How to decorate a small space?

When designing a small apartment, it is crucial to pay attention toorganizing and efficiency. Usually, that is what these articles are all about, and I promise I will write one about how to hide the most things in your apartment, but this one is going to be about aesthetics.You can see many posts about the […]

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Story of the urban eclectic

A punch of subtle color has always been her thing since she was young. Color is one of the key elements for an elegant, sophisticated look – she thought. An interior, which was meant to reflect her style. In design, food, and fashion. Any aspect of life should contain something unique and fun, because if […]

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Creativity in the age of Pinterest

I finished school, as a fashion stylist in 2012 with the help of fashion magazines and a few online pages, like Fashionising. Until this day, when I am looking for the upcoming trends, I go to these pages for information. Before I go on, I would like to mention, that Fashionising does not exist anymore, […]

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