Have you been looking for the perfect daisy nail products or funky nail art? Spring is just around the corner, so your nails need to bloom with the season! Spring is in full spring and that means it’s time for some new art design on our nails. Recently we have seen daisy nail products, specifically, daisy gel stickers take Pinterest by storm. Quite frankly, I can’t get enough of it, daisy nail stickers are one to fall in love with and can match any spring outfit easily! 

Painting your nails at home may seem next to impossible, but luckily, with these nail designs, anyone can get stylish nails easily. When considering designs, think about how your hand art can complement your nails and style. Nail art is like removable tattoos, you are able to express yourself. Your nail art becomes a way of expressing your sense of style, mood, and much more. Nails are an extension of your personality. 

As I am looking for new outfits for the season and getting ready to embrace spring 2022, I am also picking out some of my new favorite nail products – like the daisy nail stickers. Are you ready to see what I found? Let’s go! 


This article will have affiliate links. This article contains affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission after your purchase. If it makes you uncomfortable, please do it your way. I don’t own the rights to the images, some of them are inspired by Pinterest, while the others are from my Etsy Affiliate products, where I am legally allowed to use the photos.

Classy Daisy Nail Design and Nail Arts

Are you looking for something a little classy? Sometimes that I can wear to a wedding or a professional setting but still have an opportunity to feel like me. These classy daisy nail designs are the perfect go-to for those who like a clean and simple design.

  1. Short Clean Daisy Nails
daisy nail products 1

Calling all the short nail girlies! These are the perfect go-to spring nail design. This is a design that is easy on the eye and professional to look at. You can even use this style for a spring wedding! It’s simple, cute, and fun to dress up. If you are looking for the sticker wrap option, take a look at these! 

  1. Daisy Flower Nail Stickers
daisy nail products 2

If you are the type of person who wants to create your layout of daisies, then this is the perfect nail product for you. You can use the color you want with the layout design you want. All you have to do is add on the stickers! That way, you can keep the design simple and classy but add a splash of personality.

  1. Almond Shape Daisy
daisy nail products 3

Are you looking for an easy and classy way to have a touch of pop on your nail?  This is the perfect design for those who typically stick close to french manicure styles, but push the edge with this one, you won’t regret it. This design is easily customizable with different color schemes, different placement, or even only doing one nail. The choice is up to you!

  1. Daisy French Tip Style
daisy nail products 4

Are you ready for nails that are both classy and are the perfect brunch set? These daisy french tips are the way to go. You can add a touch of spring while staying true to the french manicure style. 

  1. Classy Daisy Nails
daisy nail products 4

Are you looking for a minimalistic style with a hint of gold? These are the perfect ones for you. The daisies are small but create an elegant look. Pair this with a set of chunky heels and a mini skirt, you are ready for any spring event.

Colored Daisy Nails Design and Funky Nail Arts

Are you a lover of all things colorful? Spring doesn’t have to be simple or classy, it can also be fun. This is the perfect time to push the boundaries, test out new color schemes and new designs. Imagine rocking a colorful look to a museum exhibit or a lunch at the park date!

  1. Colorful Retro Daisy Nails
daisy nail products 5

Calling all the 70s theme queens! These funky nail arts are cute and easy to try, you can get the perfect retro daisy set with these nail stickers. If you are ready to commit, show your nail tech this design!

  1. Touch of Yellow Daisy

These yellow daisy nails are the perfect pop of color for your spring lookbook. Imagine a yellow spring dress with a white mini purse and chunky sandals, don’t miss out on having the cutest spring outfit!

  1. Nail Floral Wraps

Are you the type of person who isn’t ready to commit to acrylic nails? No fear, these nail wrap stickers with a realistic daisy pattern are super cute and affordable. These are changeable and will allow you to try out a type of nail each week!

  1. Multicolored Daisy Nails

Are you a fan of multi-colored nails? This is the perfect set for you. A simple yet funky set that is perfect for the spring. Imagine cruising on a bike in a park, these nails make you feel like you are almost there. 

  1. Almond French Daisy Tip Nails

Are you a fan of Legally Blonde? These are the perfect Elle Woods-inspired woods, a dash of pink and daisy that makes you feel extra pretty in pink. If you are ready for a change-up, be sure to try these out next.

  1. Retro Daisy Nails

Who doesn’t love a good retro-daisy look? These nails remind me of a body-con spring dress with a mini purse and mini sunglasses action. You can be extra spunk with these funky nails arts. 

  1. Green Daisy Nail Tattoo

Imagine having nails like this at brunch? The perfect spring set of nail stickers that can match any spring-colored outfit. You can’t be sad when your nails are bright and eye-catching. I would pair this with a white mini-skirt, a green cross top, and wrap-around white sandals. What would you wear with it?

  1. Navy Blue Daisy 

Are you looking for a funky but colorful design this spring? These daisy blue nails are the perfect combination of dark and light.  This design is completely customizable to match any day of spring – whether rain or shine. This design can easily be matched with gold jewelry (as shown in the image), imagine a wrap-around gold snake ring. It will make these nails pop!

Simple Daisy Nail Design and Nail Art

Sometimes you may not want funky nail arts or even an over-the-top classy design. Sometimes, you may want something simple but eye-catching. These are the best ones for you!

  1. Simple Watercolor Daisy

Are you ready for the realistic daisy look? Take a look at these daisy nail art designs, these elegant looks would look good on any gel polish. I fell in love with this design, it’s something that is unique and you hardly ever see! It’s a way of having a simple design, but also one that will have others stop to ask you about it.

  1. Watercolor Daisy Stickers

If you prefer a simple and cute spring look, these watercolor nail stickers are the one for you. With a mixture of pink, purple, and white, how can you pass these ones up? One thing I love about these nails is how versatile they are. You can easily dress these nails up or down. It’s the dealer’s choice!

  1. Green Swirl Nails

Are you a fan of swirls? These simple but spring daisy nails are the perfect design for those who want clean but detailed nails. Paired with gold chunky rings and the almond-shaped design, you can’t go wrong!

  1. Dried Flower Nail Tattoos

Did you know that dried flower is a new craze and it’s not slowing down? These nail stickers are the best way to add an antique touch to your nails while still fitting in the spring theme. You hardly see this design out and about, only through magazines. These nails are the perfect design to go antiquing or thrift-shopping in. It’s simple but attractive.

Conclusion: Spring Daisy Nail Products and Funky Nail Arts

Spring is the perfect time for you to try out new looks and colors, especially daisy nail products. The perfect time to lay on a blanket at the park drinking sparkling water, all you have to do is have nails to match it.

Always remember that your nails are the reflection of your personality and the expression of your style and mood. Take care of your nails by buying products that not just give you fulfillment but give your nails what they deserve – a chance to be uniquely you!

Be sure to tag me in all your nail designs – if you choose one of these! 

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