Perfect Mom Capsule Wardrobe – Let’s get started!

Are you a super mom, looking for the best mom capsule wardrobe inspiration ideas at an affordable price?

In this article, I’ve created a curated list of high-quality and affordable wardrobe pieces for moms to look and feel beautiful without compromising comfort and mobility!

And we don’t stop here! I have created an article with a versatile mom capsule wardrobe! Which means…You can enjoy days in and nights out easily, without having to worry about your outfit choices! 

Besides, I’m going beyond the typical capsule wardrobe mom ideas, so you will see some interesting, unique, and stylish pieces you never thought could work but are actually comfortable, and easy to wear.  

How Many Pieces Does A Mom Capsule Wardrobe Needs?

The number of pieces there should be in a mom capsule wardrobe will depend on your lifestyle needs and personal preferences. 

For example,  in my article 7 Capsule Summer Wardrobe Outfits To Save Money And Feel Like A Queen there are around 19-34 pieces that work for at least 7-10 days.

However, in my post, Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe there are 16 pieces for 5 daytime, and nighttime outfits. 

So, there isn’t a perfect capsule wardrobe formula

Instead, a mom capsule wardrobe should be an inspiration source to get an idea of what pieces could work for you.  In this article, for example, you will get a great variety of ideas that are chic, versatile, and comfortable which I hope you find useful!   

What Do Stay At Home Moms Wear?

Stay at home moms wear comfortable clothes made of fabrics such as linen, cotton, or polyester. Also, it is essential the pieces are easy to put together and enable you to move around freely. 

Some basic examples of an easy to wear outfit is the classic T-shirt and jeans uniform mom. 

However, with a versatile mom capsule wardrobe you can opt for other options that will flatter your feminine body, and still be comfortable to use.

My Personal Favourites:

A great example found in this article is these high-waisted wide-leg pants combined with this loose linen blouse, as the wide-leg pants are made of linen and their loose fit will help you move freely.

Look how gorgeous they are:
Mom Capsule Wardrobe1Mom Capsule Wardrobe2

Plus, with the loose linen blouse, you will look fabulous while staying fresh and feminine!  

Note: If you are playing with the idea of working in your PJs, I have an article that explains why this idea might not be so good for you. The ideal outfit can change the way you feel, hence the way you act. Take a look at my article to learn why.

How To Pick The Best Pieces For A Mom Capsule Wardrobe?

One of the top capsule wardrobe rules to save time, money, and help you look the best is to pick versatile clothes.

Choose clothes that are multi-use.

For example, this long sleeve ruffle blouse can work perfectly for daily casual events if you paired them with a pair of jeans. However, if you add jewelry, and pencil pants (for example) it works 100% for office work or elegant occasions.
Mom Capsule Wardrobe3

In short, when picking your wardrobe pieces it is essential to have versatility in mind. Regardless of style preferences, it is key to choose pieces that could work with tennis for casual days as well as heels/ boots for a fun night formal look.

This is why in this article I created a curated list of high-quality but affordable pieces for moms who think comfort and style are an ideal match, just as pizza and Netflix are.

Best Pieces For A Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Mom Capsule Wardrobe 4

In the items breakdown section, you will see a description of the pieces I chose for moms, and the links to the current best discounts. 

However, I would like to first mention why I chose the pieces in this mom capsule wardrobe so you learn which are the core pieces you could need, and why.


When looking for bags you should think about how much space you will need. 

You should not mix the bag for carrying your child’s things with your own. 

This will psychologically help you set boundaries, and maintain a sense of independence as you will have space just for yourself.

So, for you I would recommend having two types of bags, backpacks or tote bags for the days you need to carry a decent amount of things including your laptop, water bottle, or change of clothes if you are going to the gym or yoga class. 

On the other hand, a clutch or baguette is the other type of bag you can consider when you do not need as much space but still want to look fashionable and put together. 

In my collection I honor versatility, and you will find options for both cases with designs that work for different preferences and which work for casual, office work, or a fun/romantic night out. 


There is a world beyond jeans. Nothing against them, I know there are jean girls out there who wear more jeans than some moms do.

However, some women think there aren’t other comfortable options besides jeans, and there are!

That is why in this capsule wardrobe I will suggest high-waisted and wide-leg pants for you.

These types of pants are incredibly multi-use, you can use them for casual or formal. Plus, they are very flattering, lengthening your legs, and enhancing your curves without the need to show parts of your body you prefer to hide.

Note: If you want to use jeans, please do. I am just recommending bottoms that I think are: versatile, comfortable, and stylish. And, in the end, if you choose a piece that checks all those boxes, that is all that matters.  


A T-shirt is a basic top. But, going beyond that we have blouses, when looking for mom tops, staying fresh and comfortable while looking put together is highly possible with blouses. 

As for what type of blouse pattern and style this will vary from mom to mom. However, I would recommend looking for linen or silk blouses as these fabrics are easy on the skin and comfortable to wear.

Also, if you’re looking for versatile blouses that work both for work or casual events, long sleeve blouses are ideal for this, one perfect example of this is this long sleeve ruffle blouse with a v-neck.
Mom Capsule Wardrobe3

However, a short sleeve blouse with a blazer on top will help you transition from casual to formal easily too, so it is up to your preferences.  


Finally, as for shoes, I would advise having sneakers and shoes with heels, even if it is small heels. 

Sneakers are crucial to moving around quickly and for sporty days. However, there are different styles to choose from, in this capsule wardrobe I have chosen white sneakers with fashionable designs to look casual, and chic.

As for heels, stilettos with short heels can be an ideal option for working moms that don’t love high heels but still wish to benefit from the tall elegant look silhouette heels provide. 

Mom Capsule Wardrobe 2021- Everything You Need

In this capsule wardrobe collection, you will find versatile garments for any occasion for going out with the kids, night dinners, meeting with friends, or work office days. 

As for colours, all pieces offer different options, but the majority include neutral colours, which are the best colour base to create your versatile wardrobe.

You will also find some original vintage pieces, which are pre-loved but in perfect condition, and will give you a unique vintage look. Plus, you will be helping small businesses and giving a second chance to clothes in wonderful condition.

Finally, the fabrics you will see are suitable for summer, but I have also added blouses and pants that could work for autumn or early winter outfits. 

In addition, at the end of this collection, I will give you capsule wardrobe stylist tips to help you create your personalized capsule wardrobe.

On top of that, all the stores I picked have incredibly good reviews, with clients raving about the good customer service, high-quality fabrics, and affordable price of the pieces!


Backpacks And Tote Bags 

In this backpack and tote bags collection for moms, you will have 5 high-quality handmade leather pieces for your daily needs. 

What I like about these bags is that they are as functional as they are stylish. You won’t have to compromise beautiful design for functionality!

As for styles, you can opt for the personalized croc leather tote bag, made of  Italian premium leather, with enough space to fit a 16″ laptop, and at an affordable price for the premium quality, you receive.

However, if that is not your style, I have other options.

Including a minimalist PU Leather bag, a backpack with rich luster, and gorgeous deep colours where you can store different things such as your notebook, laptop, and water bottle without being unwieldy.

Whatever you choose, you will be fashionable all year round without compromising comfort and workability.

Minimalist PU Leather Backpack / Leather Vintage Backpack / Soft Leather Personalized Tote Bag / Monogrammed Tote Bag With Croc Print / Full Grain Leather Tote Bag


As for clutches here you will see 2 different styles. 

The first one is an elegant leather clutch with a huge single space, a versatile clutch ideal for day or night events.

The second one is a mini belt croc style bag with a huge gold chain, it is mini and better suited for moms who want to make a fashion statement and won’t need much space, ideal for night outs.

Rectangular Brown Leather Purse / Women’s belt bag


You’re going to get obsessed with these baguettes. They are just sooo cute and stylish. 

The ideal accessory for making your outfits more elegant and chic!

In this case, I picked 3 different options. 2 options lean towards the croc style baguette with different colours to choose from, such as forest green, purple or white, all of them are easy to carry, chic, and instantly dress you up.

However, if you are not a fan of croc style bags, don’t worry there is also an exquisite and versatile baguette pouch bag perfect for dinners, work, parties, or just a chill day out. 

Baguette Bag – Y2K Shoulder Handbag / Baguette Pouch Handbag / Forest green Croc baguette


The collection of pants for the perfect mom capsule wardrobe consists of 6 high-quality pieces for different styles and colour preferences. 

In this collection, you will see different high-waisted, wide-legged, and pencil pants which are always flattering, and versatile as you can pair them up with some sneakers for casual meetings or high heels/booties for an elegant dinner or office party.

For example, you can choose wide-leg loose pants or black linen cigarette pants which are comfortable, ideal for the summer season, and will make you look slimmer and taller.

On the other hand, you can also choose a stunning navy pleated skirt pant or white high waisted palazzo pants ideal for parties, office, or even cold winter months where you need a stylish bottom with denser fabric.

Whatever you choose, the majority of these pants stores offer customizable options to ensure a comfortable fit and have original designs to differentiate you from the crowd while staying super comfortable.

Wide Leg Loose Pants / Blue jeans palazzo pants / White vintage palazzo pants with wide-leg / Black Linen Cigarette Pants / Woolen Women’s Harem Pencil Pants


In this collection, I picked 9 pieces that work for casual days, night outs, elegant or work-related situations.

To instantly exude elegance and dress up quickly you can opt for the smooth, light, and lustrous satin blouses options, the ones I chose are high quality, lightweight, and affordable.

On the other hand, if you prefer other fabrics, there is also an elegant v-neck ruffled blouse or a boat-neckline romantic linen blouse ideal for days or nights, casual or elegant, summer or autumn. 

Finally, there are other options with original unique designs.

For cute styles, you can opt for modern Korean or polka dot blouses that will make you feel feminine and cute in a blink of an eye while not looking overly childish. 

Or, if you like bold uncommon designs there is also a big collar lantern sleeve blouse that will make you the coolest fashion mom in the room or ready to go for your professional meetings, there is an option for every mom!

Korean Style – Women’s Blouse Pure White Short Sleeve / Elegant Long-Sleeved Ruffle Blouse / Loose Linen Blouse / Palma Linen Blouse /

Elegant Long Sleeved Top with Belt / Polka dot vintage blouse / Big collar white shirt blouse / White elegant satin blouse



Every woman should wear heels at least once in her life. 

However, heels don’t have to be high. 

That is why in this stilettos collection I have picked 2 shoes that are ideal for working moms that can’t stand high heels.

As for styles you can choose easy to wear and breathable two-tone open rear pumps or classy yet timeless short chunky heels.

Both of them are comfortable to wear, classy, and are ideal options for work or parties.

Two-tone beige and black open rear pumps / Short Chunky Heels Shoes 


If you’re looking for comfort and elegance in one place this collection of 4 loafers is for you. 

All of these loafers are made of high-quality leather and can be used in different contexts.

Also, there are different styles such as a black penny loafer ideal for casual outfits, or if you want to add some pattern to your wardrobe party, I have also added beautiful leopard slippers for those fierce and sexy working moms.

Still, no matter what you choose, all of these shoes are easy items for creating day-to-night outfits. 

Leather Penny Loafer / Leather pointy mules / Black leather loafers / Leopard slippers


Finally, sneakers. – But, fashionable sneakers that are also comfy and stylish ones, yay!

These sneakers are ideal for moms who want the most comfortable sneakers for going throughout the day BUT who want to look stylish too. If that’s you, I picked 3 sneakers that check the comfort and style box perfectly. 

As for styles, you can opt for classic white styles or bold chunky platform sneakers to confidently run while looking gorgeous from tip to toe!

Breathable Casual Sneakers / Sneakers Light Running Shoes / Breathable Fashion Outdoor Sneakers

Capsule Wardrobe Stylist Tips- I Am Giving You The Goods

Now, if you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe, there are a few things you should learn, and check before purchasing new clothes.

  1. Learn The Basic Rules To Fashion 

Fashion is an art that can be enjoyed by everyone, fashion is all about expressing yourself through what you wear, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to your personal style.

However, generally speaking, there are some basic tips and tricks you can use to look your best, such as:

  • Checking your skin and the piece undertones

To elevate your natural beauty, you need to check which colours compliment your skin, eye, teeth, and hair colours. But how do you know what colours are right for you? 

The easiest way is by checking your undertones – what colour your skin appears in comparison to other objects.

  • Buying the right size 

When shopping for clothes, make sure the clothes fit your size. If it’s too tight or too loose, you won’t feel good, confident, or comfortable. 

Dress in clothes that are comfortable to wear and empower you while providing enough room to move freely!

Want to know more about professional fashion tips? Check this article to learn more about the basic rules of fashion + Get A FREE Pdf with the important info!

  1. Identify Your Priorities

Every mom and woman has different lifestyle needs, this is why it is important to choose the most important pieces that cover what you require. 

But, never forgetting about versatility, this way you will create a versatile capsule wardrobe with pieces that are easy to mix and match for different occasions.

For understanding more about how to do this, and choose the best garments for your lifestyle you can check this article: Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe

  1. Check Your Closet 

The easiest way to save money on clothing is to limit the number of clothes you purchase.

You should only buy clothes that you absolutely love and need. When shopping, make sure to check your closet before buying something new. If you already have an item that does the same job, then don’t buy it!

If you want to learn an efficient method to declutter your wardrobe check out my article:  Declutter Motivation Tips -How To Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes.

  1. Inspiration. Choose Your Capsule Wardrobe Colours And Style.

As for style this is very personal and will change from person to person, you should honor your fashion preferences whether it is boho, cute, elegant, sporty, etc. 

Regarding colours, when choosing the best capsule wardrobe colors, it is advisable to pick 2-3 neutral colours that work as your base, and 1-5 complementary colors or patterns to create interesting outfits. 

As for inspiration, you can source different articles, and these Pinterest boards to find the styles that speak to you.

For example, in my post soft summer sailor outfits, I created different moods for women to get inspired. If you are a mom that leans towards minimal capsule wardrobes with subtle colours, and classy looks you will love it!

  1. Use A Capsule Wardrobe Planner

Capsule planners help you organize your colours, styles, and shopping list. It saves you time and aids you in this capsule wardrobe process. 

In my article,  Multi Wear Capsule Wardrobe Planning Ideas To Save Money And Purge Your Wardrobe you will find some planners’ suggestions that are inexpensive and easy to use. 

Find My Favourite Planners Below:

Simple and easy to use:
The Simple Planner

Get your BASICS right:
Core Capsule Planner

Beginner’s Favourite:
The Starter Kit

More Advanced Option:
Digital Wardrobe Planner

MY Favourite – Beautiful, and Sophisticated:
Capsule Wardrobe Printable Insert

  1. Have Patience

Finally, don’t rush. Building a capsule wardrobe is a process you should enjoy and take the proper time to decide which pieces are best for you.

In the end, the key is to learn about the type of clothes and accessories that will make you feel comfortable, confident and suit your mom’s lifestyle.


I hope this mom capsule wardrobe article helped you get inspired, and get an idea of which pieces could work for you.

You should now know that you can look gorgeous, and stylish without giving up on comfort, and versatility. 

So, I hope that with my stylist tips, and the pieces recommendations you can soon dress as you want, exuding confidence, and beauty while being comfortable.

Let me know any thoughts or questions you may have in the comments below!

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