Looking for the perfect eco-friendly engagement ring for your significant other? So are a lot of people! Maybe you don’t have the money in the budget to get a real diamond? These eco-friendly and sustainable engagement rings are here to save the day! Gentlemen, are you struggling to find the perfect eco-friendly engagement ring for […]

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Mimitika Face Sunscreen review – Is it worth it?

Looking for something to refresh your skincare routine this spring? Wondering if Mimitika Face Sunscreen makes the cut?  Well first of all you need to know that I absolutely love this sunscreen. Through all the SPFs I rifled through recently – 10 different brands to be exact – I feel that Mimitka face sunscreen works […]

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The hottest summer nails 2022

Looking for some nail designs to add to your summer nails 2022 list? Well so am I! And on my search for amazing nails for this season of sun, I’ve made a whole list for you as well!  I’m calling it right now. This summer is all about fun nail stickers, insanely eye-catching colors, and […]

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15+ spring daisy nail products and funky nail arts

Have you been looking for the perfect daisy nail products or funky nail art? Spring is just around the corner, so your nails need to bloom with the season! Spring is in full spring and that means it’s time for some new art design on our nails. Recently we have seen daisy nail products, specifically, […]

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The magical Purito BB cream review – Do you really need it?

A dry skin must have – If you have dry skin and never heard of the magical Purito BB cream then I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely magical. No kidding! Purito’s Cica Clearing BB Cream has easily become my holy grail.  I couldn’t imagine my life without it! I’ve been […]

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11 Best Eden Bridesmaid Dresses To Look Ethereal On A Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect Eden Bridesmaid dress? I have got some options for you! Bridesmaids are an important part of every wedding as they will be around the bride for the whole event. You need to make a good choice choosing the right dress to not overshadow the bride but still look stunning. […]

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Winter Nails In 2021 – Best Coffin Nail Shapes For Chubby Fingers
winter nails in 2021 coffin

Are you looking for the best winter nails 2021 for coffin nail shape? As winter will be around the corner, you should by now have some ideas of how you want your nails to look.  Don’t worry ladies, I got your back. I will be sharing winter nails 2021 for coffin nail shape. Coffin nail […]

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