 beautiful sweaters your children will love wearing while staying comfortable and warm. The sweater fits true to size, and there are neutral colors available in order to help you mix and match your kid’s outfits.

Plus, there is also a custom-made kids sweater if you want your child to wear something fun and unique! 

Oversized Chunky knitted unisex kid sweaters / Unisex Baby |Toddler| Sweater / Custom Kids Sweater

Oversized Chunky knitted unisex kid sweaters
Unisex Baby |Toddler| Sweater
Custom Kids Sweater

Kid’s Shoes

For this footwear collection, I highly prioritized comfort and style. 

These 3 options are best for casual day activities, including fun designs such as these Air Force One sneakers or these custom Toy Story sneakers to maximize your baby’s natural beauty and unique personality.

Plus, there are also comfortable and well-made baby sneakers for a baby capsule wardrobe.

Air Force One Sneakers / Baby Sneaker / Custom Toy Story Sneakers 

Air Force One Sneakers
Baby Sneaker
Kids Capsule Wardrobe 8
Custom Toy Story Sneakers 

Kids Coats

Finally, give your kids the best coats to stay cozy and stylish in autumn, winter, or spring. 

In this collection, you will find 5 excellent different styles

Including vintage or modern designs such as this unisex wool coat for kids made 80% of Italian wool and available in brown melange colour or melange navy blue, ideal colours for a versatile girl or toddler boy capsule wardrobe.

Additionally, there is also this unique designed quilted vest for kids, made with sustainable linen, inspired by the summer sunset’s colours, an ideal wardrobe staple for a colorful capsule wardrobe 2021 collection. 

Stylish wool coat for girl or boy / Stylish wool coat for boy winter outfit / Linen Jacket Coat for Kids / Quilted Vest For Kids from Sustainable Linen / Unisex Linen coat for kids and babies

Stylish wool coat for girl or boy
Stylish wool coat for boy winter outfit
Linen Jacket Coat for Kids
Quilted Vest For Kids from Sustainable Linen


Did you like this kids capsule wardrobe article?

I do believe that buying clothes can be more thoughtful and intentional. This is especially true when it comes to kids. They need a simple capsule wardrobe, to simplify theirs and your life, investing only the necessary time and money on clothes they need. 

And, learning that dressing does not have to be a time-consuming draining task, but quite enjoyable if you take the time to meditate on what you need to wear. 

I hope this article has been helpful for you and your kids!

And, if you are interested in capsule wardrobes kids articles, I have tons of other capsule wardrobe blog posts that may interest you, here are some of them:

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