Hello beauties, welcome back! It is a beautiful Sunday here, in Budapest. The heatwave has finally arrived, which means pool time! I was lucky to spend yesterday just chilling by the pool, with some water and a lot of SPF. Summer weekend feels well spent as I am writing this article now. I only worked a little yesterday, mostly maintenance on my site.
But no week shall pass without me giving you new articles to read!

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As the title suggests, this article will be about templates, one type in particular. The one I am using to create printables! Many of you have downloaded the one, which I have created specifically for interior design. I made that one about the specific steps you need to take when designing a space.
It is perfect if you are creating something for yourself or if you work for a client! It has all the points and details you need to look out for when you are on the job! The best part?
It is FREE! You can download my Interior Design Checklist from this link below. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance!

You can get it here.

Background: http://ume-studio.com/shop/draped-flowers
Outfit: https://www.kelseydiprima.com/
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I have decided to make this template available for you! 

I created 3 different packages, as I know our needs vary.

  1. Basic:

It is either the pink or the blue scheme which you can use for your creations.

Price: 5 euros

2. Deluxe:

You will get both schemes with an extra page of my favorite tips.

Price: 9 euros

3. Pro:

In this package, I am offering both schemes with my tips and I am adding 30 minutes of private coaching about creating these templates, which converts.

Price: 45 euros 

Background: http://www.plumsiena.com/2012/03/wedding-whites.html?m=1
Ceramics: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ba/7b/91/ba7b91eb0b3dd101589157ad55ac7df0.jpg

You can request yours here: karmenrozsa@gmail.com.
Please add the name of the Package you would like to purchase in the title of your e-mail and I will send you an invoice. Once I have received the payment, I will forward the templates. The coaching sessions will be hosted on Zoom, as I believe it may be the most convenient.

I hope you will enjoy them and I can’t wait to help you along your journey!

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Have a beautiful Sunday!

Cover image credits:
Shelving: https://objectinterface.ca/shop/brass-rail-shelving
Interior: https://frenchyfancy.com/tendance-deco-cannage-mobilier-vintage/

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