I started thinking about what would be kind of a DIY project that does not require a lot of skills but ends up with a beautiful result. I was walking my dog the other day when I saw a girl carrying orchids. That’s when the idea hit me: Flower arrangements. Why? Because it is simple, yet beautiful. For this to work, all you need to see and understand is what kind of plants or flowers you would want to have in your home, then decide the vases that go with it. You also need a little bit of knowledge of the style of your home but this is what I am here for if you are in doubt. I have selectively chosen flowers from a neutral colour range, so the colours will not be distracting from the surrounding.

  1. Ceramic: It can be a very sophisticated and feminine choice. I recommend types like this to homes, where the furniture is minimal and the colours are muted. Please don’t forget anything can work anywhere, if we want to, I am simply trying to indicate something to give you a better idea, when looking for a selection. If your home tends to be more minimal, I would recommend either buying different sizes of the same vase or different shapes of the same colour. Choices like this are helping spaces to look more coherent. 

2. Stone: A great option, in a more eclectic or colourful home. It gives a bit of depth and dimension to the space. Stones, especially crushed or rustic ones for vases can act as feature pieces as well. They may look quite masculine, but with the right plants and furnishing, they can help maintain a feminine touch while projecting some strength.

3. Glass: I would recommend using glass options in more contemporary, clean spaces. Even though glass, as an accessory may sound a bit cold, smoked or ribbed options can be beautiful given the fact, that they give different reflections and depth. This option can look well in more feminine designed homes, but I would say it fits a unisex, refined space best.

I am sure most of you never think of how vases can help with the overall look, but trust me when I say: the devil is in the detail. It is true for everything, especially design. When you go to a beautiful restaurant, hotel or someone’s home and you feel excited, yet relaxed, it means you have arrived at a well-thought-out place. Most importantly, it is always fun to think about the feeling and story we want to tell with our homes. And right now, we have all the time in the world to create something new, old and maybe repurposed.

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