A punch of subtle color has always been her thing since she was young. Color is one of the key elements for an elegant, sophisticated look – she thought. An interior, which was meant to reflect her style. In design, food, and fashion. Any aspect of life should contain something unique and fun, because if there isn’t any, then what is there to live for? Rooms with huge windows and beautiful draperies to help shadows play around the interior. Something inspiring. Something with history. Something unique. All women want to feel like princesses in their homes, but not all women dream about the same place. Creating her own vision was the only way of self-expression. Ticking the “mediocre” boxes was impossible. First, it scared her to come out and show herself to the world. But letting go of individual opinions never felt so liberating. Understanding, that different is not bad, but unknown. Playing with patterns, shapes, and textures she never did before. Neutrals don’t only mean beige. It means earthy, relaxed and sophisticated. All of which she has always aspired her style to be. Her home is a safe space, where she can express all of herself and her ideas. One might call it the golden haven of green and tan.

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