Well, I am super late for the game of Easter, but I did not want to miss it. Since the country I am from is quite traditional, it means Easter is a big deal. Great for the boys, stinky for girls. But it does not mean girls can’t have fun, and what better fun to have, then decorating your home for celebration? In this post, I am going to show you four different styles, to inspire you and hopefully help you figure out which one fits you the most! For some reason, the first time in my life, I named the styles and I will start with the softest and build our way up to the hardest. Here we go:

  1. Linen Heaven:

   The first one is to explain soft and light spaces. Usually, when someone is looking at a more feminine, neutral scheme, they think of curved lines. However, I wanted to show, it is possible to get the same result, even if your home has geometrical patterns in tiles or wooden flooring. If you use light, neutral colours they will help to create a calm and serene atmosphere. If you feel like this scheme is your speed, I suggest using linen fabrics and just playing with different weaves and shades. When you look at the dining set up, you can see the tones are following the room’s scheme. Following the same idea and neutral, sophisticated tones are key in decorating a cohesive, minimal scheme, such as this one. The goal here is to try and stay minimal. To achieve this goal you should not use harsh patterns and colours. 

2. Soft and Silky:

   The second scheme is still leaning towards the more feminine side, however, it has built up some weight. Colors and fabrics are heavier. I played with grey and purple-pink undertones, to create some lightness. I used rougher timber and stones adding a little depth as well, so the scheme looks a little stronger. To achieve this look, you need to use deeper colors as accents with heavier textures, as indicated on the mood board. You can mix cotton and linen fabrics to keep the balance between light and heavyweight. Patterns should be minimal and appear on hard surfaces such as the flooring or the tie-back.

3. Purple Paradise:

  This one has gotten me a little bit excited! With our third scheme, we are leaning towards the more masculine side of the spectrum, which I love. I like feminine too, I love how soft and sophisticated that looks. But if I had to choose, I would always go for something more masculine, even if the colours are light. The good thing is, we have four different schemes to help you select a style, which is the closest to your heart. I used warm colours with ashy undertones to give some depth and masculinity. The choice of timber, mixed with the recycled black fiberglass is giving the weight and masculinity we need. The glass detail is from a beautiful Vincenzo de Cotiis coffee table. I have added a link to his name, please have a look at his website! Excellent design with recycled materials, very inspiring. When you look more in-depth, you realise, there are no extra patterns (again). You can see a mixture of different sheen levels, making the scheme playful and luxurious. The table set-up is matt with desaturated colours. You need to think about what makes a space masculine when you are decorating your dining area following this scheme. 

4. Classic Roughness:

   The heaviest scheme of this selection and possibly my favourite. I used deep dark finishes, such as the fishbone timber flooring and the cast brass, marble mix on the table detail. You can see the desaturated olive green colour of the fabric is coming back in the plates and as an undertone on the table. It is an amazing way to create harmony when you are designing a space. Patterns are only to be found on the hard surfaces, such as the tiles and accent table. The pottery is following the accent table’s playfulness, with its asymmetrical curves. If you want to achieve a look like this, you need to dig deep into the details. Following the shapes and shades without overdoing it. It is quite hard, I know, but it is worth trying. If I were you, I would think about my preferred colour and shape first and build my way up from there.

It is crucial with every scheme, to have a base point, which we can build up. I usually put the pieces together one by one and have some extra options on the side, so I can switch if I need to. But if you don’t know where to start, after this article, don’t worry! I created an Easter Inspiration folder on my Pinterest account, which I will link below. You can follow the board and me as well, for extra inspiration.

I hope you liked this post about Easter decoration. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends, leave a comment/like and subscribe to my mailing list, so you will not miss out on anything new I write!

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