Hello, beautiful people! I am back! It has been a long break, as I took a little holiday. Two and a half days only, but it required days to prepare. But the good news is, I have a new article for you! As Fall is around the corner, as well as Fashion Week, I thought about something fun.

I am going to mix Fashion Week’s style with the general ideas for fall clothing! This article will tell you how to dress timeless and effortless for this season! I always think about ensembles, which will help you look your best without trying too hard. Which is something I believe most of us aspire to achieve.

But before I head in, I would like to remind you of two things:

I recently wrote an article about the basic rules of fashion. It includes a FREE printable, with all my tips, which you can find under this link. I hope you will read it! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Also, before anyone comes after me: I don’t know how exactly Fashion Week will happen this year. I am aware of the current climate, but we still need to enjoy life and pretend we were invited. Even if the event will take place only in our heads.

I have prepared a few street style images to go with what I am going to say. Also, you can follow me on Pinterest or Instagram to get my latest updates. Disclaimer: I am going to re-brand my Instagram. It is quite exciting for me, as I am trying to get all my platforms to work as one, so you can get a better idea about me, as a creator.

Now it is time to dive in and tell you what effortless means in fashion.
The word’s definition is: showing or requiring little or no effort.

Now that we know what it means, let’s break it down to a few bullet points.

  1. Muted colours, colours to match your skin and undertones:

 You need to understand your colour types first. Why? Because you need to be able to understand which colours will compliment your skin, eye, teeth, and hair colours. Surprising? Yes. It is quite easy to do so. Usually, there are two different types. Yellow and Pink undertones. It can be olive, golden, neutral but our focus is on the main groups. The easiest way to decide is to see under the sun if it leans towards pink or yellow.

Once you understand this, you can see which colour of beige, white, olive, or black will match you. As I said earlier, we are talking about timeless looks. So nothing crazy. If you look at the images below, you will see these ladies wearing simple colours. But what makes their outfit so stunning is wearing the right sizes.

2. Measurement:

For this to work perfectly, you need to wear the correct size. People in fashion wear tailor-made outfits. That is not realistic. Custom made ensembles, cost a lot. Since most of us can not afford these luxuries, let’s focus on realistic measurements. Literally and figuratively.

In our daily lives, we should aim for clothes, that allows us to do basic tasks such as breathing, moving, or bending. This may sound obvious but it is not. An impulse purchase is still a problem. I can’t stress this enough. Buy what fits and feels comfortable! If it is too new and too flashy, chances are you will get rid of it. Most likely within a year or two.

But if you are looking for something comfortable and cool, you should check out Hotter Shoes! They have been making shoes since 1959! If that does not say comfort, then what is? I believe they have the time and expertise to give an experience, which will not end up with band-aids, but rather make you feel chic! They were also generous enough to sponsor this article. 

I hope you will find something on their page, you will love!

3. Minimal patterns:

It does not mean little to no patterns. It just says moderate the number of styles you apply. If the aim is to look effortless, it needs to look like that. Very je ne sais quoi, like you just picked the first items out of your wardrobe.

If you keep reading my articles and take my bits of advice, you will be able to build one, which can serve the purpose. But if you want to get the knowledge immediately and tailored to your needs, you can just leave a comment or e-mail me here: karmenrozsa@gmail.com

I am working as a Personal Stylist too and I am happy to assist you if needed!

I would suggest wearing either one big pattern all over your outfit or have it as your accessory on your shirt, skirt or trousers.

It is up to you, but try to keep it balanced.

  1. Accessories:

As the colder months are approaching, we might be carrying hats, scarves, or maybe bigger bags. Again, to make it look chic, you need to look at the overall colour scheme. I would either suggest matching the bag with your shoes (classic) or with your hat or coat. Therefore you create a flow with the colours.

I never hear stylists mention this, even though I think it is one of the most important parts of accessorising. Understanding the overall look. No one grabs a bag and says: it will be fine. No one in the industry. One of the many reasons, why these people look so put together is because they put the pieces together. It is not a difficult job if you have the eye for it. If you don’t, you can hire a stylist. A good one will be able to tell you what will look good with everything.

Also, a good stylist will walk you through all the little details, so you will know what looks best on you. And most importantly: an excellent stylist does not judge. The reason, why I am mentioning this is because I have had clients in the past, who were afraid to reach out. Don’t be! Our job is to be there for you and help you see yourself in the best way possible! I know this is why I have started it! I wanted to give something, and I had an eye for what fits others well.

Finally, let’s summarise our knowledge:

  1. Right tones and colours – classy, Je ne sais quois queens may not wear bright pink with bright purple if the undertones are not right!
  2. The right sizes allow you to move!
  3. Patterns are to flatter, not to take over control!
  4. Accessories are for comfort and as an extension of your ensemble!

I hope you enjoyed this article about Fashion Week going every day! I enjoyed writing about it! Please share it with your friends and subscribe to my mailing list! I hope you are having a beautiful day!

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